Jensen Huang once again spoke to us in front of his oven, from his kitchen. After the presentation last May of the Tesla A100, first graphics card to take advantage of the new Ampère architecture, this time the CEO of Nvidia presented the RTX 3000. These new graphics cards, expected for months, allow the firm to consolidate its dominance in the GPU market a little more ... while pushing the entire sector to new heights.

Tonight was the big night for NVIDIA. Two years after Turing and his ray tracing natively supported, four years after Pascal, the chameleon group held a new conference, organized this year remotely, to present us a triptych of new graphics cards : RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090, as well as their main technical characteristics. In the program, a completely redesigned dissipation system for RTX 3080 and 3090, clear improvement in performance for the entire range, and a computing power report / alluring price for RTX 3070.

Let's start with the beginning (and by the most affordable card presented tonight by NVIDIA) to talk about RTX 3070. Expected from 499 dollars, NVIDIA's new mid-range card will offer higher performance than RTX 2080 Ti for only 50% of its price. Army of 8 GB GDDR6 memory, she will be able to develop 60% more performance than RTX 2070 that she will replace as of October. A postulate which should seduce en masse, even if we can expect higher prices in France, depending on resellers and models offered by NVIDIA partners.

La RTX 3080 will have occupied a large part of the presentation of the firm. A few cables behind the massive RTX 3090 in terms of performance, it will arrive on the market on 17 next September at a starting price announced at 699 dollars. Nvidia therefore takes more or less the prices charged with the Turing generation, in 2018. Performance is also improving significantly, especially thanks to 10 GB GDDR6X video memory (at 19 Gbps) embedded. Enough to allow this RTX 3080 to succeed where its big sister the RTX 2080 partially failed : provide a 4K gaming experience / 60 FPS on all games ... and with active ray tracing.

In his press release, Nvidia talks about doubled performance compared to RTX 2080. We will have the opportunity to check all this during our test of said GPU.

"Come on, come see daddy ", This is how Jensen Huang introduced the world to RTX 3090. True pride of NVIDIA for the next two years, this new graphics card also has a good chance of remaining the mainstream GPU’ the most efficient over the same period. And for good reason, here we can count on what NVIDIA affectionately calls a BFGPU or ‘Big Ferocious GPU’ (at first glance we would have bet on another word starting with ‘F’, but OK…) : an uncompromising GPU coupled with no less than 24 Go de GDDR6X, as previous leaks predicted.

The chip is thus able to outclass the TITAN RTX with 50% more performance, while with her, it is the prospect of playing in 8K that will open up to the lucky few. NVIDIA indeed ensures that its RTX 3090 will be able to run "many games" in 8K and 60 FPS, with probably a good dose of DLSS to get it through. Expected from 24 September, la RTX 3090 will coin 1499 dollars. A prize that destines her, like RTX 2080 Ti and TITAN RTX before her, to professionals, and a niche market among gamers.

Note that in parallel with these announcements, NVIDIA presented some new software. Among them, NVIDIA Reflex, a technology that will improve the multiplayer gaming experience thanks to reduced latency, but also NVIDIA Broadcast and NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima.

NVIDIA Broadcast will be used primarily for videoconferences and streamers. The tool brings together the RTX Voice experience (brilliantly introduced during confinement), as well as a new green screen simulation system (to embed a visual behind you during broadcasts, or simply blur the background) and automatic camera movements, artificial too, to follow your face even if you move during a video conference or a stream.

Nvidia Omniverse Machinima is for machinima enthusiasts : these cutscenes made from graphic elements straight from famous titles. This new tool, which we will probably have the opportunity to talk about again on Clubic, can be paired with most 3D creation tools (Maya, Photoshop…). It will also benefit from the latest graphics innovations from NVIDIA.

More predictably, NVIDIA also announced that Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War supporteront le ray tracing. More good news, especially for greens, who see their game portfolio ‘RTX On’ get even more richer.

A creator imagined a gun to throw masks directly at the face of people who do not respect the health rules linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

Surprising ? Non. But the numbers are colossal : Bitcoin mining represents this year in the world, more or less the equivalent of the output of seven nuclear power plants, or 21,8 million solar panels.

Manufacturer Says Facebook Violated App Store User Rules, prohibiting the presentation of irrelevant information.

It is now impossible to recover a copy of the publisher's other games which are banned from the App Store.

Europol announces in a statement that three members of one of the world's largest hacking networks, « Sparks Group », were arrested as part of an international investigation by 18 pays.

Two weeks ago, the Japanese government has announced its intention to have "flying cars" from here 2023. As an answer, SkyDrive has just announced that it has passed the first piloted flight test of its SD vehicle-03.

Volkswagen has given a real range test to its electric compact, l’ID.3, and reached a distance of 531 kilometers in a single charge on Swiss roads.

Right angles soon forced to give way to less "strict" borders.

A few hours away from going on a weekend, the almost complete specifications of the new GeForce have been mentioned.

The leak of what appears to be an official price list for the Renault Twingo ZE reveals that the small electric city car from the French manufacturer would be marketed from 21 350 euros.


World news – FR – NVIDIA presents its RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090, the new holy trinity of gaming

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