PlayStation 5 will ship with a display stand – in Hong Kong, at least. The item – named ‘Base’ here – has been listed alongside other contents that will be included in the console’s box on a distributor’s website. It was uncovered by analyst Daniel Ahmad, although there’s no mention of a PS5 price and PS5 release date – obvs.

Other items included with the console are: a DualSense controller, an HDMI cable, an electrical power cord, a USB cable (presumably for controller charging), and an instruction manual. Ahmad does mention that while this information is accurate for Hong Kong, it could change on a regional basis, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

It’s also unclear whether the base will allow you to position the PS5 vertically and horizontally. The console is an unusual shape, and thus will require a display stand in both positions. We’ll obviously follow up with Sony to try and get clarification, but given how little we know about the next-gen system right now, we’re not expecting a response.

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Give me the price and the date!Now I’m tempted to buy and Xbox Series X alongside the PS5, if I can pay only 35 euros a month!

@AFCC I’d be chuffed if they announced a similar pay scheme for PS5. It’s less than I pay for my phone after all.

I thought I’d get used to the look of it over time, but man, it looks worse every time I see it. And it won’t even stand on its own cause it’s a bizarre shape. Just need to keep telling myselfIt will play Demons Souls, it will play Demons Souls.

According to that pic, the DualSense is so advanced it’s learned to stand up like a person. Walking controllers, now that’s true next gen.

Meh I’ll take it. I’m so thirsty for news that I’d be excited to see what the box looks like.

@Old-Red What are you on about? It looks great. Look at this selection of alternate colour scheme green ones. Very futuristic.

@Brydontk Don’t wanna sound too quirky, but I LOVE boxes and manuals of my new electronic devices. Have to ready every word on the box before opening it hahaha. I need to know every last piece of information possible
Box mockup would be great! Wondering about the design.

Microsoft: here’s the XSX, it costs $299.99 and the XSX costs $499.99, and both will launch globally November 10th.

@SirAngry It’s annoying, but then on the flipside MS haven’t even shown a second of gameplay running on the Series X yet. We have a precedent of late price announcements with the Switch, which wasn’t priced until 7 weeks before launch. But it’s extremely weird to have seen zero gameplay on a console about 9 weeks before launch. Sony have had at least 2 separate events showing lots of gameplay plus the UE5 tech demo running on a PS5.

@Matroska don’t worry about software running on XSX, please, it’s weird to me, mainly because getting something up and running on it isn’t all that hard. Why they aren’t showing stuff running on it I don’t know, but it’s not because it’s rubbish, or at least from what I’ve seen it’s not.

@SirAngry From what you’ve seen? But that’s the point, we haven’t seen anything running on it. We also know it’ll have no exclusives for 2 years. Knowing the price doesn’t change that. Unless the PS5 is significantly over £500 It doesn’t really matter. And just as it’s odd that Sony haven’t announced a price, it’s honestly more weird that MS haven’t shown even a second of the whole reason we buy these boxes in the first place: the games.

Whether or not you sant a Series X, don’t you think it’s peculiar that MS have intentionally shown exclusively PC or current gen footage and prerendered cutscenes when promoting their upcoming console? That they’ve intentionally neglected to show a single thing running on it? It’s a choice they’ve made.

@Matroska And yet MS HAS shown actual gameplay running on Series S hardware. Part of me feels that Microsoft will be pushing the Series S harder than the Series X.

I guess since Series S and Series X will run games seemingly identical (minus resolution differences), one can assume the Series X will look the sameonly at 4K.

At this point, it does feel a touch silly that a price and release date hasn’t been announced. Sony has to know the price point it wanted to sellunless Series S|X price confirmation really put the Sony bean counters into a tizzy to come up with the absolute bare minimum Sony can sell PS5 and PS5 Digital without hurting the company too much and to be appealing.

I mean, if you were to look at hardware specs (not including the drive) the Series X should be more expensivebeefier hardware specs and larger SSD. But given that the PS5 SSD I/O is significantly higher than anything anyone has ever seen, the price point just on it’s storage capabilities is an unknown.

I think Sony is more concerned with pricing being competitive with the Series S, not the X.

@Matroska I have, I’ve got a game up and running on it. I think the limited number of XSX Dev kits in the wild might be the problem. Teams need them to get their games finished, not to produce video reels of what their currently unfinished games look like. There are more PS5 Dev kits in the wild. I’m just spit balling, but honestly it’s not some conspiracy as far as I know.

Good job it comes with a stand/base……….. Would of been putting magazines or news paper under 1 side to keep it level LOL

@SirAngry I don’t mean it’s a conspiracy but clearly they’re avoiding showing anything running on it which is a worse promotional mismanagement than the absence of a price over 2 months before launch.

