Super Smash Bros Melee pro Joseph “Mang0” Marquez was banned from Twitch for three days for sexual content Not that Mang0 agrees with Twitch's decision

Although an official reason for the ban has not been revealed, the Smash community thinks it's from a moment on Mang0 Moves where the competitive player stumbles an anime figure Going Red with Laughing, Mang0 throws the anime figure to the side after

VOD was removed shortly after Then, Mang0 has been banned, which means that this is probably the reason Twitch's Terms of Service do not allow the “sexual content”, which includes humping and other suggestive gestures

Even though the Smash community rolled their eyes at Twitch's decision and found it insulting that Mang0 was banned for the same amount of time as the female streamer who bent down and showed her whole body, it seems that Twitch was not alone in his reaction to the figure of Mang0

“Someone has sent a professional email to my email address saying they don't want to work with me anymore given the circumstances Just a stupid sexy drunk fuck now “, Mang0 tweeted shortly thereafter

Although the statue's waterfall may have cost Mang0 moolahs and business opportunities, he will be allowed to return to Twitch on April 1.

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News – United States – Mang0 gets three-day Twitch ban for drinking anime figure


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