Sony a publié une mise à jour du contrôleur DualSense de la PlayStation 5 this week, and reports say it has improved the rumble effect for PlayStation backward compatibility 4 Games

The DualSense update, released alongside the big PS5 firmware update that finally lets you move games to USB storage, does not contain official patch notes, leaving it up to the players to determine what has changed.

Reports indicate that the DualSense's vibration is now more pronounced when playing PS4 games Since the PS5 released in November, it felt like the vibration of the DualSense when playing PS4 games was low compared to what it felt when playing PS4 games on a real PS4. Obviously, the rumble created by the DualSense, which uses haptic feedback technology, is different from the rumble created by the motors of the DualShock 4.

It seems that now, after update, the feedback you get from the DualSense more closely mimics the feel of DualShock's rumble 4 – when you play PS4 games, that is to say

“In games like Rocket League and God of War, it made a valuable difference”, said editor TJangoRechained.

“After playing backward compatible games for five months, this is something I noticed right away I don’t understand why it wasn’t mentioned in their notes like everything else Maybe they plan to perfect it even more over time”

“I've been playing Ratchet and Clank on PS4 for the past few days and haven't gotten a lot of feedback”, said _Shad0wo3 “I tried it today, after update, and the controller was very responsive”

I don't know why Sony wouldn't announce such a change It looks like it would be welcomed! But Sony has never been one to smear the dirt with its patch notes, thus leaving a lot to the community to fend for themselves.

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News – United States – PS5 owners report DualSense now does a better job of recreating the PS4 rumble for fellow Games
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PS5 owners report that DualSense now does a better job of recreating the PS4 rumble for backward compatibility games
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