Top YouTube Streamer Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie, clarifies that the recent shadowban was a YouTube bug that prevented himself and fans from seeing his newly uploaded video several hours ago that focuses on internet meme reactions. Fans and fellow YouTubers are quick to defend the famous influencer even after confirming that the ban was indeed a YouTube bug.

PewDiePie and his fans faced a massive scare that caused outrage and harsh reactions against YouTube because of the alleged shadowban that occurred in the content creator’s channel. Fans believe that a suspected ban from YouTube as the content creator initially shared that his videos cannot be seen from web searches.

Fans were quick to react to PewDiePie’s recent comment that he might have experienced a shadowban from YouTube’s mods and administration an hour after uploading his most recent video that revolved around reacting to internet IQ memes. The comical video got approximately 34 thousand views with 4,800 likes on its first hour of upload before experiencing the video-sharing website’s mysterious ban.

Initially, PewDiePie himself recognized it as a shadowban from Google’s YouTube despite not breaking any rules or prohibitions from the company. A shadowban is one of YouTube’s banning methods that remove the content creator’s recent videos from the platform without warnings or explanations.

PewDiePie’s fans took the shadowban outrage on Twitter that sparked a trending topic with the content creator’s name as the most talked about. Fans were quick to defend PewDiePie and even explain that they had seen the video before the platform took it down.

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Later on, Felix Kjellberg clarified that YouTube contacted him to explain that the occurrence was not a form of banning or shadowban from the platform, but a bug within its systems. PewDiePie commented on his most recent video back on the platform, with fans not believing what YouTube said.

PewDiePie’s fans were speculative of the shadowban by YouTube, saying that they took back the ban because the public could see what happened. According to some, the fans’ outrage forced the platform to return PewDiePie’s channel back to its normal state.

Popular fitness content creator Chloe Ting, and fellow games streamer Dani Wo, rushes to defend PewDiePie’s side and offers him support amidst the recent YouTube Bug took down the streamer’s most recent video and channel. The fitness guru even bowed to refresh the video 10,000,000 times and watch it until its very last second.

PewDiePie recently celebrated his ten years in streaming videos on YouTube as a content creator last May 2020. This milestone for the social media influencer is one for the books as PewDiePie is one of the most famous YouTubers of this generation.

The content creator popularized game streaming back in the late 2000s, where YouTube is just growing as a platform.

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