Since the beginning of time, players have been entering words into video games that they probably shouldn’t be. Sometimes these words are funny and on other occasions, they can be rude, or even highly offensive and are used with the intention to hurt or perhaps harm others.

With this in mind, Square Enix’s upcoming release Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory supposedly contains a list of banned words. It’s unclear what part of the game this applies to, but we do know this information has been pulled from the recently released demo version. While we won’t be sharing the list here, the dataminer who uncovered this information (known as orcastraw over on Twitter) has provided some details:

“How do you get banned from Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memories? Simple, by using one of the words in the banned word list!!! Maybe it’ll have a chat feature, who knows. Many lewd phrases and drug names are banned, as well as the word honkers.”

Yep, apparently, the word “honkers” might get you banned in this rhythm-action game. Or, perhaps these words are already blocked. You can view the full list over on the dataminer’s Twitter page – but keep in mind, a lot of the terms are offensive.

As surprising as this might be for a rhythm game, this isn’t necessarily anything new – video game developers have been banning certain words for a long time now. Just last month, for example, Nintendo’s firmware update for the Switch banned the nicknames “coronavirus” and “covid”, along with a bunch of other words.

Will you be checking out Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory when it arrives on Switch next month? Tell us below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

I look forward to people melting down because they feel entitled to subject other people to their hatefulness and to the guaranteed head scratchers that’ll make the list.

I have not looked at the list but I bet you covid is there. Edit: how the heck do you get banned from kingdom hearts? Looks like mickey does not like bad word (that is a joke), You guys might want to watch out cuz when hotgoomba sees this he is going to start making jokes.

@nessisonett LMAO That is as classic as you can get, I still say that words I think it better then the b word. (And funny)

Hey you guys can’t talk! The word “gyp sy” (without the space) triggers your profanity filter!

@Snatcher I can’t not imagine it in Jimmy Saville’s voice. Oooh er great big ‘onkers she has

Of course words involving boobs are banned…I’m gonna guess nothing involving violence, blood, or gore, though, because that’s completely fine.

@Joeynator3000 What kind of individual word would they ban about violence though? Dismember? Decapitate? It’s always been slurs, swears, sexual stuff and the political stuff of that time.

@Kalteas Yeah, I knew a Romani girl when I was younger who hated the word. She also said that it’s just not a good idea to call any and all travellers Roma or Romani though, since many aren’t ethnically related at all.

Censorship and banning based on words in a video game? Well, enough reason for me to never buy the game.

I was going to buy this, but if I can’t write honkers, I’m out. Anyway, I suppose it’s the words that are going to be banned, not the people writing them.

Ok, doesn’t effect me in any way with regard to purchase decisions or wanting to play or not play a game.

Only sometimes. It’s also used just as a neutral description of a whole category of peoples.

@sanderev Uh ya dude it is a kids game and if it is online they can’t just have bad words like T**y ***k on it like what the heck are you thinking????

@Snatcher You are missing my point. It’s not about the words, or about the kind of game it is. It’s about the pure censorship and automatic banning. Which is basically Orwellian if you’d ask me.

I’m okay with games having an (optional) profanity filter. And even if that’s automatically active for kids accounts. But it should never be used to terminate someone’s access to the game or online features.

I try not to use words that are known to be offending, but these days people get offended by the simplest of things. Even if it’s never meant to be offending. Banning people because of this is a very bad practice.

@sanderev I get your point and agree on alot of it , but its disney what are you gonna do, But I don’t think your going to ban people for real maby suspend bc banning seems really harsh.

What would be funny is that there’s no online or multiplayer for the game. Thus, if you type in a bad word, then the game bans you and uninstalls itself. This game was made by a special studio under Square Enix that is made up of loving mothers, who look after their fans. They make sure we don’t cuss or say other bad words. Naughty naughty!

@sanderev Ahh yes, the classic novel 1984 was clearly about the basic human right to shout “PENIS!” on a video game and the dangers of stripping it away.

That’s it. Every Pokemon I send off for mystery trade from now on gets named Honkers.

Fact is, I couldn’t care less about the KH series unless they bring the collections to the Switch plus KH3. So no I have no interest in this game.

I’m predicting that now there will be a deluge of screen names in this game that will be slight variations on honkers, all just different enough to dodge the filter.

@Noid It was about the Ministry of Truth. Which fits perfectly here. Because THEY decide what is allowed / true and what is not.

@Snatcher If it’s a warning system or a filter like system (meaning no real action against the user) I’m not against it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Which, for me, crosses the threshold.

Just for your weekly reminder that I’m not a natural English speaker, I might assume “honkers” is slang for bosoms. In which case, why would Kingdom Hearts ever… feature…

The demo left me impressed and surprised. The game is fun and challenging. Though, as someone who has beat KH2, Birth By Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance on critical, the game takes getting used to. I will get this game. I await more Kingdom Hearts games on the Switch. Until then, I will continue to play Kingdom Hearts on my PS3.

wtf! personally i can’t have a good time without being able to shout ethnic slurs at my tv so this is very offensive to me

I shall speak of mammaries to my bosom’s content and no maternal copulator can stop me! Absorb that, lactating canines!

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