Since this morning, many Free subscribers no longer have access to the internet. Their box remains blocked at the stage 6 configuration. Some regions are particularly affected.

As the government encourages companies to opt for telecommuting, the start of confinement takes an unexpected turn for some Free subscribers. Since this morning (02 November 2020), many subscribers complain about internet connection problems. In some departments, it is even quite simply impossible to access an internet (that's my case).

Le site Downdetector, which records the dysfunctions reported by Internet users, is experiencing an upsurge in reports. 83% of the failures reported on the site are due to an internet connection problem. 8% of Internet users indicate a box problem. Indeed, when restarting the Freebox, the configuration remains blocked at step 6.

Some cities seem particularly affected. Downdetector indeed indicates the geographical areas where the number of reports is the most important. At this moment, Paris, Little, Marseille, Amiens, Brest, Drancy, Bondy, Vitry-sur-Seine and Montreuil experience the most breakdowns. For the moment ... Because, at the time of writing, the number of reports continues to increase and the list of the most affected cities is changing at high speed.

On Twitter, some Internet users indicate that the outage started last night (1is November 2020) and that the problem persists this morning. Contacted by the editorial staff, Free has not yet provided any response.

This outage comes at the worst time for Free. Last week, the government was setting up a second lockdown, certainly more flexible than the first, but suggesting an increase in internet traffic across the country. If this failure prevents access to video streaming services (main complaints from internet users last night), it presents above all a risk for the productivity of companies that have set up teleworking at the request of the government.

Free, however, had cracked clear and reassuring communication. "At Free, all employees stand ready for a new mobilization effort in order to guarantee our 20 million subscribers in France continuity of service on our Fixed networks & Mobile ”can we read on his Twitter account.

Our country is entering a new period of confinement. At Free, all employees stand ready for this new mobilization effort in order to guarantee our 20 million subscribers in France continuity of service on our Fixed networks & Mobile. [1/3] #reconfinement

My freebox remains stuck in stage 2 since last week 26/10 (network cut due to works at the Clamart station for Greater Paris)
I have been asked to be patient ... without a return to service date
Unable to telecommute

In Amiens too, and a priori the failure does not only affect the fixed internet, the mobile network seems to be affected too (no data at all on my phone since around 9:30 am this morning ...

In villers bocage above Amiens no connections, stuck at the stage 6. Could we know the reason for this failure and an estimate of the time to restore.

I don't have a box but just a smartphone and I have to share my connection with my computer.
Two years ago it was generally working well. Now, unable to share my connection. Even on my smartphone, open a web page, play video, filling in administrative documents is almost impossible.
I have a worse connection than I did last year 2000 with the modem 256.

Yet I move all over France for work. And it's always the same.

I stay at Free because of the price for lack of choice. But not for the quality of service, network and assistance that never calls back.

In an age when the internet is mandatory for everything (tax, administrative, employment, etc), It's a shame to sell these bogus services that don't work or very, very badly.

Still no networks and no 4g since 8am .... We are at free we have understood everything pfff and people to tell us where the problem comes from ... bravo free at the time of confinement and the telework imposed

AMIENS 02/11/2020 13h45 always down.. no 4g, impossible to connect with are smartphone.:x

They are can free, it's been shit for months, you do not have 1 month see week without 1 problems, free if you subscribe, you did not understand anything lol

6 years that I am with Free, and 3 or 4 problems that were resolved ultra quickly by customer service :

1/ Borne Server HS : return of another box in the 24 hours and received 48 hours later
2/ and 3/ connection problems : resolved remotely by customer service by taking control of the terminal. Most recent less than a week : purge caches and update DNS.
4/ HS remote control : return of a new remote control received 48 hours after the call.

Box blocked at the stage 6 since this morning in Dieppe. No sms, info from free.
And almost no rebate to wait : I had months of disconnection problems, pixelated TV in 2019 2010, I ended up taking the devialet to 480 euros. I demanded compensation, I just received 13,40 for 1 year of malfunction : ROYAL, thanks WHO…

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