With Pyra & Mythra now available in the Challenger Pack 9, there are only two characters left from the Fighters Pass Vol 2 which have not yet been revealed and published yet, it is not known if there will be a Fighters Pass Flight 3 or any additional content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a result of the release of these last two fighters From what Masahiro Sakurai has said on the subject in the past, it doesn't seem very likely at first glance

However, fans recently discovered something interesting on Nintendo's Australian website that suggests there is some sort of content coming after Challenger Pack 11, the latest DLC package for Fighters Pass Vol 2 PapaGenos recently posted a video that covers the details of this rumor., based on the discovery made by RiuBert in a Reddit thread

By replacing the last five digits of the numeric part of the URL – “700500000xxxxx” – by “08502”, users can find themselves on the Joker Challenger Pack page., while typing 08503, 08504, 08505 and 08506 in the url, the user will access the Hero Challenger Pack pages respectively, Banjo & Kazooie Challenger Pack, Terry Bogard Challenger Pack et Byleth Challenger Pack.

All content for the first Fighters Pass is ordered from the site like this It should also be mentioned that the Piranha Plant and Rex Mii Costume pages are set respectively on 08501 and 08507.

Likewise, Fighters Pass Vol 2 characters can be found using this method Min Min is 18967, Steve is 18968, Sephiroth is 18969 and Pyra & Mythra is 18970 The Challenger Pack 10 and the Challenger Pack 11 are listed as 18971 and 18972, but details on the identity of these characters cannot yet be found on the website.

Just like with the Rex Mii costume, the bonus content that accompanies the acquisition of the Fighters Pass Flight 2, the Ancient Helm costume set & Gear Mii the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is listed after the Fighters Pass Flight 2 challengers What's remarkable here, that is, the numeric part of the URL is listed as “70050000018974” no “70050000018973”Indeed, there is a gap between the Fighters Pass Flight 2 Ancient Helmet Gear Mii characters and costume set & bonus

Although some think it could be some sort of “bonus character” for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (something similar to the Piranha factory), it could also be another Mii costume, or even nothing at all

It should be mentioned that the Mii costumes which are part of the Mii costume waves 1-9 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate are listed separately from the contents of the First Fighters Pass and Fighters Pass Vol 2

Nintendo has a history of unannounced content leaking for Super Smash Bros Ultimate like this in the past We have been able to learn that Smash Ultimate will receive Castlevania content in the base game and an SNK rep for Challenger Pack 4 because of this.

However, If we take Masahiro Sakurai's words literally, so it would be best not to expect additional DLC after the completion of the Fighters Pass Vol 2

Masahiro Sakurai has repeatedly stated that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC development will end following the release of Fighters Pass content. 2 “There are only five other DLC fighters”, Sakurai said in a Famitsu column published in July 2020 that followed Min Min's unveiling “After their release, Smash's continued development for 3DS and Wii U will finally come to an end”

This was apparently reaffirmed during the “Mr Sakurai presents Pyra & Mythra “video presentation that preceded the launch of the Challenger Pack 9 “Only two DLC fighters left”, said Sakurai “This means that there are only two ways to show you videos like this”

For the moment, the safest route would be to simply take this rumor with a grain of salt Much more content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is in the realm of possibility given the sales of the game., it is important to temper expectations in case nothing is actually planned

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News – US – Rumor: Nintendo's website may refer to the existence of the Challenger Pack 12 after the Fighters Pass Flight 2 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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Rumor: Nintendo's website may refer to the existence of the Challenger Pack 12 after the Fighters Pass Flight 2 for
Masahiro Sakurai Parody Account Shut Down

Source: https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2021/apr/03/rumor-nintendo-website-challenger12-ssbu/

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