You plan to start a business, and you wonder about the need to introduce the creation of a website in your business plan ?

You are a company working in the field of construction and public works , in the formation , you are a hotel , you are rather specialized in insurance brokerage , you are an association , you are a company transit , you make commercially , in service delivery , consulting , or you freelancer ? etc.. but you do not already have site for your business and you wonder about the need to create a website for your business , or you have a website, but you wonder how you can improve ?

Then this article will certainly interest you !

We will see in this article some reasons why a website may be beneficial for your business , ensuite the important elements you need to consider in a website creation project .

7 reasons to create a website


1- The advantages of a website

With the great competition that exists today in the markets, a website is an essential business tool. A website is a communication tool made available not only to your customers, but also potential customers (future), of affiliates and suppliers and this, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and this throughout the year. This means of communication allows you to enlarge your customer base and reach new audiences beyond local boundaries, ensuring that your message remains current.

Consider the website as a brochure available at all times to customers, And this, everywhere. A website is a cost effective tool offering :

  • The ability to update content
  • Personalized marketing tool
  • A flexible advertising medium
  • Increased profitability : response speed, speed of service, Speed ​​of delivery.
  • Reduced advertising costs, while increasing your distribution which will then be globally, national and regional. (previously impossible).


2- Customer expectations

At a time when web browsing, online shopping and research in directories or search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing, etc. are very common activities, Customers expect that companies are present online. Whether restorer, contractor or owner of a daycare, your potential customers will probably try to find your site online. Companies do not have a website may be regarded as disconnected from the market today and be dismissed because of their lack of competition or professionalism.


3- Market opportunities

More than 4 billion people in the world have Internet access, and this figure is growing very rapidly (env. 10% per month!). Overcome geographical barriers and become accessible anywhere in the world. A website gives visibility to your business and you made known to all, worldwide. Reach out to billions of potential customers quickly and affordably. They only need an Internet connection!


4- A vendor who works all year

A major reason why the merchants insist on having a website is able to offer customers unlimited hours. It's like hiring a seller working 24 hours per day, 7 days 7 for less than half the SMIC (Minimum Wage Growth) per month. Customers can view or buy your products from your website even out of hours your store. For community enterprises or service providers, a website allows customers to find your business hours and the location of your store, as well as getting information on services offered.


5- Get credibility

A site well developed and well designed can bring more credibility to a company. A website gives you the opportunity to provide customers with information about your company and why they should trust your business

6- Much more than an online business card

A website is a modern business card. Display roadmaps (your location) on your website and announce your new opening hours, the new location of your store or the latest promotional offers store. A site can also reduce the risk of losing customers when moving to a new location. With easy-to-use tools, many site owners can self-manage the content of their website even without possessing technical knowledge

7- Test the market

A website is the best way to assess market opportunities economically for new products and services. You can also display a survey to your customers' preferences with respect to your products and services, and get their opinion about certain aspects of your business. Through online forms, customers can also send you feedback on your products and services. Add features such as online surveys and forms for sending comments, and use the statistics of your website for products and promotions that appeal most to customers. In this way, you can determine improvements to products and business processes.


Now that you have read these 7 reasons why you should create a website for your business, if you want to learn more about the importance of a website , You can also read our article on the importance of a website for a company

On the other hand , If you have decided to offer to your business website ? you can read more at the important elements to consider in a website creation project web. or you can read more just curiosity.


Important elements to be considered in a website creation project


Site Selection and its pages


1. choice of solution

CSS ENGINEERING proposes to make available to your company a dynamic website based on CMS technology (Content Management System) meet the standards of the internet in force.

  • CMS used : Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, OS Commerce,…
  • Programming language to use : html5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP
  • Database to use : MySQL
  • Web page editor : Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Design and Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks

We strongly recommend the following articles: Must Read !!!!

What WordPress and what is its market share ?

Comment installer WordPress : Step by Step Guide

here are the 7 Free platforms to create its e-commerce site

2. Design and ergonomics


  1. graphical charter : the colors used will be consistent with the graphic of your company taking care to use soft colors for visual.
  2. Weight images : the final images integrated into the site will be the lightest possible. in preference, the recording format is the PNG.
  3. Animation flash : we integrate if possible an animation that presents the products and your business the most prominent services with a single loading on the home page.
  4. page load time / identical graphics : the use of style sheets help to minimize page load time. Moreover, the same styles will be used on all pages, which will harmonize the design and layout of the pages.


3. The site's languages

The default language is French. But customer request an English version of the site can be provided. see more..