I think one problem they have is the lack of a software reason to buy it. There’s nothing on it for ages that can’t be played elsewhereincluding on PS5, alongside games unique to the PS5. Maybe showing those multiplat gamesactual gameplay would make that even worse when people see they don’t look all that different from the versions you could get on XB1.

Wait, what? The SSD comes IN the box??? I want it inside the bloody console……… NOT THE BOX

@GamingFan4Lyf It’s not just the resolution. The S is significantly less powerful than the X. It’s like saying the only difference between the PS2 and PS3 was the latter did 720p. You’ll get worse performance, lower draw distances, worse textures more basic lighting, less environmental detail etc etc. The only times that won’t be the case is if the game isn’t remotely taking advantage of the Series X’s power.

It has half the compute units, one third of the tflops and half the RAM. It’s like comparing a PC from 5 years ago to a high end new PC. It even only has two thirds of the tflops of the XB1X and less than the PS4 Pro. Even adjusting for the fact the actual effect of each tflop is now higher (so an old thing with 4 would be less powerful with a modern thing with 4) that’s still really bad.

P.S. I said they haven’t shown anything on Series X and they haven’t. The Series S is an underpowered side show not an actual next gen console or the thing most people will buy.

@Matroska We actually saw Halo Infinite game play, that is why it is delayed to next year.

@Jarobusa That was running on a PC. That’s what I mean, isn’t it odd to not show your biggest upcoming game running on your new powerful console? But then I guess they know people will just assume it was. Imagine if we found out Ratchet and Clank or Horizon 2 was actually on a PC.

@Jarobusa that wasn’t on the series x or s though. That was gameplay on a pc that’s supposedly simulating what it would be like on the series x

@Matroska Well according to MS, the only difference in hardware specs is the difference between capping out at 1440p and capping out at 4K.

4K/60 on X, 1440p/60 on S120fps on X, 120fps on SRay tracing on X, Ray tracing on SInstant loading on X, instant loading on S

I see it more like the difference between docked and portable mode on Switchnot the difference between PS2/PS3 since PS3 is much more capable than a PS2.

Lets hope the HDMI cable supports HDMI 2.1. I’m looking forward to getting my gnarled paws on the damn thing.

Heard the rumours of the series V? The middle ground betweem S and X and all digital? Surely not another console.

But what we all really are dying to know is if the power cord comes with one of those little plastic prong protectors, or if it’s just sitting bare naked in the box. And does the box have a handle? Plz tell me it has a handle, Sony! We need information!

@Matroska I think your are spot on. Ms marketing is only that. At the end of the day they dont dictate what the devs can do with it.The irony is all the FUD has been spread about the PS5 and that had the effect of making people even more aware that it’s an incredible console.

I see a lot of people agreeing with the monthly payment option for the Xbox.A little warning for peeps in the Netherlands (and maybe other countries?)If u do take that option it will be considered a loan and will effect the amount of money u can get on a mortgage for a house. Just like a telephone does. Just a friendly heads up for those who are in that situation

@GamingFan4Lyf well somebody ought to tell Microsoft games aren’t just about pixel fill rate. Sure, if I’m running lower resolutions I might be able to get away with lower geometry models, but that’s not linear in the same way. Ditto physics and other things. The XSS is a bottleneck on the next-gen pipeline, no question, but I’m sure we’ll all get used to it, it will however ironically mean PS5 exclusives will have an advantage XSX exclusives won’tthey won’t be held back.

@Akimihe’s making it up. the guy lives on this sitewhen would he find time to work?

@NEStalgia – oh, man – that little plastic protector BETTER be on the plug or that’ll kill the unboxing! now you have me wondering. LOL

@NEStalgia Those plastic plug thingies are great if you’ve got a cat. They love using them as a ‘play fetchtoy, well, a couple of cats I’ve had did anyway. 🐈

@Ashkorsairand i must be missing somethingfor a series s and gamepass ultimate, it’s 24.99 a month for 24 months – that’s 599.76 dollars.a series s costs around 323 dollars if you buy it outright. so, it’s 256 dollars for the 2 years for gamepass ultimate??? i think the payment option is a bad deal.

@nessisonett yeah they won’t do it. But getting PS5 for 500 euros day one and keep paying the 35 euros (which is so low honestly) a month for the Xbox and you get every game you can! It’s awesome!

i sure hope that stand allows for EITHER horizontal or vertical placement. everyone should be able to position it the way they want right out of the box. i want to stand it up like it was first shown by sony.

@GamingFan4Lyf series s has 6GB of ram less than the series x — this will be a bottleneck in no time and likely reduce resolution to native 1080p. not to mention the measly 500GB drive with a costly upgrade to double it (i would guess $150 minimum). series s is going to be for tweens and causual gamers long term. everyone else need not apply.

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