Final Fantasy VII Remake is not a very difficult software but when you finish the adventure and unlock the new difficulty level to get into a real / false New Game +, it gets complicated drastically.

This is why we have prepared a short in-house guide for you directly based on our own progress in this Difficult mode which bears its name rather well..

So before you start reading this walkthrough, although it seems obvious, we will still scream a big fat BEWARE OF SPOILERS, just in case.

And in case you'd like to learn more about the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake, do not hesitate to take a look at this explanatory article written by our expert in the field, our comrade Cloud.

So I didn't do the same build at all and I really had no difficulty on the hard mode. Almost all the phases with tifa are cheated when we balance all the atb boost with its shock multiplier which gives it almost an atb bar… And add that as soon as an enemy is shocked, it regains all its atb bars, the multiplier flies off. So all its parts already not much to do.
I started with the care materia + prayer but it was quickly duplicated so I left the care only on one character in case with the materia which balances the care on the others. That in an emergency prayer already heals a lot. I didn't even add the pv materia except on barret as I wanted to add other materia. By cons resurrection on all characters. Apart from the chapter 9 I hardly ever used magic spells, I had a magic materia only for affinity with the weapon.

Compulsory on the other hand materia on duty. At the same level of summons I have rarely used them, just for fun from time to time.

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World news – THAT – Our guide to Final Fantasy 7 Hard mode remake

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