Update (10th Sep, 2020 15:05 BST): The SNES controllers for Nintendo Switch are available once again in Europe. Nintendo notes that it only haslimited availability”, so make sure to act fast if you want one:

Delivery is expected between the 12th and 21st of September. Remember – you’ll only be able to add one to your cart if you’re logged in with an account subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online.

Original Article (30th Sep 2019, 14:15 BST): Those lovely looking SNES-style controllers for Nintendo Switch are now available to pick up in the UK and across Europe.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can go ahead and pick up a maximum of four controllers to relive all of the games in the new SNES catalogue in style. The controllers are full size and wireless, and they’re available to buy as we speak for £26.99 / 29.99€ before shipping (which appears to be a rather hefty £8.90):

You’ll get one controller and one USB cable in the box. Delivery is expected between 2nd and 11th October. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to update your Switch to Version 9.0 before you can use the new controllers with your console.

Will you be getting one? Or four? We’d act fastthe North American ones sold out super-quickly.

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

My subscription run out last week. Controller looks great. I hate the shipping prices. Good luck those that get it

Ordered mine but the shipping cost is ridiculous. Hoping that delivery is nearer to 2nd October than the 11th! 🤞

Way too expensive for a controller without analogue sticks. On the other hand, drifting issues will surely not happen with this one.

I’m out of luck. My subscription expired last week. I do like these even if the shipping is yucky

Been looking for a pad for 2d games but for that price I think I’ve decided to go for 8bitdo NC30 pro2 in gamecube colours. Or maybe that 8bitdo lite just for the novelty…. too many choices!

The website let’s me login using my American account, but then it spins and freezes. Anyone know if it will let me ship one to America? I’ve always wanted the colorful buttons.

I don’t have the option to purchase on the website? Probably ran out of stock already (knowing Nintendo) or their website crashed (knowing Nintendo!).

Although, I don’t know if I’m actually relieved. They do seem expensive when compared to alternatives and that shipping charge is also prohibitive.

They’re not showing as available to buy for me. There’s no buy button and I am logged in!

Clearly Nintendo decided to build the online store for this out of matchsticks. I’ve resigned myself as unlikely to get one as I have a lot of work to do.

@Spartacus88_HD You could just get an 8bitdo controller. They’re arguably the best way to play 3d and 2d games at the moment.

Nintendo UK doesn’t ship to NA or USA even if you go through the process they will cancel your order.

@FX102A Magento actuallysupport expires for this ecommerce platform at the end of May 2020. They need to get it sorted

When the “wheelstops on the site, there is noadd to cart” button. Great …

Can you Americans just accept your ugly purple/grey layout and leave our dear european servers alone?

@Spartacus88_HD I understand that aspect of it. They are very tempting, I’m more for function when it comes to gaming for me. 8Bitdo is such a quality brand that I got the Pro and the Pro+, love them both to death.

However, I hope you get one. I think I would buy one and put it in a frame just to display, due to the novelty can’t go wrong with 1st party Nintendo products!

@AcridSkull I 100% keep telling people this, 8bitdo does it better and it works with many more devices than this one does.

@Jokerwolf Ok but obviously people dont want 3rd party crap and rather pay more for Nintendo 1st party stuff. I know damn well about 8bitdo, but fiund them ugly and dont want them. Easy as that.

As nice as these look and they are very nice I’m happy with my Pro Controller.

Those pads will hit ebay for 3 times as much tomorrow. Scalpers should be shot on sight

The site is just not working, it’s just got a whirling loading screen. Guess they have sold out but dont know how to tell people.

So, I can get through to the page, but there’s no option to buy – https://mynintendostore.nintendo.co.uk/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-controller-for-nintendo-switch.html

@tweekz287 Can you Americans just accept your ugly purple/grey layout and leave our dear european servers alone?

I already got my so-called ugly NA Controller, you know the one with concave X and Y buttons? I like it so much that I went back to buy another one and they are sold out. I guess Americans already accepted the controller with the concave X and Y buttons.

While we are the topic, atleast the NA SNES doesn’t look like the underside of an upright vacuum. Also our cartridges have end labels because like the concave X and Y buttons, that makes sense.

@Crono1973 sorry you got rubbed the wrong way bud. Now can you convince your fellow Americans as well? Because most of them seem to enjoy the european version more

@Spartacus88_HD I got them really early. Before Nintendo Europe post in their twitter account. So the site was working well. But, there were some problems with the card numbers, exp date and secret code. It was not clear the numbers in their site. All OK though

@Crono1973 Or it just looks better? I mean honestly, who cares about concave? Its not like theres 20 buttons I can’t differentiate without looking at them.

