Now that the Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event has started, miHoYo provides details on how each stage of the event works People who reached the rank 20 of the adventure can participate, some characters will receive bonuses and some parts of the event will require Resin to receive certain rewards. Finally, the Pacte de Prinzessin part of the event will give people the four-star electro archer, Fischl It will run until 30 November 2020, with portions appearing in phases, and its event boutique will close on 6 December 2020

The first part of the quest is Unknown Star, who starts on 16 November 2020 This is the part of this questline that doesn't involve resin. Instead, it means taking the quest for the unknown star, complete it and look around an area near Mondstadt for meteor shards. Collect them for salvage quests and get yourself Fading Star's Might for the event-related in-game store

The second part of the event is Star of Deceitful Dreams and starts on 18 November 2020 It starts with The Crisis Deepens questline and participates in Liyue by the river near Wangshu Inn, Cuijue Slope and Luhua Pool This is also the first part of the event to involve the resin, because you will fight enemies and have the possibility to use 20 original resin to get meteorite remnants and the power of the faded star You can fight enemies in Meteorite Remains to get them back, with images in the miHoYo ad making it look like you could have about seven minutes to fight enemies

Finally, finishing what the heavens hide, The Water Reveals quest begins Star of Destiny on 23 November 2020 This opens the Fallen Star challenge, which can be completed alone or with others and may involve spending 40 original resin to get the essence of Fading Star for the store and rewards This is another quest where you have to defeat the enemies, then submit the energy that you have collected in a certain period of time

Moreover, miHoYo mentioned that some people would be more effective He noted that the Meteorite Remains and Fallen Star segments that start after the 18 November 2020 will offer an increase of 60% for Beidou, Chongyun, Fischl, Lisa, Ningguang, Mona, Noelle, Tartaglia (Childe) et Xiangling. Since Noelle is on the Beginner's Banner and Xiangling is a character that people can earn for free, you may already have one of these characters on your list.

Although miHoYo has explained how each stage will play out and even mentioned that three Meteoric Wave quests will appear in each phase of the event, his announcement has yet to fully explain how to win the free Genshin Impact Fischl. Just note that someone must «complete the Prinzessin pact”

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC and Android and Apple iOS devices A Nintendo Switch version is in development The Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event will run until 30 November 2020, the in-game store connected to it being open until 6 December 2020.

Meteorite, Star

News – United States – Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars implique Free Fischl, uses resin


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