I am a millennial who was not even born when the space shuttle first flew, but as a kid from the early years 1980, I was fortunate enough to follow several of his missions until NASA retired the fleet in 2011

Naturally, as a Canadian away from the launch pad in Florida, I first watched it fly on TV But I dreamed of seeing a launch (literally, as i remember having a fun dream involving running nearby in a golf cart); I finally got the chance to see three launches in 2009 at 2010 (including Discovery), after graduating from college and getting a part-time job during the last recession that allowed me to travel, even if I counted pennies like I did. I was lucky because the program retired ten years ago, the 21 July 2011

Discovery of the Lego space shuttle NASA 199 $ at Legocom
Build your own Hubble Space Telescope launch with the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Kit from 2354 Lego partsSee offer

So you can imagine my nostalgia when I took a look at the latest Lego set depicting the Space Shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Space Telescope Mission., STS-31, launched on 24 avril 1990 – there is almost exactly 31 years. I don't remember this mission, but I remember many astronauts upgrade excursions to the telescope over the decades since; the first mission mainly focused on a faulty mirror that accidentally launched into Hubble and blurred its view, while others have replaced and upgraded components

The Shuttle and Hubble were key pieces of space technology for my generation The Shuttle deployed several satellites and helped build the International Space Station, while Hubble mapped the cosmic expansion and showed us cool scenes ranging from pieces of a comet hitting Jupiter to a huge image of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) in high definition.

The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Set (PDSF 199 $99 USD) comes out thursday (1is avril) with 2354 pieces to assemble This is far from the first set of Lego shuttles, and longtime Lego fans are probably aware that the company released a set of Hubble Shuttles for kids a few years ago..

This set is firmly designed for the adult crowd, in display only My construction with a “frustration-free packaging” (which means the parts and stickers have been organized in 17 numbered bags and some bags without tag) took me close to 11 hours.

I was moving quite quickly because I have experience setting up other recent large space complexes such as the International Space Station (864 rooms), the terrifying Apollo 11 Eagle (1087 rooms) and the Apollo rocket 11 Saturn V (1969 coins in honor of its launch year, 1969) But your mileage may vary. Incredibly adept Lego builders will probably time a lot less than 10 hours, while beginners can expect to spend a lot more time But really, what is the rush? It's a set worth admiring as you go

In the style of NASA, I recorded some «lessons learned» of the construction of this set The first is to have a very large area My available office space was approximately 3 feet on 2 feet (1 meter on 06 meters); I would recommend a little bigger because the organization of the rooms, the ever-increasing manual shuttle became more difficult over the hours. I did it at the end, but it was tight pressure because the last set is 85 inches (21 centimeters) from above, 21 inches (54 cm) long and 135 inches (34 cm) wide

Ensuite, take your rhythm, because some parts of the set require a lot of delicacy to put together and you will want to be at full energy when these sections appear. One example is the many reflective stickers that must stick precisely to sections of the cargo bay doors., what happens at the back end of a huge bag of coins where you might get tired anyway. You will also need to be careful that the base of the shuttle stays together while the upper payload bay is under construction.; a piece or two fell off the bottom during my construction, but I easily reassembled it

The diagrams that Lego sends in its magnificent manual – filled with fun facts about shuttles – are mostly self-explanatory, although I struggled in a few places Certainly tired eyes, as I built the scenery over three long days for this story, it seemed like Lego was asking me to build two left wheels at some point. Moreover, the robotic arm of the Canadarm has a single piece in the middle that is easy to confuse with other gray joints, so make sure you don't repeat my mistake by using it in an antenna and scratching my head in complete confusion for 15 minutes until I find the incorrectly used part

These are small issues with the otherwise incredible set, however I had smaller nostalgic flashes when building the cockpit, with computers that look like years ago 1980 and the tiny astronaut's chairs Rudder and flaps fit easily onto the shuttle frame, with Lego engines has also taken care to minimize the use of black and white parts in places that will not appear on the final build. The use of yolks, bruises, greens and reds made it much easier to quickly navigate through these sections, because otherwise I would have searched for hours for the right part.

I love the way the different parts of the shuttle move when you put it together, although being a klutz, I didn't push the whole thing too far in terms of flexibility That said, it seems the wheels are folding up and down from the frame Rudder and flaps swing back and forth Better yet, the loading bay doors open and close very easily You can place your completed Hubble inside this empty space, or stack it inside, or put it aside on a stand; Lego gives you complete freedom to determine your display preferences

For those who could show up for the shuttle, love how the set incorporates a bit of education into building I've already mentioned the facts in the manual, but what I also like, that's all the board shows in terms of the shuttle's capabilities. It is obvious from looking at it that it was designed to land much like a plane

The relatively huge payload bay size was one of Lego's main design challenges in making this set work.. But it's worth it, because it shows one of the main functions of the shuttle, which was to carry things up and down from space. The shuttle does not quite show the actual capacity of this vehicle, which was usually seven people; however, eight astronauts were possible if you really understand them, STS-61A style But I can appreciate the relative size of the cockpit which made it difficult to fit into all the seats As a bonus, i love how you can see some of the seats and computers when you look through the glass windows in the front

This set will require a lot of money and time on your part to launch successfully., but if you can afford these two things, well worth the investment. Shuttle enthusiasts finally have a set that can proudly stand alongside those of the Apollo generation and the ISS, and the little detailed touches make this set a great tribute to Hubble's enduring success.

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News – United States – Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Kit with Hubble is a space geek's dream (revue)
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The Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Set& with Hubble is a space geek's dream & (revue)
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