Just a few days until the release of Facebook's standalone VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2. His announcement, the 16 last september, has changed the game a little in terms of accessibility to virtual reality by offering the possibility to everyone, even those without PC or consoles, to qualitatively enjoy the joys of VR from just 349 €, all-in. Indeed, at this price, you can afford the boarding model 64 GB of storage memory, while for a hundred euros more, you will benefit from whoever has 256. Knowing that the two models are technically the same, we are not here at Microsoft with its S and X Series, the choice of the model to buy will depend on your expectations and your uses and on what you want to store. Let's take stock together.

Before looking at the choice itself, we would first like to try to lay the foundations for what is possible to put on the "small" model of Oculus Quest 2. With its 64 Go, it allows, in reality, store multimedia content or games on 52 Go environ (the system, as of this writing, busy 11,31 Go). This allows the installation of around 40 applications currently, although this number may decrease a little with the arrival of new games optimized for the Quest. 2 and also – and above all even – with the many upgrades to existing games. That said, for the time being, despite a few headlines like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (8 Go), Arizona Sunshine (4,5 Go), Dash Dash World (3,37 Go), Tetris Effect (3 Go) or the Warhammer demo 40.000: Battle Sister with her 2,5 Go which logically suggest that the final game will be much bigger, the vast majority of games for the Quest weigh no more than 2 GB on average.

To give you a real idea of ​​what you will be able to install the 13 next october, you will find on page 2 of this article the thirty-eight games and applications installed (including the above titles) on our test model which is a 64 Go. As you see it, there is really plenty to do and even if you have to uninstall some to make room for another possible big game, who really needs so many titles installed at the same time ?

Who is the model with 64 Go ? For those who no longer plan to play with their PC games (via Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop), to those on a tight budget, to those who prefer to use the hundred euros difference to pay for accessories like the Elite Strap, the carrying case or the spectacle wearer kit, or even to those who consider it unnecessary to have all their game library installed at the same time on their helmet.

Who is the model with 256 Go ? To those for whom storage matters. for example, those who plan to watch 3D movies that sometimes weigh more than 50 Go when they are in good quality, or those who go on a long trip without Internet and who want to leave with all the late seasons of their favorite series without compromising on quality. Side games, it will be especially for those for whom uninstalling and reinstalling a game is an unbearable concept and who want to have everything with them, All the time. Without forgetting those for whom the budget is not a blocking factor and who choose to have fun.

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Finally, we really think the Oculus Quest 2 with 64 Go is more than enough for the majority of us and it is better to use the differential budget to pay for accessories or games. Even if tomorrow – assumption still quite improbable in the short term – all the games came to weigh 8 Go, even a little more, there would always be enough room to have several at the same time. That said, even if this choice seems reasonable to us, and that will seem paradoxical to you, if you have the budget, do not deprive yourself of the model with 256 Go, it will allow you to be able to enjoy VR in all these aspects even with large files.

Source: https://gamergen.com/actualites/oculus-quest-2-faut-il-prendre-modele-64-go-ou-256-go-316148-1

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World news – FR – Oculus Quest 2 : should we take a model 64 Go or 256 Go ?

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