Plus, I remember back in my childhood we would say things like ‘push red/green/blue/yellowsince that was even easier to do in clutch situations. So in my experience, different colors are even better than just making 2 buttons concave, that still look exactly the same

I got one guys (UK Nlifer here), have been checking every day for a fortnight and finally saw they were up to buy around midday, got the order in before Nintendo UK sent out their tweet.

Good luck to everyone else, hope they can sort the website and stock issues out quickly 🤔!

Looks like the UK sites is getting hammered and is constantly down now. But either Nintendo UK will not ship to USA or NA. I tried in the past games and they already deny when you list your USA or NA address.

It’s not just the UK site. .De and .Fr too, but shop only, other pages are working fine, even in the UK site. I’ve tried other store page (NES controller) and the same loading screen of death happened.

I went to purchase one just after 12pm, and as I checked out it said my payment couldn’t be completed. I checked my bank account and I’ve been charged 3 times and I’ve had no confirmation email, it’s an absolute utter shambles!

@Jokerwolf Why would I need a copied SNES pad with analog sticks, when I could just use my Pro Controller? You make no sense. And I’m pretty sure Nintendo quality is not inferior to some not even 10 year old company

@tweekz287 There is an SN30 that is identical with no analogues.. Also Joycon drift says hello. To each their own though.

I can’t even get to make an order. Am doubtful I’ll get one now, hopefully they’ll make plenty so I can get one at a later point. For now I’ll use my 8 Bit Do controller as that’s decent.

@Jokerwolf Still makes no sense. Why buy a copy when I can get the original, especially since its identical and doesn’t have to connect through a dongle?

@tweekz287 8bitdo controllers connect directly to the switch with no dongle and all other devices with Bluetooth, the 8bitdo dongle lets you connect other controllers to the Switch though which is what you are probably thinking about.

No one is knocking you, I get wanting official but all that some of us are saying is the quality of the 8bitdo controllers is on par with what Nintendo offers but with more usability than just with the switch.

@New_Guest Other games too, as long as they use the dpad for movement. So if you planned to play Link’s Awakening with it, you’re out of luck

@Monkeido Managed to get mine at about 3.55pm, after several minutes of the spinning wheel and the product screen without the button to put them in the shopping cart. Guess I got lucky!

@Paperboy I sort of managed to get mine, but got an error after coming back from the payment website.. so now I’m not sure. >,<

No wonder their shop is actually run by someone else (The Hut), when they can’t even handle selling only one accessory.
Still trying and getting weird failures

If someone could get me one and I’ll transfer the money? I’ve been trying since 2pm and can’t get the page to load right

I’ve been trying all day, but no Joy.
I guess they are Computer User Non……..
Edit: I finally got through

@Jokerwolf Honestly, the 8bitdo pro pad + is better than the switch pro controller hands down. I can actually play with the dpad on that controller. I get why people want 1st part, but 8bitdo’s offerings right now are superior than Nintendo.

@Chunkboi79 I couldn’t agree more. I used my yellow SN30 pretty much all the time on my play through of Links Awakening and it worked flawlessly.

There’s not even a buy now button. When oh when will we be able to order these things?

I eventually was able to place my order through the site.It’s a really badly made site though, the payment details section doesn’t display correctly in Firefox and makes it difficult to enter things like the expiry date and security number.And the post-purchase screen has an option to post to social media your excitement for purchasing a product, but the dropdown menu of items has broken values, like the beginnings of sentences are cut off.

Just managed to order mine now kept checking last night but it wasn’t working but it is now

Finally got hold of one before 7am this morningglad they didn’t run out while the technical issues were happening!

Couldn’t get one yesterday; forgot about it early this morning and then tried at 9AM when arrived at work for it to tell me I was ineligible to buy (despite being a member). Now that text is gone but no option to buy meaning either still technically down or out of stock.

Sigh, I love you Nintendo but your understanding of the internet and such is equivalent to a duck’s knowledge of laying patios.

@Chunkboi79 I agree, and this thing is restricted to Switch only as far as I can tell.

@Jokerwolf @acridskull Same. I’ve had the 8bitdo NES30 Pro since launch (which I use on the SNES mini) and just ordered their new pro controller.

I thought the Nintendo Online service was utter trash? Now apparently it is so great the thing to complain about is the controller stock. It takes effort keeping up with the complaint-flavor of the day.

