For the second time around, celestial bodies like Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon will pass near each other on Friday, Aug. 28. It is one of the rarest moments in space that everyone should know. If you are a fan of the moon or planets, you will love the planetsformation over the weekend.

If you want to see something magical this coming Friday evening (Aug. 28) up to Saturday (Aug. 29), grab your telescope and wait around 8:30 PM at home.

Three of the celestial bodies located in the solar system, including two gas giants (Jupiter and Saturn) and the moon, will be aligned into forming a triangle-shaped form.

About one hour after the Sun sets this coming Friday evening, the moon will pass near the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter.

At this time, Earth skies will see the eye-catching celestial duo that will make the pattern. Since the moon will pass near Jupiter, it will also be nearly 83 percent illuminated by the Sun. As you look in the skies, you will at this time that the moon will be positioned at the lower right of Jupiterwith a distance of roughly 2.25 degrees.

This also means that the moon will be bigger in visual compared to its normal size from Earth skies. It will be about 4.5 times bigger than usual. This event will happen since Jupiter’s moon will also be united with the conjoining, which results in four total moons in spacemaking the Earth-moon seemed like the biggest out of them all. If you have binoculars at home, you can look at it over the weekend and spot for Jupiter’s four moons calledGalileanmoons-Ganymede, Europe, Calisto and/or Io.

Not only the Moon and Jupiter will have a bonding moment over the weekend. Another huge planet called Saturn will also join the group, making the trio triangle form in the skies.

On Saturday, Aug. 29, this amazing sight will finally happen. As Moon and Jupiter joined nearby, planet Saturn will also be ten times fainter than Jupiter. Therefore, adding more light to the Moon with its about 90% illumination from the Sun, according to Forbes.

Of course, not all space magical events can be captured by your camera, let alone your naked eyes. Although, if you really wanted to see the Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon trio up in the skies, you need to make sure that you tally the dates and exact time of its appearances.

On the other hand, if the clouds won’t be clear over the weekend, you can still reschedule your sight-seeing time on Sept. 24-25.

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World news – US – Over the Weekend, Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon Will Align in Skies to Form a Triangle

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