Baptized IB-M2HSF-702, this M.2 cooler is armed with a 30 mm, an aluminum radiator with nine fins and two heat pipes.

More and more present in PCs, M.2-2280 SSDs combine good performance, high storage capacities and reduced footprint. Unfortunately, some models tend to heat up, which can have a negative impact on their lifespan. From now on, it will be possible to remedy this problem with the Icy Box IB-M2HSF-702 cooling solution.

While many M.2 SSDs benefit from a small built-in heat sink, most are essentially passive. But with its Icy Box IB-M2HSF-702, RaidSonic offers active cooling.

The device has an aluminum radiator with nine fins (high 0,5 mm and spaced 2 mm), and crossed by two heat pipes of 4 mm in direct contact with a thermal pad affixed to the PCB ; a small turbine of 30 mm in diameter ventilates the device. So, this M.2-2280 SSD heatsink, able to manage a thermal load of 25 Watts, looks like a traditional CPU cooler, in a slightly smaller size.

You still have to deal with a device measuring 75 x 24 x 52 mm and weighing 83 grams.

According to the company, this Icy Box IB-M2HSF-702 is capable of halving the temperature of an SSD. From the results reported, after 15 minutes of operation, he keeps his host at 30 degrees Celsius, against 60 degrees Celsius without this solution.

In practice, a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius does not affect the performance of an SSD ; However, low temperatures are always beneficial for its longevity.

Whether this justifies the price remains to be seen. In Europe, RaidSonic offers its heatsink at a price between 30 and 35 euros.

This M.2 cooler could therefore be relevant in certain very specific cases. : protect an expensive M.2 SSD installed in a machine operating in a poorly cooled room for example. On the other hand, you have to accept the size of such a device and the additional noise : although RaidSonic mentions a "silent" fan, we assume that with its speed of rotation, fixed, set to 8 500 Rotations per minute, this one is heard. Unfortunately, the technical documentation does not specify the sound level reached.

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World news – FR – RaidSonic unveils active heatsink for M.2 SSD

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