Our older readers undoubtedly had a poster on the bedroom or garage wall; for the youngest, l’affiche a été remplacée par un fond d’écran de bureau ou de smartphone, sans parler des modèles réduits de voitures de tous âges ont tendance à collectionner

The point is, supercars are important: for those who have the chance to offer them, they offer the ultimate driving experience, but even for those of us who cannot introduce new technologies, pushing the boundaries of engineering and inspiring the next generation

However, select the 100 best supercars of all time is no easy task, believe me first, you need to define what is a supercar Are front engine cars allowed? Is there a certain performance threshold? What about production figures?

Ultimately, it was more than «to sense» – ???? you just know a supercar when you see one

That being settled, we had to find 100 supercars, which is harder than you might think We sent our nets and scoured the deepest depths of the automotive ocean in an attempt to uncover every possible car.

We start today by counting the 100-51 best, but come back tomorrow to see the 50-1 remaining!

For the purposes of this list, the era of supercars begins with the Miura in 1966 (with one exception) and continues to the present day The cars that are still in development have been omitted because there is not enough information available to classify them precisely

For any new supercar builder that's making waves, it is important to offer something new The deviation of the Covini C6W from the norm is quite obvious, but there is a good reason why the vast majority of cars built in 135 last years have had four wheels, not six First shown publicly in 2004, the C6W apparently entered production in 2010, but it is not known if any cars were actually made

Monteverdi made cool cars (watch the High Speed ​​375/4) and the strangely named Hai had the potential to become another. He was fueled by a 7 Mid-mounted 0 liter Hemi V8 paired with a five-speed gearbox, but only two were built and the massive engine didn't do much for handling

The M12 should have been a success: a body designed by Peter Stevens, a Lamborghini V12 and Diablo foundations, but the whole thing was a farce Only 14 production cars were built, all of terrible quality The story has a happy ending, however, the M12 debacle forcing parent company Megatech to sell Lamborghini to Audi in 1998

Open-top Callaway Speedster is rare to start with, but only two of the models “ LM ” reconstituted were built, using the iconic Callaway Sledgehammer engine at 410 km / h!

For decades, the Bulldog was the fastest Aston ever built, the 5V8 biturbo 3 liters propelling it at a verified speed of 309 km / h during the tests In 1981! Unfortunately, Aston’s continuing financial difficulties led to the sale of the only Bulldog in the Middle East, but a British company is now considering a full restoration.

The French company Aixam saw the future there 30 years with the wild Mega Track Long before top-tier SUVs became the norm, this wild off-road supercar paired a Mercedes 6V12 from 0 liter with up to 320 mm of ground clearance and four seats Unfortunately, only a few were made

Why is one of the coolest road racers languishing in 94th place? Because Toyota doesn't like it GT1 regulations required the creation of a road example of the racing car and, like Nissan, this is exactly what Toyota did, claiming that the empty fuel tank qualified as luggage space. Even worse, the GT-One has remained neglected for the past two decades and is apparently incapable of even running

If you're a billionaire and can't find a supercar you love, you can always order yours This was the case with a UAE oil tycoon who gave German engineering firm Lotec five years and 3 $ 4m to create the C1000 A 5 Mercedes twin-turbo V8 6 liters produced 634 kW and the design is pretty well solved, but it’s a very basic deal inside The C1000 first appeared on sale in the United States in 2015

First of a few Brunei specials on this list, six F90s were built by Pininfarina on the Testarossa platforms, the name referring to a “ Ferrari of the years 90 ” Ferrari disagreed, refusing to acknowledge this top secret project for many years Unfortunately, all six still reside in Brunei

At the end of the years 1980, Japan was riding the crest of a wave and Yamaha decided to capitalize on its new F1 engine program by making a 3 A supercar. 5 liters produced 294 kW à 10000 tr / min and the two seats were aligned at the back Then, the Japanese economy fell and the project was canned after only three of the wheeled hammerhead sharks were built.

When you have the resources of the Sultan of Brunei and his infamous brother Jefri, you don’t let a little problem like the lack of an automatic option stop you Pininfarina has been commissioned to redesign the Jaguar XJ220 with a new aero, new headlights and, more radically, a tailor-made semi-automatic gearbox (see number 87)

At the end of the years 1980, Japan was riding the crest of a wave and Yamaha decided to capitalize on its new F1 engine program by making a 3 A supercar. 5 liters produced 294 kW à 10000 tr / min and the two seats were aligned at the back Then, the Japanese economy fell and the project was canned after only three of the wheeled hammerhead sharks were built.

