For several years there has been a clear increase in the professional video. Reserved until now to places and public institutions or shops and large warehouses to prevent theft and ensure employee safety, and other goods, these security systems retain more e more the & rsquo; attention of everyone. But why ? What are the benefits to the business leaders, shops, the homes of officials, etc. ?

What is the use of professional enterprise video surveillance systems, for trade, for a home, etc. ?

It certainly improves product safety and those present inside the premises. The features more developed cameras and indoor or outdoor video surveillance systems also:

  • Early detection of problems and therefore immediate action that is more effective, especially when it comes to hardware problems (video surveillance electrical installations such). Insurance premiums are then blocked at suitable levels, a major advantage for companies.
  • The counting of inputs and outputs in both local individuals as cars in open underground parking and.
  • The identification of unusual movements but also abandoned objects or risks of tampering.
  • Video surveillance difficult access locations, strategically, Blind Spot.
  • The simultaneity monitoring : professional CCTV system enables a global and simultaneous strategic locations of a company, d & rsquo; a trade (for example the body activity: the input and output & rsquo; money).

The reasons for the enthusiasm of the homes and businesses of enterprises for professional video surveillance

His success grew through :

  • The effectiveness of the device acting as a deterrent.
  • The latest version of the cameras including wireless cameras and IP including systems that are easy to install and are inexpensive.
  • The increased functionality and targeted : the ability to view images from a computer is much appreciated by those who & rsquo; install, warning systems found on some models that are triggered when a suspicious movement is detected, remote viewing in real time from d & rsquo; a smart phone, tablets, etc.
  • ergonomics : some cameras are so discreet and ergonomic that they become almost invisible.

It is therefore possible at any time to monitor their premises in real time, look at pictures n & rsquo; anywhere, be warned of a possible anomaly and record images of interest. A real asset in terms of safety and vigilance.

CCTV system setup : attention to compliance legislation

In Cameroon, installing a professional video surveillance system installed in businesses, Commerce, Residential homes, etc. asked the head of & rsquo; notify the public by posting a pictogram indicating that the site is on video surveillance.

The purpose of this article is to inform readers l & rsquo; d & rsquo utility; nowadays a video surveillance system.

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