4. Navigation system


a. Quick access to information : To fluidity, we generally offer a navigation system to a level below.

b. positioning updated : the user will always know with this system where it is on the website. Home -) Services -) Services 2

5. Site sections (propositions)

6. Explanation of headings


a. Home : Presentation of the company for the benefit, presentation of current offers, presentation of the latest news.

b. Company Snapshot : Summary presentation of the company into two paragraphs (historical, identity, missions, vision…).

c. Services : Detailed presentation of all company services. Each service subject to a single page.

d. References : Presentation of references of the company as a three-column table (Clients, deployed services, Year).

e. FAQ : This feature will allow the company to consolidate at one point issues that arise frequently visitors, potential customers and enterprise customers and to provide answers. This will allow them to be better informed in relation to their concerns.

f. Achievements in Image : photo album with your image achievements. The visitor has the opportunity thanks to this system you see in business.

g. Documentation : This feature will allow the company to download documents such services catalogs ...

h. Sitemap : the tree structure of the site will allow visitors to go directly to the information. i. Contact : this section will present the company's contact information.

Note that this is a basic proposal, and can be customized according to customer needs.


Hosting Site


  1. Hosting Solution

Depending on the chosen tender, it includes among others :

management autonomy : you have a standalone accommodation owner.

maximum use of available resources : you will not share your accommodation with other users.

Adding sites and domains : for future needs, you can incorporate new areas.

Service availability : we assure you a quality of service conferring service availability 99%

See our accommodation offers


2. Characteristics (customizable according to your needs)

  • Disk space : Depending on your needs (even unlimited)
  • Unlimited monthly traffic – backup frequency : Depending on your needs
  • Technical support via email and telephone.
  • MYSQL Database : Depending on your needs
  • Real-time statistics : Site attendance by me, per day, per hour, origin of visitors.
  • Console d’administration – ftp access : Depending on your needs
  • Adding domain : Depending on your needs
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • email accounts : Depending on your needs


Site SEO (SEO : Search engine optimization)


1. Google and Yahoo SEO

According to the latest studies, Google focuses around 93,37% researches, Bing 4,13% and Yahoo is about 2,72%. Both engines therefore occupy almost the whole market and that is why we will focus our attention on these two search engines.


Panel staff management : a simple and intuitive interface allows you to manage your SEO and display your reports in a few clicks.

Monthly report : every month, a full report is generated for your site.

Positioning Google / Yahoo : for each keyword, the site is the position tells you the search engine.

Generator meta tags : the meta tags allow you to present your site in a query in a search engine. This system will insert the appropriate meta tag.

Popularity of the website : by available indicators, you can follow month after month the popularity of your website.

Belongings des mots clés : using available tools you can enjoy these various elements. – Assistance 7j/7


2. Internal SEO site

To optimize your SEO, we will insert the corresponding meta tags in each page of the website. So, Internet users can access these pages via search engines.


3. back-Link SEO

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Viadeo enjoy a high ranking on Google and Yahoo search engines. The fact that this will be the site to enjoy free links returns bringing users on the website. We will source your website in these social networks.

3. directory listing companies

It currently lists many directories referencing companies by country, by city and industry by making available to each of them a complete Listing. When an economic operator research company, it goes on this directory. Mailing, for what purpose ? In the interest of customer loyalty, recovery prospects, development of your business network, search for new customers, Increasing your sales force and more, we believe this value-added service you will achieve your goals.

You can use this value-added service for :

  • Advertising campaigns, promotional and other
  • The customer loyalty
  • The rapid dissemination of information
  • Spontaneous internal and external communications
  • spontaneous information needs : board meeting of directors, changes to rates or conditions of service, ETC.
  • Reminders customers and prospects




1. Newsletters (newsletters) monthly

You can design a newsletter presenting the company's products and services incorporating the occasional innovations and offers that you send to your clients by mailing (in their email boxes) in order to retain them. So, they constantly have in mind that the business exists and think about them. This revives the presence of the company in their minds. Moreover, this newsletter includes your graphic charter and your visual identity. You can design general newsletters about the company or individual focused on a specific product or Service.

2. Postings : publication of new tariffs & new products

You launch a new product or service, you want to inform all of your customers and present your new supply prospects. The Mailing allows you to inform all your customers and prospects using internet.

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Without intermediary
  • Cheaper

How to send a mailing

You have two options :

Either you are using your own emails and why :

  • Creating your mailing account : creating your own mailing account allows you to have our system in a mailing list (list containing all email addresses and related information).
  • Storing email addresses and related information (optional) : you provide all the email addresses of your recipients list by mailing a Word file (an email on each line).
  • Design and production of content : each mailing that we design to meet your graphic. You can also decide to send simple text messages requiring no design.
  • Programming sending : according to the day and the hour, your mailing is positioned.

Either you use our emails and why :

Mailing List public : we offer you our emails




We will provide you with the following terms:

1. Site Operating Document

2. Detailed Tree Site

3. Source files used

4. Hosting Operating Document

5. SEO Operating Document

6. Document staff training


Need a website ? Contact us for details or for a quote


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