Good news trainers (well, kind of), Pokémon HOME is finally able to be connected with Niantic’s augmented-reality smartphone game Pokémon GO. This means you can now transfer pocket monsters from GO to your Pokémon games on the Switch.

The catch, according to, is that it’s currently limited to Level 40 GO trainers. To transfer a pocket monster, you’ll have to link GO to your Nintendo account under the settings option and then access HOME Transporter in order to send Pokémon across.

Every time you transfer a Pokémon Transporter Energy is used, which recovers over time. You can read more about this in our previous post. Apparently, a Shiny Legendary will use up all the energy. If you do transfer a monster, you’ll receive a one-time Mystery Gift for a special Level 100 Melmetal which is capable of Gigantamaxing.

There are no details about when this feature will become available to lower level GO trainers just yet, but if we hear anything, we’ll be sure to let you know. Are you able to make use of this transfer feature between Pokémon HOME and Pokémon GO yet? Tell us down below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Already sent 5 shinys into Home. I actually am totally cool with the timer and stuff. The only thing I dislike is that, unless I am missing something, the only way to get to the transfer menu is to go into settings first. It took me like 10 minutes to find it because I would not have thought of that. There was no notification, no update, nothing. I saw AustinJohnPlays post about it, and then checked it, and it was there.

Do not believe the people saying it costs money. It does NOT. You can use coins to send more Pokemon faster, but even those coins can be earned in game. And even then, you don’t need the coins. You just wait a week and you can send more.

Was gonna download GO for the first time, catch/transfer, delete GO and call it a dayI guess they saw right through that?

@Heavyarms55 have you seen the reports os people saying it’d take them YEARS to transfer all of their shinies? This system is not good at all. A single shiny legendary consumes all of your points.

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