One company that hasn’t really jumped on the Switch bandwagon is Rockstar Games. While it released L.A.Noire with the help of port specialist Virtuos in 2017 since then it seems to have moved on.

With no sign of the Grand Theft Auto series coming to Nintendo’s hybrid platform anytime soon, the homebrew community has taken it upon themselves to get the third entry up and running on the system, and admittedly it looks great.

As YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer explains, it’s all thanks to somecleverreverse engineeringwith the original PlayStation 2 version believed to be the basis of this port.

So how does it run on the Nintendo Switch, well I gotta sayit’s excellent, not only is the full game here, it runs at a good frame rate and takes advantage of Switch features like 16:9 widescreen.

There’s always the question of how Rockstar and Take-Two will react. While both companies have been quick to issue takedowns in the past, this homebrew effort may not be in the firing line. To see this project in motion, view MVG’s latest video.

Would you like to see Rockstar bring its classic Grand Theft Auto games to the Nintendo Switch? Tell us down below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Would you like to see Rockstar bring its classic Grand Theft Auto games to the Nintendo Switch? Tell us down below.
I know this is a template at the bottom of most news here. But it just feels like putting salt in an open wound this time.

@Snatcher and what about dead by daylight, friday the 13th, alien isolation and morea lot of mature and bloddy gamesgta games look like kids games compared to my mentioned ones

@eRaz0r I think he knows. Just wanted to troll.
But to add to your list: Doom, Wolfenstein 2, Lightblade, 2x Saints Row

back in the snes days, they censored games, where on the sega mega drive or other systems, was thefull goreversion available (mortal combat for example) – then they lost 3rd party support (n64, gamecube, wii, wiiU) due to stupid decissions.

switch is the first nintendo console since the snes, where basically every 3rd party is developing for again. so a lot of, thx goodness, mature and NOT censored games available on switch for older audiences.

but in peoples heads, nintendo still is just for “kids” because of the lack of 3rd party releases especially on n64 and wiiU

Too bad Rockstar isn’t really interested in their legacy games these days.I was already pissed they never released a PS2-era GTA on the PS Vita, it’s even sadder now.It certainly helped sales of the Saints Row franchise on the Switch to have basically no competition, I guess.

@neufel It would a bit less painful if they where not all available on my freaking phone. GOD DAMN IT!

It is weird though how not a single GTA game has ever been released on a Nintendo console outside of a couple handheld ones on GBA and DS. What’s up with that? Does Rockstar not realize that Nintendo’s stance on Violence or adult content has changed drastically since the 90’s or do they just figure it wouldn’t sell?

So you guys want to tell me why its not on the switch sorry I made yall mad.

It’s more important for Rockstar to make a new entry in this franchise rather than releasing the most recent installment again. And again. And again

Been more than a decade since I played this game. Would like to play it again.

Probably because Rockstar would rather focus on new games instead of rehash old stuff. Problem is the new stuff just isn’t possible on switch. Maybe next gen.

but nintendo fans get what they deserve. if they willing to pay for that quality, they get THAT quality.

It’s interesting how their DS game, Chinatown Wars, was one of the very best on that system. They could work wonders on the Switch but hey ho

In other news: Supermario 64, fullscreen, 60fps, analog contros with maps on new2ds and new 3ds. Amazing that one developer can do what Nintendo can’t.

GTA 3 ran on NVIDIA Shield TV several years ago.Running it on Switch is nothing special as it’s same port on same Tegra.

Rockstar could easily farm this out to a talented, and passionate, porting team to work some magic and make everyone happy even their shareholders.

Give us Vice City and yes I would. GTA III was always a let down because of no bikes.

@Zeldafan79 Chinatown Wars was built from ground up from the DS, and still holds up. Probably there was a fallout between Rockstar and Nintendo regarding the marketing push or something like that. Unfortunate, but even having Chinatown Wars on Switch would be great.

Come on Nintendo and Rockstar, why isn’t this an actual thing? Let’s have some official GTA on Switch. Preferably V, but III would also rock!

@Yanina Tell me about it, right? What’s worse is that where I clearly want this on Switch so much, my brain removed the words ‘Justand ‘Notfrom the header, so I read the article as saying ‘It’s Official’.

@Mfreddy22 It were already playable on Cell Phone for years too as it were ported to Android in 2016 or so.

To be honest id rather them bring the original top down view GTA’s than the new one (if you can call a 7 year old game the new one)

GTA on the switch would print money all day and night. I want to see it!

This is not news. You can emulate PS2 and PSP on Switch for quite some time now.

Nintendo needs to bring GTA to switch don’t let homebrew community to ruin it for me😠

Lol why would you wanna play GTA 3 when you could potentially have GTA 5 running on the Switch?!

Also that’s not news, Homebrew always gets games running that are not officially on the platform.

This would lend some credibility to the October Direct news. Here’s hoping that the rest of that leak is also true.

i suppose the wholefamily friendlyis thrown out the window to please those who cannot own a dang playstation 4, or etcugh..this hybrid turned out to be more of a storage unit for games that exist already on there main base consolessigh.

I wonder how long GTA V would continue to chart if it was also released on the Switch?

I have bought these games more times than I care to count, but would I buy official ports of GTA3, VC and SA (and IV) on Switch? Probably. Oh, and LCS and VCS too, ta.

N only censored the first MK game here in the states (All of em had green blood on all the consoles in JP due to their laws) but stopped censoring after. MK2 and beyond was full gore as was everything else for that time period.

They lost devs on the N64 cause the stupid cartridges compared to CDs. That was when N started showing that they really didn’t understand anything and were going to do what they wanted come hell or high water. IF the N64 had a cd drive like the PSX then they wouldn’t have lost Square and FF and all the other stuff.

Move on to the GC and again N is dumb as rocks and used that stupid mini-disc. IF they would’ve continued on with DVD (for the space) then they’d still have gotten the games.

N’s downfall in the tv console space was N and N’s alone. If they didn’t get so butt-hurt over the Sony/SNES stuff and did the right things there may not even be an xbox today. Just a N and Sony console.

I would pay literal money to 2k for this game but they don’t like money apparently

To me, it’s unbelievable & inexcusable to not have at least one GTA game on Switch.

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