SERIE – A groom is killed on the day of the ceremony. Everything accuses his wife, a French expatriate. However, the young woman denies the crime and the vice-consul of France dispatched to help her is more and more inclined to believe her. A Polansky western in the middle of the Negev desert.

After "L’agent immobilier" and "No man’s land" on Arte, here is a new Franco-Israeli fiction, this time from Canal +, which should not go unnoticed. Its creator is Shachar Magen. Known for a hit Israeli series "Sirens", he was supported by novelist Valérie Zanetti for the writing of this novel, to say the least, original.

"Possessions" tells the story of a young French woman, Natalie (Nadia Tereszkiewicz), expatriate in Tel Aviv, accused of having killed her husband on the very day of her marriage, thanks to a power cut ... The crime does not seem difficult to elucidate since she holds the bloody knife in her hand, when the light comes back, in front of a hundred witnesses.

However, the first words she says sow doubt : "What did you do to him ? "She asks in horror when she finds her bloody husband on the floor.

If the police have little doubts about his guilt while his family breaks down, the vice-consul of France (Reda Kateb), hurried to help him, seems more and more won by the perplexity… and by the charm of the beautiful Natalie. But who, apart from her, could have killed her husband ? What toxic influence could have seized her and forced her to become a murderer against her will? ?

Let the story take place in Israel, in Tel Aviv and in the middle of the Negev desert, this original land filled with beliefs, is no coincidence.

Rude, disturbing, grandiose : a perfect setting for this story mixing fantasy and reality. "That's what I liked about this fiction, the meeting between ‘Rosemary’s baby’ and a western by Sergio Leone ”, sums up the director Thomas Vincent (« Bodyguard », « Versailles »).

We are in the universe of Roman Polanski, where a woman's body is possessed by a man, or maybe a dibbouk (this demonic spirit from Jewish mythology), by a family too, united but abusive, and more widely by a still very macho society. Nathalie will try to emancipate herself, by carrying out his own investigation to recover his identity and a form of freedom, even if it means paying a heavy price.

By its strange theme, the place given to the fantastic, her formal beauty, this thriller will seduce some and confuse others.
Especially since the ambiguity of the heroine is finally dissipated quite quickly. But this trip to unknown land exudes a very special charm that owes a lot to its superb cast of actors (Judith Chemla, Noah Koler, Aloïse Sauvage, Ariane Ascaride, Tchéky Karyo…). As a totally enlightened Jewish mother, Dominique Valadié is sensational.
Source Les Echos

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