Nvidia presented its new generation of graphics cards : GeForce RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090. The second generation of RTX cards promises huge performance gains. To compare, la RTX 3070 which is positioned in the middle of the series is more powerful than the RTX 2080 Current ti. We take stock of the characteristics, the prices and the release date of the new cards.

For several days, Nvidia teased its conference this 01 September dedicated to the presentation of GeForce RTX graphics cards 3070, 3080 and 3090. The whole green team had their eyes on this show which was broadcast live on Twitch at 6 p.m.. As usual, it's Jen Hsun, the CEO of Nvidia who masterfully ensured the presentation in a very unusual setting, coronavirus forces. No journalists, no giant screen this year. The boss of Nvidia provided the show in one man show from his home.

The conference opened with some introductory announcements. Fortnite becomes compatible with Ray Tracing on PC. Fans of the popular Battle Royale will therefore be able to discover the joys of technology but also of DLSS. 2.0 which uses artificial intelligence to increase framerate while maintaining maximum image quality and ray tracing.

Nvidia promises performance gains, huge performance gains. Note that the brand is making a small change in the nomenclature of its new graphics cards. The GeForce RTX 3090 thus replaces the 2080 Ti as the most powerful of this year's references. She embarks 24 GB of G6X video memory, this is 13 more than RTX 2080 Ti which was limited to 11 Go de VRAM.

Nvidia promises the RTX 3090 delivers a mighty brute of 36 TFLPOPS for Shader Cores, 69 TFLOPS for RT Cores and 385 TFLOPS for Tensor Cores. The card will be able to run games at 60 8K fps. This is the ultra high-end version of this new series that costs much more than all the others. It will be available on 24 September at the price of 1499 $.

This is the second most powerful card announced by Nvidia. La RTX 3080 boarding 10 GB of G6X memory and delivers a powerful raw 30 TFLOPS for Shader Cores, 58 TFLOPS for RT Cores and 238 TFLOPS for Tensor Cores. The successor to the RTX 2080 is twice as powerful as the latter, announced Nvidia.

The card will be available at a rate of 699 $, that's half the price of RTX 3090. With this reference, Nvidia aims for 4K at 60 FPS with Ray Tracing. This is clearly the most suitable version for the large mass. If of course you have a screen allowing you to enjoy all this definition on a PC.

The GeForce RTX 3070 is the most accessible of the three graphics cards. With this model, Nvidia hits hard with a cost-only card 499 $ while it is announced more powerful than the RTX 2080 Ti which she had been thrown at over 1000 $. In details, la RTX 3070 delivers a raw power of 20 TLOPS for SHader Cores, 40 TFLOPS for RT Cores and 163 TFFLOPS for Tensor Cores. Like the other two, it will be available from 17 September.

Source: https://www.papergeek.fr/nvidia-presente-geforce-rtx-3060-3070-3080-date-sortie-caracteristiques-prix-2411877

World news – FR – Nvidia presents GeForce RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 : release date, features and price

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