If you use technological devices that access apps or the Internet, your data is tracked It's not always a bad thing – certain data collection tools are used to help you tailor your user experience to your preferences

However, that's not always a good thing either There are a lot of issues with the data collection methods used by big tech companies The controversy over Google's data collection when it isn't supposed to be is just a recent example

You can learn a lot about the data your apps collect about you by looking at the terms and conditions of your app store.. It's not so easy to understand what information websites are collecting about you, however. and we visit tons of sites every week So, how can you find out? There is a handy tool that can help you

If you've ever wondered what information the websites you visit collect about you, there is a website called JustGetMyData which can give you the answer. This site has been designed to help you navigate other sites and find the data they collect about you

This tool is important because the transparency of data collection can vary wildly from site to site It is possible that websites collect a ton of data about you, from your search history, from your location, of the device you are using, the ads you clicked on and your interests. time of day you visit a site This is a lot of information that you might not want to follow

Fortunately, this basic site is available to help you find information about the websites you visit. Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, Netflix or a ton of other sites â ???? gather around you Collecting this information on your own can be tricky, that's why most people don't and that's where JustGetMyData comes in

This site makes it easy to navigate the data recovery process You can use this site to find information about your personal data, download a copy of the data these websites keep and decide if you are comfortable keeping your account active

It's also easy to use There are color-coded site buttons on the JustGetMyData home page that tell you how easy or difficult it will be to retrieve your data from each site.. These buttons include links to where you need to navigate to retrieve your information You will also receive instructions on how to proceed

for example, if you look at Google on the JustGetMyData home page, you will see that its box is coded in green This indicates that the site is easy to get information from On the other hand, Github, Instagram and Netflix have yellow boxes, that tell you that there is an average level of difficulty to retrieve the information you are looking for.

There are also red boxes, which means it will be difficult to get your data from these sites Red sites include Microsoft, Aliexpress and Taobao, among others

The way you collect your information varies from site to site Let’s take Facebook as an example If you click the drop down menu on the Facebook button on the JustGetMyData website, you will see that it tells you to use the url, which is hyperlinked in the green box, to access this information

By clicking on the Facebook link, you go to the page you need to visit to access and download the data We were able to click on the drop-down menu on this page and find the instructions to download this information without having to search for the information

From there, we just had to follow the instructions to get a copy of the data that Facebook keeps about us

Instructions are similar for all websites offered on the JustGetMyData home page. You click on the drop-down menu, follow the link, then follow the instructions to get a copy of your information

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News – US – This site shows what Amazon, Facebook and other sites know about you
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Use this site to see what Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and other sites know about you
JustGetMyData, the website that helps you receive a duplicate of your personal information

Source: https://www.komando.com/security-privacy/justgetmydata-data-collection-tool/773214/

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