This is news that shouldn't offend the western world : la PlayStation 5 will therefore require you to validate your choices with the X key, while in Japan, the tradition established since the first PlayStation wanted that the confirmations be done with “O” and the cancellations with “X”.

After more than twenty-five years of territorial differences at the level of its game consoles, Sony to end one of them with the PlayStation 5. Famitsu thus reveals that the decision was taken by the manufacturer to unify the way of confirming his choices via the controller.

In Occident, the player is mostly asked to press the X key to validate a choice, and vice versa, to press "O" for a cancellation. Except in Japan, it is the opposite model which is in force since the first PlayStation of the name.

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The logic of the Japanese way was nevertheless able to be understood by the rest of the world : the cross means error, going back, and the circle to translate a correct answer. On notera que Final Fantasy VII et Metal Gear Solid, to recite nobody else but them, had their choices validated by “O” in their French version.

Kenji Iguchi, Japanese developer specializing in virtual reality, broke into a series of tweets on Twitter in which he spoke of a far from salutary change :

"During a very long time, the PlayStation had to juggle two button configurations - the right button (O) to confirm in Japan, the bottom button (X) for elsewhere. I guess they finally decided that was enough and that Japan was not going to get special treatment anymore..

But I think it will go very badly with Japanese players. It is extremely difficult to unlearn muscle memory acquired through years of repetition. Short term, I think because of that, Japanese developers are actually going to have to put up with MORE development constraints instead of having less ... "

Japan will be part of the territories, like the United States, where the PlayStation 5 will be available first, either Thursday 12 next november.

Wow, this is big news for UI/UX. PlayStation 5 will use the X button to confirm by default for ALL REGIONS including Japan, who previously used O to confirm for the past 26 years. Muscle memory frustration for the nearly 10M PS users in Japan coming up.

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World news – FR – PlayStation 5 : all regions must validate with the X button

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