It absolutely looks like themes will still very much be a thing for PlayStation platforms as we draw closer to the next generation of consoles. Spotted over on ResetEra, a new version of PlayStation 4 title Dead by Daylight is promising buyers a PlayStation 5 theme once the console becomes available. This will be bundled in with loads of content already released for the popular game.

The PlayStation Store listing reads: “The Stranger Things Edition of Dead by Daylight includes all the content of the Special Edition, three original chapters (Curtain Call, Shattered Bloodline, Darkness Among Us), the Stranger Things chapter, and an exclusive Dead by DaylightStranger Things PS5 theme.” Of course, this isn’t confirmation from Sony itself, but this is about as close as you could get before Jim Ryan tells you himself. So, there we have it: the PS5 will have customisable themes.

On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

I haven’t used a theme since they allowed us to use our own game screenshots. I like looking out for cool ones to take and always have the game I’m currently playing set.

If possible I would probably never change the Firewatch theme that I’ve been using for several years now.

Excellent. I love some of the dynamic themes for the PS4, theres been some amazing ones, The Firewatch and Altered Beast ones were my favs but currently rocking this one for Halloween

I’d be curious to know if PS5 allows us to have more complex themes. It’s a minor thing, but I do love my FF7R theme.

I hope we get some decent dynamic themes that aren’t hidden behind preorders etc. Maybe it’s just me but there seemed to be a lack of themes AND avatars this gen.

Cool, I hope there’s god of war, nier automata, and my current theme, ghost of tsushima theme for ps5. Will ps4 themes will be compatible for ps5?

@wiiware I was about to ask that as I have the Spider-Man theme and love it (I am pretty much a sucker for Spider-Man though).

I have a spidey key ring from DisneyWorld and a load of Spidey stuff when the Royal Mail did the Marvel stamps last year and even have the galley print of the stamps.

I’m VERY picky with my themes but there have been some great ones for PS4, my favourites have probably been the Persona 5 main protaganist theme from the JP store, Firewatch, Rez Infinite and Transistor. Looking forward to seeing what we get on PS5.

I never really got into the themes on PS3 and PS4. I have tried quite a few; but eventually gave up. There is no real consistency (some are just backgrounds, some change the SFX, and some also change the icons) and often the SFX and Icon changes are abysmal.

I hope this leads to a resurgence in themes, especially dynamic ones. This year there’s been very few new ones for PS4.

Really wish we could carry over the ff7 remake themes. Will be sad to see them go

@deathaxe I love preorder theme for most of my ps4 games, I actually prefer that than getting in-game items that make the game easier or something. Playing some game while using that game ps4 theme as background is such a nice feeling 😃

@solocapers Yeah, there’s a couple of great ff7 remake ps4 themes, like tifa theme, cloud & sephiroth theme (my ps4 theme when playing the game), and cloud theme. Cloud theme soundtrack is too catchy though, man I can listen that battle theme music all day.

Hopefully our PS4 themes will transfer over. Still would like to get the Persona 5 Royal themes.

I just hope that the theme is incorporated in a different wayI don’t want themes to be used the same way they are used now….I would like some variety.

God i hope the UI doesnt use the same large icons/blocks across the top middle of the screen, directly blocking the main focus of most themes/art/screenshots.

Hope theres just a higher quality to the themes in general. 90% of ps4 are absolutely atrocious and LOW LOW quality.

Oh wow that Demogorgon one is really cool. Also awesome to see DBD being released on PS5. Such a fun — and frustrating — game! 😄

Themes have been especially underutilized in my opinion. Feels like there’s so much possibility, and we get glimpses of that with a few of the better ones, but most of the time it’s adynamictheme where the picture changes when moving from the main cross bar to the upper menus. Woooow. (Don’t forget the hideous icons and sounds though)

I get that whatever resources are spent making themes aren’t going towards well, the games themselves, but still if it’s a feature of the UI can we maybe take advantage this gen?

@thefourfoldroot bloodborne dark souls and ghosts of tsushima have excellent skins but I love taking a good pic also. Hzd was good for that same with spiderman. But I love a darker side. Agree with u though.


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