If you haven’t tried out Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch yet, next week is the perfect chance. Just like Japan, Nintendo will be offering a trial to Switch Online subscribers here in the west. It allows you to try out the full game from 13th – 20th October.

There’s no word on a sale just yet (like in Japan), but you will be able to transfer your save data from the trial to the full game. The download for the trial is available now, so you can pre-install and be ready to go when it goes live.

Back when we reviewed Overwatch, we awarded it seven out of ten stars and said it was at its best in handheld mode:

If you intend on playing it plenty when undocked, we can’t recommend it enough, but if you intend on mostly playing on the TV, consider first buying it elsewhere.

Nintendo previously held a trial for Pokkén Tournament DX. Would you like to see more trials made available to NSO subscribers? Will you be downloading Overwatch and trying it out? Tell us down below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

I have this on ps4 I’m going to buy it on the switch idk when but I will, this is the perfect time to get some progress on it for when I do buy it.

My favorite game on Switch hands down. Only downside is, that they nailed the controls so much, that I am not be able to play other shooters since.

Besides being bug free it has nothing on paladins. Paladins is a dumpster fire but atleast it isnt boring

@Coach_A im telling you paladins would be such a great game if it wasnt so bleedin awful. Still play it though

As if I’d touch anything made by that China-shilling company. It’s a shame they sunk that low, but I refuse to support a company that caters to a country as corrupt as that one, in such a disgusting way.

@Yanina Does it have gyro-aiming? If so, I’ll be giving this a good go during the trial

Haha, what kind of sentence is that? Plus, Overwatch is the entire reason Paladins exists. Overwatch is better in every way. Paladins isn’t too shabby for a free-to-play but again it exists because of Overwatch, period. @Casperfour

My point is paladins is a great game marred by glitches and mismanagement, but it is a great game mechanically . A game you love to hate. Overwatch is nothing to me, i picked it up and put it right down. Though honestly i hear you attach to whichever you try first

I like the game, but multiplayer games just don’t really hold my interest for very long anymore. I want that single player story based Overwatch game to actually happen. Or a full anime series to be made. Overwatch is a world I want to know more about, I honestly like the flavor more than the game itself.

@Heavyarms55 I am deep in the lore and even read the recently released novel. I like the characters, but there is no denying that they are really tailored to check all the boxes. And at first look they are all really generic in terms of design and personality.

I bought this game on the day of release on the Switch. Haven’t played it since then. This would have been handy

Kinda iffy on anything from blizzard after that whole China incidentBut I’ve always wanted to try this. Hmm.

I’ve put hundreds of hours into Overwatch on the PC. It is a great, great game.

I haven’t made a conscious decision not to play. I’ve played it with friends and things. But when I go to it solo, I just get a feeling in my gut and stop myself as I have plenty other games that aren’t soured by the company’s actions.

Probably my most played game on PS4 apart from Rocket League. Was interested to see how it felt on Switch so will be in this weekend to see.

If you’re in the UK, CDKeys is a great place to pick up a key for the digital version. It’s £18.99 at the moment, but it’s recently been as low as £12.49. https://www.cdkeys.com/overwatch-legendary-edition-switch-cd-key

@Joriss Controls are good, the gyro aiming is so seamless you don’t even realise you’re using it to perfect your shot, it’s just natural. I guess the only downside to the controls is there’s that many characters you have to get used to what button does what for each character’s abilities (apart from right trigger for the main weapon).Online works fine, don’t notice any lag or anything like that.

Been meaning to try this for ages, this looks like a good opportunity to do so.

But it’s like, I’d have to play a multiplayer. And a shooter at that. Sorry man, not gonna happen.

I don’t like Blizzard as a company, So I am going to download Paladins next week instead of Overwatch as a joke.

Just a friendly reminder that Overwatch is a 12.1 GB download . Hope you have room on your Switch.

@Casperfour I mean at least it has an actual community(no matter how toxic they may be)@Heavyarms55 OW2 is probably going to come around Blizzcon(spring) next year, you can play it single player(if you want to) and its PVE with all characters getting six unique abilities added on to their kits(PVE only) also they’re giving zenyatta lore, you should get it when it comes out.

I think it’s really cool that they’re doing Game Trials for 3rd party games now! I wonder what game will be next!

I disagree with the review. It’s a great game in handheld or docked. My sons and I are still playing this game. We’re looking forward to the Halloween Terror event kicking off probably next Tuesday. Also, the game has been tweaked by the devs for the past two years to the point that I feel the game is really shinning now. If you like this kind of game, I strongly recommend it.

I would love this! I’ve watched all the character intro shorts over and over again. The comics aren’t too bad but they’re short.

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/10/nintendo_extends_overwatch_game_trial_offer_to_switch_online_members_in_the_west

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World news – THAT – Nintendo Extends Overwatch Game Trial Offer To Switch Online Members In The West

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