The mega Monte Carlo had everything it took to succeed: a resolute style, a Mercedes V12 from 331 kW with a six-speed manual transmission, carbon brakes and, according to the road tests of the time, a magnificently resolved dynamic Too bad, so, that only a handful has ever been produced

Another special from Brunei, the Ferrari FX was a fascinating project Pininfarina restyled and reconstructed six carbon Ferrari Testarossas and partnered with Prodrive to install a semi-automatic gearbox This blue escaped and now lives in an American museum

Like Toyota, Nissan only built one R390 road car to be race-approved He was apparently happy to build more, but few customers were 1 million US dollars Initially red, the R390 has been reincarnated and repainted in blue Today, it resides in the heritage garage of Nissan Zama, going out for an occasional demonstration

If she had reached production, la TVR Speed ​​12 probably would have been the craziest road car ever Powered by a 7V12 from 7 liters producing at least 600 kW in a body of 1100 kg, the only example was built with a racing hull and parts from different prototypes

Designed by Italian engineering royalty using the carbon chassis and base engine of the Bugatti EB110, the Edonis was like a modern Ferrari F40, the 3V12 biturbo 8 liters sending 500kW / 735Nm at the rear wheels It was clocked at 359 km / h to Nardo during a French magazine test, but only a pair of prototypes were made

Another star of Nardo, the VW W12 concept broke records on the iconic Italian test track After a few show versions, VW got serious by increasing the W12 engine from 56 at 60 liter The 441 following kW propelled the dull black beast to 357 km / h, while a team of pilots covered a record of 7901 km and 24 hours at an average speed of 322.8 km / h Unfortunately, he never made a production

Arash AF8 is very difficult to assess The company has been around for 1999, becoming Arash Motor Company in 2006 His AF8 does not reinvent the wheel, using an LS7 7 proven V8 0 liter and six-speed manual transmission in a tubular steel chassis of 1200 kg with carbon body panels The problem, is that there is very little information available on how many models are built or what they like to drive!

Four Storms were originally built, as well as six other racing cars, who raced in British GT and at Le Mans Which increased our respect for this unusual monster of 330 km / h was the discovery of a new copy for sale in 2018 with 50000 km on the odometer, suggesting a very sorted and usable machine. Ugly but attractive

Created to exploit a regulatory loophole, la duration 962 allowed Porsche to return to the 962 as a GT car at Le Mans, where she finished first and third in the general classification of the 1994 It's total, 13 road cars were built, one recording a top speed of 404 km / h in 1998 A real road racing car

Danish supercar maker Zenvo follows its own path Its TS1 uses a 5 twin supercharged engine from 8 liters, but reviews suggest there are quite a few bugs to iron out, especially with the gearbox, which is a tough sell at 1¤35 m (2 $ Au2m)

Another supercar from an unexpected source, Slovenian Tushek took the powertrain from the Audi B5 RS4 and installed it in a body of 1133 kg so that the performance is lively, handling well sorted and the car finished to a high standard Again, it was the same price as a McLaren 675LT

When the Pantera is good, it's very, very good Find a well built one (or restored) and finely trimmed and you will have a car that looks like, sounds and behaves like a real exotic Panteras could be annoying, however (Elvis shot his), and the Ford engine and high build numbers count against it

Unlike the Dauer, the Schuppan was not just a Porsche 962 with leather seats He used the engine from the race car but installed it in a carbon monocoque with Aussie Mike Simcoe styling Unfortunately, its Japanese support disappeared with the financial crisis and only six were built

Another super concentrated supercar with a famous Australian last name, the Brabham BT62 has the potential to climb much higher in the future It has already proven itself as a surprisingly capable and expensive track toy, but with 70 planned examples and the announcement of a road version, the BT62 has the potential to be something really special And each is built in little old Adelaide

Bristol is a strange car company, so when she created her first new car in 40 years, it was never going to be conventional Take the V10 engine and gearbox of a Dodge Viper, set it up in a slippery body with gullwing doors built using aerospace craftsmanship with an expertly tuned chassis As

If Fisher Price made «My first Ferrari F40», you would probably end up with something like the Venturi 400GT There are a lot of 348 in style and, being french, the engine is a twin-turbo PRV V6 tuned to 300 kW Only 13 road cars were built, but some of the 73 racers have become street cars

Porsche design engineer Eberhard Schulz created the Mercedes CW311 concept car in 1978, but when Mercedes had no interest in putting it into production, Schulz took matters into his own hands and this is how the Imperator was born A trio of V8 Mercs provided the power and 30 cars were built in total

Cramp, loud and unrefined, the Saleen S7 nonetheless offered a real car racing experience And then Saleen added two turbos The result was insane speed, with a 107sec quarter at 230km / h registered, but when we drove him to the United States, it broke down in no time

Seems familiar to you? The Cizeta V16T was what the Lamborghini Diablo was supposed to look like until Chrysler took over Gandini's original design lived in the V16T, partly funded by musician Giorgio Moroder and with a huge 60 liter V16 mounted transversely in the middle Fifteen were built in total

Ascari planned to build 50 KZ1 It is not known how many were actually made, but the car itself was good The engine was a tuned BMW E39 M5 unit and 373 kW was enough for a carbon supercar of 1275 kg Unlike many low volume cars, it was a quality product, but the highlight was the chassis, Written coach: “No Ferrari steering as good as this, no Porsche can match its handling and refinement.”Great praise