If you have a Nintendo Online account then why on earth are you not allowed the ability to purchase these damn controllers? Even limit them to 2 per customer, rather than 4, if stock is an issue. I purchased one just after midday on Monday but I was told my payment was unsuccessful, I checked my bank account and I’ve been charged 3 times! I received no confIrmation email, so it looks like I won’t get one. I’ve been told that I will receive my money back within 14 business days, but the whole situation regarding these controllers is an utter shambles!

Can’t wait to get my hands on these! I’ve ordered 4 so the spares will make great xmas gifts.

Got my one the next morning.Really should have ordered 4 and then become a massive scalper (joke)

If they had their stuff together I’d have actually purchased it, but now I’ve had time to think about it and I’ll just get an 8bitdo one. “Adding small amount of extra stock”, such bs.

I had one of these in my shopping basket, but balked at the shipping price and decided not to bother. I’ve already got the SNES classic and figured I could just play (any) games and on the go I was unlikely to pack this controller.

1. I was hoping my pets would be all right even though people were going in to check up on them every day.
2. I knew the snes pads would become available whilst being in Berlin.

Well the pets were fine and what happened whilst being on a bus out there? The controllers became available. That night I tried the Nintendo site and it was working, I managed to order two, I wanted to get three but I didn’t know how my finances were looking like, I was so happy but I guess I won’t be totally happy until they get delivered to me. When I got the Nes controller they were delivered by DHL and I had to sign for it, So I am hoping to be in when they arrive. I will use one and one to keep, maybe say in months time when the controllers are available again I might get a couple more. Not to re sell though.

@r1chard Check out the 8bitdoGBrosThis means you can use your mini snes controller on switch

Um, I’d like an apology and assurances that Canada will receive more too. UGH, Nintendo has no problems taking our money but they have no freakinclue we exist.

@Mallow I’ve seen a lot less negativity about it since the SNES app came out, the lack of SNES games was one of the big complaints previously. Of course people are complaining about the controller stock now, it goes hand in hand with the games.

I’m getting so tired of Nintendo’s predictable pattern ofannounce new product with roughly holiday timeline, sell out in 20 minutes, and drag on replacements for months, if ever, because they underestimated demand to the point that their entire projected allotment wasn’t even an hour’s worth of sales……

@Bunkerneath Did you get a dispatch confirmation email? I ordered mine Tuesday morning and had an order confirmation email but not sure if I should expect a dispatch email too

I live in the United States now but I lived in Britain for a few years as a kid, so I’m interested in getting the European version. Anybody in Europe, I’ll trade you one US controller when it goes back in stock. Just let me know of your interest and we’ll work out a swap.

And just so everybody is aware, there are many barriers to get My Nintendo store items from a different region. You have to be subscribed to that particular region’s online Switch service (Nintendo points card of that region would work), you have to have a European address (can be overcome with shipping proxy service), and you have to have that region’s credit card (most difficult barrier since it has to be linked to that region’s bank). So definitely reply to my comment if you want to swap a European controller for an American version (both would be cool to own, with multi-colour buttons the neat thing about European and the concave/convex buttons the neat thing about American).

Did anyone else ordering from the UK (or anywhere else in europe except Germany) get redirected to https://mynintendostore.nintendo.at

I seem to all the time, half the site show the local currency (£) but language is german (since Safari on iOS doesn’t auto translate).

I know HQ is based in Germany but that’s such a odd way to do a website.

Got mine at 3 am when everybody was sleeping. Had no problems at all and received today the confirmation that the controller have been dispatched.

It’s still amazong that Nintendo really does not understand the popularity of their products. Clearly they thought these were a niche that a tiny number of collectors and uber-nerds would be interested in. The fact that they don’t even have stock to fulfill the day-one order demand means they really underestimated. (Like NES Mini all over again.)

Oh, Nintendo… Expected the SNES controllers to be another several-month wait like the NES ones. But no, apparently they actually made them in time this year, and they sell out.

@jswhitfield8 Starting to wonder if the posters even exist myself. Wonder if anyone in the UK got them.

@MrJed just checked the GBros on Amazon, looks great with the added benefit of also being able to use my GameCube controllers. Thanks

@The_Trooper49 I got two order confirmations for some reason. But they both had the same order reference so hopefully they will dispatch soon.

I bought the NES controllers. How about letting me buy at least ONE SNES controller Nintendo.

@Bunkerneath I got 2 confirmations as wellI will try not to get my hopes up too much until it actually arrives.

