While he will make himself available in just a few days, the version 2020 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ? gives us details on its modes.

The License Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ? will be back at Microids soon. Developed by Appeal Studios, the title will invite players to respond to 15 questions (among the more than 3 000 in stock) to reach the million, by providing the four jokers that are the 50/50, calling a friend, the public opinion and the change of question. 8 various themes will be in the spotlight, between history, sport, science, art and literature. So that the game is accessible to the whole family, two levels of difficulty will be included, between the solo mode "Normal", and the "Child" mode which will offer simplified questions.

Local and online multiplayer challenges will also be on the program., with in particular the "Everyone for himself" mode, who invites 4 players to challenge each other on a series of questions. The "Take turns" mode leaves up to 10 players answer questions one after the other. The "Cooperative" mode offers teams of 4 to answer questions by helping each other. These modes will also be available in "Family" version, with questions suitable for all ages. Finally, the online multiplayer mode allows you to face up to 99 opponents in Battle Royale style.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch et Mac le 29 October 2020.

How long before it ends up in the sale bins at 1 euro ?

They're already reimbursing the shameful version they released on Smartphone a few years ago because the translations were ridiculous and the answers weren't even correct. The game was simply impossible to complete and pay off !

A multiplayer mod in a game like this… You just have to have an internet connection and it's winning.
Google is your friend

Super, still a few questions…
Already, will he be rich enough to be worth it… And at what cost ?

Nice to find family atmospheres in games, who go too much in Steak with the Online at all costs

The one on 360 (finally it seems to me) was nice, it's good to bring out games like that I found that they were sorely lacking for a few years.
A buzz, for example, it always made spending nice evenings with friends.

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World news – FR – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? (Microids) details its single and multi modes

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