Can a car you build yourself qualify as a supercar? When it works so well, you can fit the Ultima with virtually any engine and up to 750 kW, but even the original, with a wicker LS1 V8, could reach 100 km / h in less than four seconds, dive below 12 seconds for the quarter and shoot pretty much everything on Track That might not be super sexy, but little can match the GTR as a road-approved track toy

Before the Pantera, there was the Mangusta and in terms of supercar, there is no competition Mangusta is rare – ???? only 401 were built. and her Giugiaro look is beautiful, with the rear body in the shape of a butterfly Early cars used a Ford 289 high performance before switching to a 302 An underrated classic

Spyker plays the supercar game differently from most He's a lover not a fighter Audi V8 makes him fast, but you better slow down and enjoy the loud noise, the gorgeous interior and the attention of passers-by Later cars have mellowed the ride and added an automatic gearbox that better suits its unmistakable character

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the best Install a flying LS6 V8 in a carbon chassis of 1100 kg and the result is the kind of on-track performance that can embarrass super-exotics for a fraction of the price without scary running costs

At sports 350 was not the best Spirit, but it's really the only one that qualifies for supercar status Only 48 were built and while the arrival of the 3The twin-turbo V8 from 5 liters did not help handling, he propelled the car to 160 km / h in less than 10 seconds Magnesium wheels helped lose 80 kg

Is 50 people will pay more than 1 $5m for a GT-R? That's the question, but the car itself is pretty special The GT-R50 isn't just a quick styling job; the roof is 50 mm lower, power is increased massively and owners can have all the specifications they want thanks to Italdesign. as long as they can pay for it

Few introverts buy supercars, but if they did, the Maserati Bora is made for them Pretty and practical, it lacked the wow factor of the Countach and the sportiness of the Boxer, but countered with a calmer and more classy character, including a 4 sweet V8 7 liters and hydropneumatic technology from Citroën

The 911 Turbo does not meet most of the requirements of a supercar It’s not that rare, it's not made of exotic materials and it looks like “ any other 911 ” for the uninitiated The point is that, when it comes to pushing further, it is often the 911 Turbo hitting the sand against its more exotic competition and this has never been truer than with the last one 992.

The road tests were not particularly flattering for the SSC Aero, but one cannot deny its effectiveness On a very long very straight road in Washington, Chuck Bigelow, 71 years, reached a maximum speed of 41431 km / h and an average round trip of 41228 km / h to make the Aero the fastest car in the world

Originally a rude and capricious device, the Viper slowly transformed into a giant killer at the end of his 26 years of life, able to ride the Nordschleife in just 7:013sec and 11sec quarter mile, not to mention a pair of Targa Tasmania wins The world is a lesser place to start

Drive an i8 and you will realize how special it is Speed ​​is not that impressive, but the driving experience is beautifully resolved. It also deserves credit for pioneering the new wave of hybrid performance cars and its design remains breathtaking.

For the majority, a Lamborghini Huracan would be quite exotic, but a privileged few are happy to donate to Ares Design 700000 $ extra to turn a standard Huracan into a 21st century homage to the De Tomaso Pantera The design is gorgeous and the revisions to the base set make the ride even better

It's retro done right Ford stunned the world by revealing the “ new GT40 ” at the Detroit Auto Show 2002 and when the production version arrived three years later, she had the performance and dynamics to give European exotics a bloody nose, like his predecessor did at Le Mans. 40 years earlier

If you ask most people to describe a supercar, you'll probably end up with something very similar to the Testarossa It's literally the poster child for cars for years 1980 and only improved as it progressed towards 512 (TR then M)

Without doubt the first “ supercar sensible ”, the development and production of the M1 was a debacle, but the car itself was a triumph, offering an experience far beyond its relatively modest specifications (even for the time). Only 399 road cars have been built and they will cost you a lot of money

Having made its name by granting Porsches to absurd powers, german tuner 9ff created his own car, the GT9 This 911 Frankenstein struggled to get off the line but sped up 160 at 320 km / h 25 seconds faster than the Bugatti Veyron Cripes

Silly name, face that only a mother could love, but performance to make your eyeballs pop The Apollo was designed to go around the race tracks very quickly and it worked really well running the Nordschleife in 7min11.57sec in 2009 At the time, no car has ever driven faster and few can still

If Satan ordered a Lotus Exige, she would probably look like the crazy creation of Texan tuner John Hennessey The result was 0 at 300 km / h in 1363sec and a top speed of 435 km / h but also surprisingly skillful handling Thirteen were built

With a front turbo mod pro from 94 mm and rear wheels of 13 inches wide, Steve Sterjovski's epic VL Calais is ready for battle

For Robyn, it was the process of building her husband Terry's immaculate XM Futura that slowly drew her into the automotive scene.

We take the freshly updated Jaguar F-Type R V8 on a back road through one of Victoria's best roads

It's a brutally quick quarter mile battle, a rolling race and a comparison of the brakes So, who wins?

Supercar, Ferrari SpUNE

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