The release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is now just one month away (!), and in a few weeks’ time, many eager Xbox fans will be adding one of the latest two consoles to their collection.

We’re also just a month away from the 19th anniversary of the original Xbox launch, which released in North America back on November 15th, 2001. Since then, we’ve been treated to a whole bunch of new consoles and console revisions over the years, with the most recent being the Xbox One X back in 2017.

So, as we approach that highly-anticipated week in November, we want to know how many Xbox consoles you’ve personally owned up until this point. We’re not including the Xbox Series X|S in this, but different versions of consoles is fineand if you’ve owned multiple Xbox 360s due to the Red Ring of Death issue, that’s fair game too.

Let us know how many Xbox consoles you’ve owned (and what they are) in the poll and comments below!

Fraser has an unhealthy obsession for all things related to Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series, and has an intimate knowledge of sports games on Xbox One. He also supports Walsall FC – that team in the West Midlands you’ve never heard of.

Original model 360 E Model 360 (Nothing was wrong with my original 360, just I heard the slim and E were more reliable and they had that new HDD of 500 GB so it warranted an upgrade) Crystal OG XBox (Cash Convertors pick up) XBONE X (A lovely little machine)

I have owned 6 Xbox consoles in total. I started off with the original Xbox and then got the original 360 model. I had to replace that one with another white 360 model due to the RROD. I followed that up with the 360 slim version. I got the Xbox One on launch day and sold that one to get a Project Scorpio edition when that came out. I have my Series X pre ordered so this one will be my 7th Xbox console! I love it!

Xbox (x4), Xbox Crystal (x2), Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Standard, Xbox 360 S, Xbox 360 Elite (x2), Xbox 360 Development Unit, Xbox One, Xbox One X.

Just one, the One S, but that hooked me in with Game Pass so now I have the Series X pre-ordered!

2 for me. Xbox and Xbox 360. Series X is looking more tempting all the time.

2 x Original Xbox (1 black, 1 crystal)~ 7 Xbox 360s – (~4 RROD) 2 x Xbox OneXbox One SXbox One X

Since day one on day one everyone Well over 10 since all those years agoAnd the series x very soon.

Edit: just realized, if we’re talking different versions of a console as well probably 25+ lol

@VenomousAlbino for me one for the bedroom, one for the front room, add in multiple RRODs for 360 and they soon mount up!

Original, 360 Elite, 360 E, One, One X and my first Xbox pre-order on the Series X. As far as I know they all still work. My 360 Elite did go in for repairs back in the day though and the disc tray became temperamental opening.

Not counting multiple 360s, 4: OG, 360, 1, 1S. Soon to be 5 with the Series X.
@Enigk That’s my first Xbox console preorder too. Same with PS5. I’ve only preordered Nintendo consoles previously.

Like every Xbox 360 owner, I owned 3 due to the Red Ring of Death. And that’s why Microsoft’s own assurance that the Series X can handle the heat doesn’t completely convince me. It’s not like they were ignorant of hardware design when they made the 360. I hope Digital Foundry researches that risk.

Had the Xbox 360 Cod Modern Warfare 2 edition, and then got a Xbox One S for a few months. Got the Series S preordered though so that will take me to 3!

3. 360 Elite to get HDMI, bigger storage and “1080p” (Sold to friend after buying #4)

4. 360 slim to replace the elite. Only because a pricing error let me get it for almost 70% off. (Still own)

7. Xbox One X bought years later nearly 50% off brand new thanks to the Fallout 76 bundle being fire sold. (Still own)

I cancelled my 10 month old preorder on XSX a few weeks ago but will buy one eventually out of curiousity since I don’t need it and will get a better experience elsewhere.

The fact that we’ve all owned so many versions of 3 consoles may say something about reliability

XboxWhite Xbox 360 (RROD)Black Xbox 360 (RROD)Black Xbox 360 (gave to my son)Halo Reach Xbox 360 (still own)Day one Xbox OneXbox One X (broke, back with Day one model)

We have the blue Forza 6 edition Xbox One in the house, but that’s my son’s so I never counted it. Xbox Series X on pre order.

My family has been blessed to have had an original model 360 and never have it RROD.

That one we still have, and it can still fire up and be good to go.

I have had one OG Xbox One, and an Xbox One X, so that makes three in total until November 10.

1. Original Xbox which i foolishly sold less than a year later2. Xbox 360 Elite3. Xbox 360 S which i later gave to family after fixing the 360 Elite4. Xbox 360 E which is my currently in use 3605. Original Xbox One6. Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X

Xbox 360 but it RROD on me and then I traded it in for a PSP.

1. Original Xbox2. Xbox 3603. Xbox 360 Elite4. Xbox 360 Slim5. Xbox One6. Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Edition7. Xbox One S8. Xbox One X

I had the original, which I tried to install a mod chip in but never got it to work. So it was unscrewed in a closet for a long time and my mom got rid of it. I camped out for the 360 on launch day; and then that one and A replacement both had the Red Ring. Eventually upgraded to the slim to try out Kinect I skipped the XBONE generation and now I’m excited to play my library of games on the S/X! Feels exciting to be an Xbox fan again!

@tatsumi I only listed my Xbox consoles (as per the question)Other gaming machines include Spectrum 48k, Spectrum +2, Acorn Electron, Phillips’s Videopac G7000, Master System, Mega Drive, Mega CD, Game Gear, NES, Nintendo 64, Game boy, Game boy advance, 3DS, Game Cube, Wii, Switch, Atari STFM, Atari Jaguar, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. Still own the 48k, Game Gear, NES, Jaguar, Game Cube, 64, 3DS, PS1, Switch and my current Xbox. I could swear I saw the Electron a couple of years back in a box in the loft, but can’t be sure

I bought a 360 elite
XBox One with no Kinect on a sale
Xbox one X on an ebay sale (currently my main console, above PS4)

I also have tworescueXbox classic that a friend was throwing out, but I have never hooked them up.

OG Xbox BlackOG Xbox CrystalXbox 360 CoreXbox 360 EliteXbox 360 SlimXbox OneXbox OneXbox One Forza BlueXbox One SXbox One X

Had those at least then had a market stall where I would have owned Xboxes and got a OG Xbox Crystal at the moment in my collection that I picked up at a boot sale

Original XboxOriginal Xbox crystal 360 RROD360 RROD360 RROD360 RROD360 RROD360 RROD360 RROD360 elite360 slimXbox one advanced warfare Xbox one SXbox one X

Oh dam, when you think about how much you spend on gaming. Ah well, roll on the series X! 😂

I’m on 8 because I was really really unlucky with RROD and went through 5. Then replaced the one that survived with a slim (cost me £95 in a Black Friday deal in 2012). Got an og Xbox one a few years later and then upgraded to an X.

I think I’ve owned about 4 of them, the OG Xbox, a couple 360’s, both different models and the base Xbox One.

Wow, a lot of people here kept the faith with Microsoft despite apparently getting burned time after time!

I’ve only ever owned an Xbox One S and never had an issue with it. If I’d have gone through five faulty 360s I doubt I’d have been back for the One!

Xbox 360 wasn’t technically mine, but since it was in my house and I played it, I’m counting it.

I’m definitely getting the Xbox Series S soon tho, I need to use those Microsoft Points for something lol

1. Original Xbox2. Original Xbox Crystal3. Xbox 3604. Xbox 360 Elite5. Xbox 360 Slim w Kinect6. Xbox One w Kinect7. Xbox One S Gears 4 Edition8. Xbox One X Project Scorpio9. Xbox Series X (or will when my Pre-order arrives)

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