@r1chard I’ve been using the gbros for 2 weeks. Its great. and it has home and capture button, unlike the Nintendo ones!

@r1chard Top tip for gbros. If you press the start and select button at the same time, it brings up the in app menu, (lets you load save, return to game selection) press and hold start and select brings up the rewind menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu_JvQRALbQ

Anyone got their hands on one yet? I ordered last week and still no dispatch confirmation

Managed to get one last week on the 1st of October but still not had anything to say it’s been despatched I assumed paying £8.90 for delivery it was gonna be next day or whatever what exactly is the massive delivery charge about

I’m still undecided between getting one of these and the new 8bitdo sf30 pro plus. Does anyone have experience with both their pads? I need a good controller for classic and platformer games because the pro controller just doesn’t do it for me.

£8.90?!?!?! 🤯 I duly allow Nintendo to take me for a mug, but I draw a line at obscene shipping costs. And honestly Nintendo have so much money they could subsidise that charge on such a limited quantity item.

The shopping price is absolutely terrible but I guess it is coming from Germany. I also had a £5 voucher for the store so that sort of made it better!

Europe have always limited quantities when it comes to gaming. It’s like very little interest in gaming. I never understood why Europe got ignored most of the time when it came to USA games they had more than half from JP alreadywhile Europe with a bit luck very well known games came to Europe. Now seeing this reminds me again it’s like Europe people aren’t really buying that much.. The sales says enough i guessor keep doing what they did with europe in the pastto ignore or because they are to lazy to translate to certain languageswell their loss. I’m not buying a single one of it just because of this

ah man, I bought oneI didn’t need toand shouldn’t haveand that postage yikes

Just got home from work, tried to buy one andshock horrorthey are sold out again.

Bought 2 and they arrived today! Unfortunately I already finished Zelda amd my wife doesn’t like the old multi-player titlesHope Nintendo will add new titles, soon (Chrono Trigger, I’m looking at you!!)

@Alucard83 that’s a funny logicComplaining, but on the other refusing to buy. I guess it’s a vicious cycle, then. To be fair, for some games Nintendo treated Europe quite good recently, e.g. Links Awakening limited edition.

Ordered one from the German site. Whilst there I found a neat SNES controller keyring which was also ordered

Oh dear not in stock until 2020 according to the U.K site. Not good Nintendo, not good.

@tweekz287 8bitdo controllers are better than Nintendo, in my experience. They’re extremely high quality and play wonderfully. They are not inferior in any way. Don’t go thinking they’re equal to Mad Catz’s inferior offerings.

I got mine last week or so and it’s great. So much better and more useful than the nes controller. More games use it. Needs a home button.

Anyone wanna trade a US version for an EU version?I’m in Canada and have the US purple one.

8bitdo ones are better and work with like everything, they even have lower latency that Nintendo’s official ones lol. hey are cool as a collector item but 8bitdo just does it better.

Always preferred this one to the SNES design we got in North America. Too bad we couldn’t order these in Canada. Oh well, I did get the North American SNES Switch Online controller when it went back on sale a couple weeks ago so at least I have it. Good luck for everyone who wants this, hope you get it! It feels great in the hand and playing SNES Switch Online games with it just feels right!

I finally got to order a couple of these, I tried earlier today to buy from my phone and the site told me I was not a qualified Online user? (strange)

I got home from work and ordered straight away, I got a confirmation email so all is good for now.

Yay!!!! Finally! o /I like the NES controller too. I don’t care about 8-bit do, i want the originals! It is still awailable guys, if you want to purchase.

Ordered one! Then I got a mail that DPD is delivering it! NoooooooThey are the worst delivery service in the world… So, not sure if I will ever get them.

@Cyrax77might I ask: when did you order yours? I ordered mine last Monday (9th March), but have still to receive any email as to shipping. It might be that Nintendo Europe is dispatching them in bulk batches (which would make sense). But it would be useful to know how quickly you got the DPD confirmation from Nintendo. Did you have to wait a while after first ordering it? Any feedback would be most appreciated. If my order has been forgotten, I’ll prod them with an email. Best, Lee

I got an e-mail from Nintendo the same day (friday the 6th) I ordered it and recieved it last friday. Ordered another one this friday but no sent e-mail from Nintendo yet. Did they charge your creditcard?

