Earlier this month, Capcom's network has been hit by a “custom ransomware attack” Although no customer information was obtained during the hack, it has since become clear that internal mail and file servers were compromised during the intrusion and that approximately 1 TB of data was stolen; Capcom has stated that it “was consulting with the police and other relevant authorities while investigating and taking action to restore its systems.”

The hack resulted in the personal information of Capcom personnel and the source code being made available online – to which we will naturally not create a link – as well as publication information for various titles planned for 2020 We will not share any of the images that have been disclosed online, and it should be noted that some of the leaked information appears to come from files of 2018, so it shouldn't be taken as a gospel that all of the following happens
Relevant news for Switch owners includes a new Ace Attorney collection (also coming to PS4) including the original trilogy and the two entries of the Great Ace Attorney series / Dai Gyakuten Saiban basée sur 3DS, grouped into a set of two. release of the pack According to one of the leaked documents, Capcom is intended to translate the game, so it looks like it could be a western version.

The leak also details a new project named “Guillotine”, apparently due for release on Nintendo in February It will come to other systems in May

It is also indicated that Monster Hunter Rise will receive demos in January and March and arrive on PC in October.. Monster Hunter Stories 2 Also coming out on PC at the same time it hits Switch in June, and paid DLC expansions are expected

While none of this should be taken as solid confirmation, it is nonetheless interesting to see how the plans for Capcom Switch evolve for the coming year. Give us your feedback with a comment below

Damien has over a decade of professional writing experience under his belt., as well as a belly with repellent hair. Rumors that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, To our knowledge, completely and totally unfounded.

Guillotine? Is this a Switch RE title? Is this a gritty M-rated Viewtiful Joe reboot? Time will tell I don't really trust the source and plans may change, but I look forward to the release of Capcom

It all seems plausible enough It's a shame that MHR is probably only exclusive for a short time, but I suspect most of us expected it

@CowCatcher if you think a journalist has never done this before you are in for a ride then, it doesn't really matter, because these are games

This Ace Attorney collection looks a bit odd considering that the original trilogy already has a physical version on Switch.It would make more sense to have one with the Great Ace Attorney games alone or the other three games in the main series that didn't. not yet reissued.

Really concerned about the security of Capcom Alone 60 Go des 1 TB of stolen data has been disclosed so far, and we have already learned a lot about the secrets of the company.

Anyway, interested to see what the guillotine is Maybe a game about the French Revolution ?? (Non, who am I kidding, it will be a Resident Evil game)

@CowCatcher Journalists have not stolen the information or paid for it to be stolen At this point, NL is simply reporting information that is already in the public domain It would be ridiculous to claim that this was not the case if parts of the internet are already taking it. You can get off your big horse now

Monster Hunter Rise sur PC? I hadn't seen it coming It does make sense however the exclusivity of the platform only really makes sense if you also own the hardware For a third party, you will get more benefit from having a game on as many platforms as possible Now, the real question is whether or not Rise will have cross-platform multiplayer It's a shame this was leaked Knowing that a PC version is coming will likely hurt the sales of the Switch version I'm more interested in playing MonHun in a portable way, so my plans don't change there, but I know there are a lot of people who prefer to play on a PC if given the option

@CowCatcher journalism is all about getting information and sharing it, is not it? Sometimes, most important journalism is about things we are not supposed or even allowed to know, and cannot be shown in the mainstream media due to censorship and the fact that it is a controlled source of selective information with a very strict program. Some of the best journalists had to go into hiding, or have been silenced in some way, only for mainstream media to ignore it or see it as a tragic accident.

Obviously, this is not one of those cases, and the information much less impactful, but you might want to think about what journalism is, what it can be and how it can be used, before saying something is bad to be obtained information “illegally” – of which this is a rather harmless and innocent example, compared to some well-documented cases (but above all kept away from mainstream media) and less known, concerning, for example, political corruption and much worse acts committed by people still in very powerful positions, powerful enough to sweep everything under the rug, with or without corpses Journalism is not (only) marketing or a political campaign These are better examples of bad journalism, in fact

For a second, I thought I read that an Ace Attorney hack and slash game was coming out! Now, I'm a little disappointed 😂

My money's been around for ages to buy the Great Ace Attorney games, although knowing Capcom, I cannot help but agree with the article that we will probably never see such a collection here in the West.

I would love to see the titles of the ace attorneys become localized and as the top three in the set have never had a proper physical release outside of Japan, maybe that would be reason enough for capcom to give itself some extra trouble and bring this to the west

@DonSerrot I'll wait a few months and if some things in this list turn out to be true, I will cancel my Rise Switch pre-order to buy it on PC for sure

Once again? How many times will they neglect 4 – 6 in the series Ace Attorney?

And there, I was hoping hackers would make creations / creations ‘Fan’ with information

The Edgeworth Suite is the one in need of a little love, these “Great” games can come later

Always thought that AAI: ME has perfected the formula by allowing you to move the character in 3D space and not just a simple point-and-click game.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A !!!!!! Please come to America Great Ace Attorney! I'll pay you anything Capcom I'll sell you my soul Pleeeeeeaase!

Rise and Generations 2 on PC makes sense because HD games are expensive I think for the most part, we can expect PC versions to accompany game console versions in many franchises.

Part of me wants it on the Switch because I love playing HD games on the go, but the other party remembers that I had a joy-con drift for the 4th time in 3 years (and my partner had this 4th time a few months. there is) so the odds that I'm playing Rise only on the dock (because our Pro controllers work well) would rather mean “I could get the best PC version” in place, because playing in the dock only on the Switch doesn't mean much to me

my heart skipped a beat when hearing the news of a potential lawyer I'm so hungry for AA content, hope they find a way to bring the big asset here

Finally, getting the Great Ace Attorney games would be awesome but I love them as much as the next one but I'm so sick of only republishing the 3 early Ace Attorney games Need some Apollo Justice HD ports, Dual Destinies et Spirit of Justice

@AlienX The first Edgeworth game is honestly my least favorite game in the series I just didn't find the writing or gameplay appealing compared to the others I'm not sure this relates to the lack of confrontation in courtroom or not I would always be interested in a localized sequel if better viewed

So, putting aside my absolute excitement about the possibility of getting the Great Ace Attorney games

why not publish them in their own collection? Doesn't Capcom plan to reissue AJ, DD and SoJ? And AAI2?

well, it's pretty disappointing that Rise is coming to PC as well. Hate to see the game community fragmented even before its release

Huh, funny news to come shortly after placing an import order for the two Dai Gyakuten Saiban 3DS games I will end up playing these versions anyway with fan translation

It's a shame that we never have the 3DS version, but I'm not complaining I guess it's time to get back to Ace Attorney uwu

thank God, it's coming to PC It looks extremely washed out and low-res on Switch as it is now

Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, Capcom, Ace Attorney, Nintendo

News – United States – Capcom Hack Reveals Great Ace Attorney Collection and Mysterious New Switch Project “Guillotine”
Associated title :
Capcom Hack Reveals Great Ace Attorney Collection and Mysterious New Switch Project " Guillotine"
Following a recent data breach, Leaks Suggest Capcom Locates The Great Ace Attorney and Sequel on
Capcom Hack Great Ace Attorney Collection and Mysterious New Switch Project “Guillotine”

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/11/capcom_hack_reveals_great_ace_attorney_collection_and_mysterious_new_switch_project_guillotine

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