Tonight is a big night for Recalbox ! The famous open source operating system dedicated to retrogaming is back with its version “7.0 Reloaded” eagerly awaited. Many new features are waiting for you, starting with support for the Raspberry Pi 4 !

We take a tour of the new features and summarize everything you need to know about this new version.

"Souvenir box" for some, "Uncovered" for others, Recalbox marks its return with this version 7.0 Reloaded which took nearly a year of work for the project volunteers. According to the list of novelties, they have not been idle.

For the first time Recalbox was also able to work on a concrete solution to meet the financial needs of the project. An expensive project for a totally volunteer team, including Fabrice, community manager pour Recalbox, gave us more details in an interview last year.

Recalbox has therefore chosen Kubii as a partner. The official distributor of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Micro:bit has already updated its store with many kits and products associated with Recalbox. There is also a little merchandising there, with t-shirts, mugs and other mouse pads in Recalbox colors.

Before getting to the heart of the matter in more detail, know that you can find the replay of the live dedicated to the launch of Recalbox 7.0, on Twitch and probably also on YouTube.

Last year Recalbox 6.0 was launched just a few months before the arrival of the Raspberry Pi 4 on the market. Retrogaming enthusiasts were quick to claim compatibility with this new iteration, as well as some alternative solutions, like Batocera, RetroPie or Lakka, have already been providing this support for several months.

This is now done since Recalbox 7.0 marks full support for the Raspberry Pi 4. Showing improved performance, as we have seen through our Pi test 4 Model B, it makes it possible to offer more comfort in use while maintaining a reasonable price. It will also be an opportunity to take advantage of Recalbox with the NesPi 4 Case, this RetroFlag case which now houses the Pi 4 and offers removable cartridges to accommodate a hard drive 2.5 !

Note also that the Recalbox team recommends the version 2 Go of Raspberry Pi 4. No need to invest more for versions of 4 and 8 Go, which will only have a real interest for mixed use and not for the emulation itself.

Recalbox 7.0 also marks native compatibility with the range of Intel NUC mini-PCs. The team has worked to extend support to a number of PC configurations.

Odroid enthusiasts are also in the spotlight thanks to the compatibility with the N64 OGST box for the Odroid XU4 and XU4Q cards.

With each version, Recalbox further expands its list of emulated systems. This is again the case today, with a list that now has more than 100 emulated systems.

We are therefore pleased to find some highly anticipated systems, like the Atomiswave, the NAOMI and NAOMI GD-ROM, Jaguar and Nintendo 64DD, but also customizable game engines like OpenBOR and Solarus which will make us enjoy fan made games. Finally, the EasyRPG engine is also in the game, as well as the Amiga CD32.

The other big news of this evening, it is the presence of 150 games offered for free by Recalbox.

The team has indeed announced that it has acquired the distribution rights for nearly 150 indie games, recently developed on period consoles such as the Atari2600 to the NES and the Megadrive, the GameBoy and the Super Nintendo and so on.

With the version 7.0, NetPlay improves dramatically with Recalbox. The functionality to play online many retro games has been completely revised and improved here.. There is now the possibility to join a game as a spectator, protect your games with a password, or to automatically modify the core of the invited players to correspond to the emulator selected by the host.

Finally, new systems are now compatible with NetPlay, here is the list : Atari2600, PCEngine CD, PC-FX, Family Disc System, TIC-80, Sega CD et Mr.Boom.

Recalbox 7.0 introduced the function “Pad-To-Keyboard”. The goal ? Facilitate the use of these "ordinosaurs" which generally require a keyboard to use them. This feature will therefore make it possible to map the keyboard keys on a controller in a very simple way..

The configurations should be more accessible as they can be shared and downloaded via screenscraper.

Apart from that, Recalbox now has a search engine, allowing you to easily find your games in a list which often and easily includes several hundred. It is also possible to filter adult games in EmulationStation.

BIOS management has also been reviewed. They are now accessible from the general menu of Recalbox with a very simple system that allows you to know if BIOSes are missing / incorrect or conversely if everything is functional..

Managing virtual systems is also about simplicity. It is now possible to automatically create categories by genre, or to classify them to find the last games played or multiplayer games.

Above, this screenshot shows one of the many animated screens newly added to Recalbox. We will find them during installation, an update or a configuration phase.

Recalbox 7.0 don't just add a lot of new things, the system also improves several of its elements in the process.

We thus find the famous Kodi multimedia player, updated to Leia version 18.7.1, including supporting 4K video playback in x265. No need to fight to have access to your favorite services either : Netflix and YouTube plugins are directly included here.

All emulators have also been updated to their latest version, which now represents more than 150 cores. This is also the case with Buildroot (v 2020.02) et RetroArch (v 1.9.0).

Finally, the internal scraper is now fully customizable. It is now possible to scrape the game manuals, videos and more metadata.

For the rest of the events, Recalbox will meet you 3 October from 10 at 20 h at the FabLab Micro Folie d´Evry for a day of meetings and demonstrations. The event is expected to be broadcast live on Twitch.

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