Sony took us one step closer to knowing anything and everything about the upcoming PlayStation 5 with a full teardown video earlier this week. While there wasn’t a long, long list of new next-gen details to unpack, we still learned a couple of interesting pieces of information. So, as all of that was digested, how closely were you watching the PS5 teardown video? Did you pick up on everything Sony had to say or were you not paying attention? Put your knowledge to the test in the latest Push Square quiz.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say the object closest to Ootori is a screwdriver.

So, how did you do? Have you absorbed everything there is to know about the PS5 so far, or do you need to watch the breakdown video once more? Either way, let us know how you did in the comments below.

On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

Wow busy Weekend Gents ………not complaining just the weekend is usually quiet in Push Square Towers.

Where is the screw connecting the PS5 to its stand stored when the console is places horizontally?” nobody should get that wrong.

@SilenceCZ I can’t say I was certain on the last question, but I thought I could remember, but I could think of at least 18.

8/10. Maybe its just me, but there’s something kind of fun about how the PS5 is put together.

The answer to question 8 is wrong. He takes the psu out last then the last part of the frame of the console.

@Enuo I think it is a wonderful piece of design. As someone who has had to open a few joy-con to replace sticks this thing looks like a dream to take apart and put back together.

@zupertrampI got the same! I even looked at the image and thought the thin one was some type of bar to pry something open, if needed. 😂

I knew most of them but clicked wrong. Guessed a couple and got them rightWut

@NotSmartEnough Yes it was the power supply last. I was so sure I went back and checked

If you want to be really picky about it, the last bit he removes is more of the venting/case.

@Medic_AlertTrue if that option was there I will have pick it!. And its the part where you turn on the ps5

Ironic that whoever wrote this quiz didn’t watch it themselves as the heatsink isn’t the last thing to be pulled out, it’s the power supply followed by the last remaining piece of the case, yet whoever watched this video seemed to think it was the heatsink so I got 9/10 😂😂

I got 8/10 and one of the questions wasWhich component was taken out lastIt gave you 4 options and I said thePower Supply Unitfrom what I remembered from the tear down, and I got it wrong. It said theheat sink”. I went back to the video and the last thing to be taken out was indeed the power supply. So whoever did this so-called questionnaire didn’t do a very good job with that question.

8/10 I’m taking the power supply answer since I know it was last.Can’t wait for the inevitable PS5 UI quiz.

The heatsink question is based on it being the final component that was explained along with a caption on-screen. I’ve changed the answer now.

Question 10 is wrong, it was actually broken down into way more components than 22. All the antennae were removed and the fan vents, as well as the backplate heat sink. Also there are 4 mental plates that act as EM guards that were removed. I’ll let you off though as there’s loads of tiny componentsand let’s not forget the screws.

@theheadofabroom it had to be a lucky guess on the last question lol otherwise, i applaud you

X2 side panels
X2 vent inlets
X1 fan guard
X1 fan
X1 WiFi 6 antenna
X1 Blu-tooth 5 antenna
X1 heatsink
X1 motherboard
X1 Blu-Ray drive (did he separate the EM guard?)
X1 backplate EM guard with integral heat pipe
X1 backplate heatsink
X1 Front plate EM guard
X1 heatsink rear bracing attachment
X1 Rear APU guard
X1 chassis spine for fan housing
X1 Main chassis for motherboard mounting
X1 SSD EM Guard
X4 Smaller EM guards (gawd knows what they covered)
X1 Front panel
X1 stand

And I’m sure there’s stuff I missed, not counting screws though, because not even I’m that obsessive. lol. So I can think of 26 components, and knowing Sony products there’s probably more EM guards I’ve forgotten as well. The original fat PS3 was well over engineered in that regard too.

I like how he laid the parts out, I would need a printed mat to be that neat. I think it would make a really cool poster for a wall.


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