@Cyrax77many thanks for the response; it’s appreciated. Yes, they’ve charged my credit card. Your not having received a dispatch email for your second purchase kinda makes sense; that is, if they’re sending them out in batches. My purchaseand your second purchasewill be in the same batch, it sounds like. They allude to batch dispatch on the order page, where they give a broad dispatch window period (that I see has now changed since last week, when we both ordered). My guess: each week they send out a batch, to save costs

Either way, I’ve dropped them an emailand I’ll let you know when I hear back

Again, thanks for the response Cyrax. I hope you’re enjoying your first order! Are you happy with the controller? It sounds like you are, if you’re re-ordering! Remember, the NES controllers are going half-price! I also ordered a set of those, albeit I’ll hardly use themso it was probably a moment of madness, from a guy that’s now way overspent!

Yes, that makes sense, I appreciate it heaps if you would let me know their reponse!

No problem mate! Yes, the contoller is awesome. I ordered another one. I like how it feels just like back in the day, but now without a wire! I do miss the home button outside the NES/SNES app a bit. That’s a weird choice from Nintendo.

I like the 8Bitdo SN30 pro controller also, it looks like the SNES controller and has thumbsticks, a seperate homebutton/picturebutton and better L2 and R2 buttons. Great to have also.

The NES controllers don’t do it for me because they only charge when attached to the Switch. That’s not really my cup of tea. But I really had to do my best to resist them. Especially with that new pricetag

Aw, that’s good to hear that you too lived through the SNES years, Cyrax. It makes me feel less ancient! I recall a friend and I walking 5 miles to an electronic store (‘Comet’!) just to get a shot of the Streetfighter 2 setup they had, and gawp at the Super Mario World home screen!

My father wouldn’t allow me to get a games console as a child, not just because we were poor (which we were) but because he refused to see the item through the eyes of a kid. He was just plain mean. Of course nowas an adultI’ve overcompensated, and bought each console since the Wiispending a small fortune on Nintendo special editions et. al. too. I’ve played through all those games I missed as a kid. My peak experience was Super Mario Bros 3. But I’m rambling now – sorry!

I’ll absolutely let you know just as soon as I hear back from Nintendo Europe. I got an automated response which indicated that might take up to 3 days, but I suspect I’ll hear sooner

You made the right call as to the NES controllers. I got caught up in the moment as to the SNES availability, and ordered the NES ones toojust for the hell of it. It was a mistake, and they’ll likely just sit in the box!

@Cyrax77 – PS: How do you quit the SNES app., given there’s no home button?! I take it that means you need to use the SNES controller in concert with the joycons/pro controller, in order to get to the home screen and/or turn the Switch off? Lee

I grew up with Nintendo (Atari tbh), but I never owned a SNES myself. We didn’t have the money those days. But a couple of my friends had parents that did have that kind of money, so I was there like… You know… Six days a week hahahaha. I did have a NES and I loved SMB3 and Turtles!

Inside the NES/SNES app you can go to the homemenu with R2. But outside that app. From the homemenu you can shut down the Switch. Outside those apps, you either need to walk to your console or keep another Switch contoller with you to quit the game of shut down the console when your playing a game.

We’ve similar stories, lol. A kid that I hardly knew became our most favourite person for a while: bucket loads of us used to turn up at his house to play his SNES, endlessly waiting for our turn! His parents must have seen right through us, but they were kind and caring. They were middle-class folks who likely felt bad for the less well-off kids that wanted a shot on some toy they’d bought their child. They gave us biscuits and juice too!

Thanks for the info. as to getting out of the NES/SNES games, and the respective App. It’s good to know that one can quit the apps and actually turn off the Switch using the SNES controller. Yet it’s bizarre that they didn’t provide for a discrete home buttonor support a ‘hold-downbutton combinationto cater for games played outwith their NES/SNES apps

@Cyrax77I’ve received confirmation that my controllers are being dispatched, albeit my address is showing with gaps! Something to do with the original address input field being in US format, I reckon’. My original confirmation email correctly stated my address (as does the sales invoice), so I’ve pointed that out to themseeking a guarantee that this is going to be fixed! Given the state of play in the world I just threw my hands up and laughed!

Hopefully you too will have received your dispatch confirmation, but with your address correctly stated (you’ve already bought from them, so you’ll be fine)

I’ve received the same confirmation today. Not able to track them yet, but that takes a while. Haha, yes, they sure can find my adres

Good to hear that yours are going to be dispatched and I hope your adress won’t cause to many troubles!

