Therefore, you got a good deal on the Plex Pass lifetime subscription and want to create your own media server at home, but where on earth do you go next? The next task is to buy a network storage enclosure (NAS), which is basically a small computer that does not run Windows 10

This machine can be connected by your laptop, desktop computer, phone, tablet or other device that can connect to the net and use a browser Setting up and running Plex on the NAS box is just server use You can use it as file storage and cloud platform to replace OneDrive or another service or even connect some security cameras and manage recordings

Since I hope you bought this Plex Pass, it's time to set up your own home media server that will store photos, shows, movies and many other digestible content that can be streamed to any device. want in the house (as long as it supports Plex) NAS enclosures are versatile, but can cost 1000 $ and more You can buy the wrong NAS for your needs

There are several vendors who produce NAS enclosure catalogs at different price points Although this means there are many enclosures to choose from, it's easy to get lost in the sea of ​​choice We're here to help you make the right decision for Cyber ​​Monday

This QNAP NAS has a lot to do, including four drive bays, un Intel Celeron J4125 quad-core 2Processeur 0 GHz, two 2Ports LAN 5 Go, two USB ports 32 Gen 1 and three USB 20 port If you want to run your own file server or manage a Plex media server, this is a great box Don't forget to apply coupon code 23BKFCYMB69 when ordering

Choosing the best NAS for Plex involves a few factors, including the price, processor and number of drive bays The better the processor, the more expensive the box generally becomes More advanced features such as networking 10 Gb Can Also Drive Prices Up We've rounded up some of the best NAS boxes on sale for Cyber ​​Monday

The Best Home NAS Starts As The Most Affordable NAS You Can Buy The Most Economical Enclosures Are Nothing Special, but allow you to configure everything to your liking and have a working NAS More expensive NAS options come here with faster processors, more RAM and drive bays Remember to apply the coupon!

This QNAP NAS has a lot to do, including four drive bays, un Intel Celeron J4125 quad-core 2Processeur 0 GHz, two 2Ports LAN 5 Go, two USB ports 32 Gen 1 and three USB 20 port If you want to run your own file server or manage a Plex media server, this is a great box Don't forget to apply coupon code 23BKFCYMB69 when ordering

This two-bay NAS enclosure accommodates two 35 inch or 2 SATA drives 5 inches, two 2 Ethernet ports 5 Gbit / s for fast transfers and a quad-core processor associated with 4 GB of RAM for smooth performance

Western Digital's My Cloud EX4100 is a more serious box for adding your own hard drives and running an operating system just like you would with Synology, QNAP or other provider There is Twonky DLNA certification for media server and iTunes support, double USB 30 ports on the back alongside two LAN ports 1 Go, and everything is powered by WD's My Cloud operating system The price can be steep, but you get 32 TB of WD NAS drives preinstalled so you don't have to purchase drives separately Remember to apply discount code 23BKFCYMB75 at checkout

It’s not a huge reduction, but the ASUSTOR AS5202T is a great NAS for the total price, so save 5 $ can go to anything else you need Inside, you will find two drive bays, un Intel Celeron J4005 dual-core 2Processeur 0 GHz and 2 GB RAM ASUSTOR provides plenty of USB ports and two 2LANs 5 Gb for fast network speeds Remember to apply the discount code 23BKFCYMB65 when checking out

Best part of saving money on a NAS like the WD 40 To My Cloud PR4100 Pro is that they already come with hard drives, which means you save not only on the case, but also on the storage medium. This box is good enough for transcoding, which makes it a good match for Plex This is due to the server having an Intel Pentium N3710 quad-core 1Processor 6 GHz with 4 GB DDR3L RAM Do not forget the coupon code: 23BKFCYMB73

Although you can save money and get the cheapest NAS enclosure available, this may not be the best solution for your needs This is why we strive to try to recommend the right deals to you We want you to spend wisely and truly appreciate the technology you buy and enjoy it. see your life and that of those around you improve.

If a NAS has a steep price drop but we don't think it's worth your money even when it's on sale, we won't recommend it.It's important to decide what you want to use the NAS box for If you aren't comfortable paying for a more expensive NAS at full price, there is no reason you should pay a similar amount for a low cost NAS.

NAS enclosures are generally offered at a reasonable price, depending on processor, drive bays and other specs But when we take advantage of big events like Cyber ​​Monday, retailers will use all kinds of tactics to make you think a deal is better than it is. Beware of prices that are inflated to appear as offers We use tools like CamelCamelCamel which help us find great deals, and you should also use it

Choosing the best NAS for Plex is a bit trickier than just choosing the best NAS overall because the processor becomes much more important, otherwise the most important deciding factor If you plan to store and stream 4K content, you will need to make sure that your destination devices (TV, consoles, PC, etc.) supports the same format your media is saved in Otherwise, the NAS will have to transcode it, which requires considerable performance These NAS will be able to handle 4K transcoding

You can install old desktop hard drives in a NAS enclosure and call it a day, but it wouldn't work well The hard drives used in desktops just aren't designed to run continuously and be hammered by countless users It could work, but you will likely encounter reliability issues

Hard drives designed specifically for NAS come with advanced features, what is reflected in the price These drives come with advanced features such as vibration protection and better components capable of supporting large amounts of data being read and written. As is Cyber ​​Monday, you can find some of these discs on sale now, like the enormous Seagate IronWolf from 6 To pour 156 $ There are still more advanced NAS drives, like Western Digital Red Pro series, which cost more but come with faster motors and additional features

Seagate's line of IronWolf Pro SSDs are blazingly fast compared to mechanical NAS drives. 480 GB can achieve data transfer rates of up to 545 Mo / s It is also quiet and there are no moving parts The only downsides are the price and lack of capacity

The Western Digital Red Pro series includes rocker motors with 7200 tr / min for faster data transfer speeds and is available in capacities ranging from 2 To à 14 To with support up to 24 berries

Toshiba's line of NAS drives are expensive but well worth the investment These drives are designed with NAS in mind and are great for 24/7 They have a reliability rating of 180 To per year and sports engines 7200 tr / min If you want among the best records, this is one of them

Seagate IronWolf is one of our favorite NAS drive lines, with engines at 5600 tr / min slightly slower, but comes with 256 MB cache and is designed to run continuously They are also quite affordable, with this hard drive 6 To à 156 $

The IronWolf Pro series is similar to Western Digital's offering in that you get faster drives with better NAS deployment support.You'll be able to throw several of these drives into an enclosure and wait for it to drop. 'excellent performance

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News – US – Here are the NAS to buy for Plex this Cyber ​​Monday
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You bought a Plex Pass on Cyber ​​Monday? Here is & # 39; s the NAS you should buy
– The The Lifetime Plex Pass costs only 70 $ for Cyber ​​Monday – but you must act now !
Save 50 $ on Plex Lifetime Subscription& # 39; is perfect deal for media pigs


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