The season 7 Apex Legends is finally here and with it the new Olympus map. Here are the best landing spots as well as some great tips for being a hit in the flying city of Olympus.

After a long wait strewn with rumors and revelations, the season 7 finally reveals its content, including the eagerly awaited city of Olympus which becomes the new Apex Legends map, and the first to transport players to one city.

With increased importance of vacuum, the addition of vehicles “Tridents” or the arrival of the new Horizon character, players have tons of new content to discover and it will take a little adaptation time to take its marks in this new season.

And as with each new map, thousands of players roam the map without really knowing what they are doing. In this guide, we share with you what seem to be the best landing spots on Olympus, because a good start is the basis of a good game !

According to U.S, Rift is quite simply the epicenter of the action on Olympus, although this dome of swirling darkness is not strictly speaking in the center of the map. This fairly open area is suitable for ranged combat and promises a hectic start to a game..

This point of interest is nevertheless very interesting for two reasons : you will quickly find some weapons and equipment, which is obviously essential for a good start. But above all, you can rush towards the floating orb in the center of the area so that it randomly teleports you to one of the map's three teleportation points. To land, loot a few crates while surviving then run away in a flash : an exciting and efficient start !

You like melee ? Rather, your style is to grab the first Peacekeeper or R-99 and seek out close combat in a crowded area of ​​obstacles. ? Race to Bonsai Plaza !

Bonsai Plaza is already becoming the Skull Town of Olympus. There are a lot of loots, lots of corridors and nooks and crannies suitable for ambushes… in short, enough to host real bloodbaths throughout the game, and that’s why Bonsai Plaza is arguably the most contested area right now.

If you like instant castagne, Bonsai is the place to be. If you prefer a slower approach with less action, do not plan to set foot there for at least 10 minutes.

We were just talking about a slower playstyle, focused on the loot THEN on the fight… Hydroponics is the ideal landing spot for this. Lots of loot, strangely ignored by many players.

Once you have explored the area a bit and found what you are looking for, you can then join the action north to Oasis or to Bonsai Plaza in the east.

If you've seen the Season trailer 7 d’Apex Legends, you couldn't get past the huge orbital cannon that is crippling Pathfinder's ship, Rampart et Mirage. If you are looking to make a nice screen on this weapon of mass destruction, this is the place to go. If you are looking for a good landing point… well Orbital Cannon Test Site is also a great choice !

This large area is a bit far from everything and few players are likely to include it in their rotation later in the game.. But as a starting point, this is a very good choice, especially if you are looking for Tridents, these new vehicles allowing you to travel through Olympus at full speed.

If any member of your squad is a Rampart aficionado, go to Orbital, swing its turret on it and you're off to do some carnage. Without doubt one of the funniest ways to start a game on the hats of the wheel.

Our tip for landing on Velvet Oasis : aim right between the two towers, because bad calculations can quickly send you off the map ! Here, you will find a lot of loot, and good coverage thanks to these two huge buildings.

The main interest of this area is the Gold Loot that appears there, as well as the proximity of this landing spot to the center of the map. Many players prefer to be close to the center, which gives maximum freedom in choosing a course for the rest of the game.

If you're looking for an explosive start to the game, try to land directly at the Aquatic Cafe : this is the most looted place in the area… and therefore often the most contested.

This is all you need to know about landing spots on Olympus. Obviously, all players will need a little adaptation time before they get the most out of this city in the sky, but it is also this feeling of novelty and change of scenery that makes the charm of this start of the Season 7.


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