Last Friday, a small wave of Facebook account bans prevented everyone affected from using their Oculus Quest 2. We then contacted the French press service of the American giant and, in parallel, mentioned the problem in our article : Facebook would start banning accounts permanently and without appeal ! We also posted a video on our YouTube account. At this moment, we did not yet have confirmation that the banns were really due to direct action on the part of the social network.

The confirmation did not take long to arrive, first by Oculus via Twitter (not corporate action on the spot) then by three small videos posted on Instagram (much more corporate) par Andrew Bosworth, the vice president of the AR / VR part of Facebook. Thanks to these two separate actions, we knew then that the bans were real and that the Facebook teams were on hand to try to resolve the problem. That said, the real question was above all to know why the accounts had been banned and especially so abruptly, without any warning. After having been able to discuss with French people who had undergone this ban, cross-referenced the different ways that had led them to be and whether they had managed to get out of it, we managed to establish a simple set of specifications on what to do and what not to do to get banned. Likewise, we also have a good idea of ​​what to do to recover your account in the event of a ban. The good news, is that everyone with whom we communicated managed to recover the use of their helmet, whether with their initial account or a new one. Comment ? Let's do a check in :

To summarize our video, the majority of bans are due to having two Facebook accounts by one person. Whether this duplicate is involuntary or voluntary, when it is detected by Marc Zuckerberg's robots, the last account created is immediately banned (in the cases that concern us, it took less than ten minutes each time). The first rule to avoid a ban is therefore not to create several accounts., because it is clearly prohibited in the rules of use of Facebook. This may frustrate some, but the rules are the rules and impossible to challenge here. The other case of ban is more difficult to understand. It happens with a long existing Facebook account (an old account), but left abandoned. At the time of its update with the right info (last name, first name, valid email address), it crashes instantly. Why ? No idea. On the other hand, it has happened many times and it's still boring. The second thing to do not to be banned, the most simple and efficient, is not to update a dormant account, but delete it before recreating a new one. In passing, for information, updating a regular account is no problem. Our final tip for avoiding future problems with Facebook, it is to have their first and last names on the account you use with the headset. As a reminder, you can make an account totally private by pasting the "me only" confidentiality, which will prevent anyone from seeing your activity on the social network or in VR.

Finally, if you are banned, you can try asking Facebook to get you out of this deadlock, via the appropriate form. You can also try to contact Oculus for assistance to request to unlink your current Facebook account. (the banished therefore) of your Oculus account and thus be able to associate it with another. In case of failure on both sides, you must first reset your headphones to factory settings (once the headphones are off, it must be turned on by simultaneously pressing the volume down button and the On button), delete a possible duplicate account and recreate a new one (empty your cookies and other cookies from Facebook from your browser, or use another, virgin of your presence on the social network). Finally, delete your Oculus Quest 2 of the Oculus application on your smartphone before physically re-linking it, always via the application, to the new Facebook account (like you did the first time). This allows you to start again without losing, normally, the games you bought as they are linked to the Oculus account and not Facebook.

Hoping that all this has helped and reassured you about the possible ban issues of your account. You now know what to do in all the cases we have encountered and, if you ever have a new one, do not hesitate to let us know, we will try to find the solution that goes with it.

As a reminder, the Oculus Quest 2 is available on the official Oculus website or from the brand's official partners, Fnac, Darty and Amazon. The model with 64 GB of memory costs 349 €, while the one with 256 Go is trading at 449 €.


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World news – FR – Oculus Quest 2 : how not to get banned or banned by Facebook

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