Note: I went on to DPD to double-check the delivery address (their ‘Track’ function), and it was only partially stated. I therefore selected ‘Deliver to neighbourand chose myself as the neighbour. Such is the result of the US data fields Nintendo used at the address input stage. I live in a flat, and a good chunk of info. was missing. My point: double-check to make sure your delivery address is stated correctly, and – if not – it can be changed using the ‘Deliver to neighbourmethod. I know they know you, Cyrax ;0)

Take care of yourselves, both. I’m sure the last week has put many things in perspective for us all

@everygrainofsand Did you get your controller? mine have been sent back to Nintendo and they have issued a full refund.

@Cyrax77 Did you get your controllers, mine have been sent back to Nintendo and they have issued a full refund.

I haven’t got it. I have not yet gotten a reaction or refund. They said it was sent to DPD, but the tracking still gives nothing. I contacted Nintendo, and they are going to look into it. But I think I won’t get it either…

Great man. Happy for you. As mentioned before. I didn´t get it. And I probably won´t get it.

@Cyrax77 I received an email saying that I will receive a refund within 5 days. I hope you get the same.

Ordered two first time round. Barely used them but been playing original mario kart this week and this has motivated me to use the right controller now

Never got my controller and got a refund like 3 weeks ago. It took them a while I guess.

It didn’t stop me to order again this time. I like living on the edge you knowTaking risks, isn’t that what it is all about in life? And ordering this controller from the Nintendo shop is one of those risks….. Let us pray that I will get one this time and that it works as it should..

Standard Nintendo, intentionally create scarcity to create buzz, increase demand because of FOMO and in the end earn more money

They have suddenly said that they cannot deliver to Guernsey, even though they have before. It’s crap

I don’t understand why they won’t sell there in stores, bundled with a one year subscription. Cost me a fortune to import these last time aroundpaid almost twice the price of the Switch Pro Controller.

Even if I wanted one, I refuse to pay a 3rd of the cost of the product for shipping.

Ordered. Skipped the NES ones until they come back on offer at half price, but been after this for a while. The address input system on that site is shocking. Hopefully no issues with delivery, but reading the comments above suggests this is more of a gamble than it should be.

@JohnnyC Right!? I just put my house number in twice in the end. The whole process makes no sense. I managed to order one SNES pad, but now it says that I can’t order either the SNES or NES set because I don’t have an online membership, even though I clearly do as I literally ordered one 10 minutes ago. Bizarre.

@JohnnyC I am in the uk and ordered two of these when they first came out, they got delivered fine in just a few days. I also think they are great, nice quality and a pretty authentic feel.

This is a must if you play Super Mario Maker 2, nothing else has a good enough d-pad (and that includes the 8-bit do as well). Well actually, the Switch NES d-pad is really good also but it doesn’t have enough buttons.

on a serious note, I cant justify these as I already have 3 sets of joy cons, a pro controller, hori xl pads, 2 wired controllers and 8bitdo adapter for my wiiu controllers and more.

Nintendo are soconfusing sometimes. What is there obsession with this fake anti-consumer ‘limited time’ rubbish. It’s weird. They do it ALL the time but never get called out on it. It’s weird.

well i bought the nes controllers and despite ordering on swiss nintendo got hit with tax on them. and to be honest they still in the box in the drawer.

It’s a shame that you can only pay by credit card. Would have been my first order in the Nintendo Store Germany. But now I at least know that I will never be allowed to shop in the Nintendo Store in the future. Because Nintendo deliberately excludes half of the population. Credit cards are not nearly as common here as in the USA. it’s a shame that Nintendo wants to make less sales with the store.

I have my NA purple one, but would love one with coloured buttons. Anyone wanna trade or sell theirs hit me up.

Plus, way too expensive knowing that i have to deal with rom/emulation input lag when playing SNES games on Nintendo Online. I’m still tempted to get one of these but isn’t it only limited to what’s avaliable on the Nintendo Online SNES selection?

@Wavey84 No, it can be used with other games. I use it for Street Fighter 2 Ultimate.

@Clyde_Radcliffe ahh ic, yeah i might as well grab one at some point, along with the Switch NES controller. it doesn’t feel right playing these games with the Joycones or even a Pro Controller.

I’m happy with my SN30 Pro+. On top of having analogue sticks, it can be used on PC, and has software that lets you customize the controller.

Nintendo Reveals Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, A New Zelda Set 100 Years Before Breath Of The Wild

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/09/nintendo_switch_snes_controllers_are_back_in_stock_in_limited_quantity_europe

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES Classic Edition, Game controller

World news – THAT – Nintendo Switch SNES Controllers Are Back In Stock In “Limited Quantity” (Europe)

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