Widely known as the “father of fractal geometry”, Polish-born French American Benoit Mandelbrot is the subject of Google's latest Doodle

If the mathematician, born there 96 years in Warsaw, may be obscure to non-mathematicians, his findings are widely known

The term fractal geometry, invented in 1975, describes the mathematical phenomena of irregular but endlessly repeated shapes found in nature.

He also worked at IBM in New York One of the first pioneers in the use of computers, he developed an algorithm that modeled landforms found in nature This led to his breakthrough and the publication of his famous book by 1982 The Fractal Geometry of Nature

M. Mandelbrot was born to Lithuanian Jewish parents and was a local chess champion captivated by mathematics and geometry thanks to his father's card collection

M's son. Mandelbrot, le Dr Didier Mandelbrot, said his father, driven by curiosity to look for connections wherever he could find them, was the chief architect of the global understanding of roughness in nature

“With careful calculations, immense knowledge and the ability to see geometry in almost anything, he developed a new geometry, fractal geometry”, did he declare

M. Mandelbrot has won numerous awards for his work, dont le Wolf Foundation Prize for Physics en 1993

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News – US – Benoit Mandelbrot: Who was the mathematician and why does Google celebrate him?
Associated title :
Google Doodle famous Benoit Mandelbrot, & # 39; father of fractal geometry& # 39;
Google Doodle honore Benoit Mandelbrot, Polish mathematician
Benoit Mandelbrot: Who was the mathematician and why does Google celebrate him?
Father of Fractal Geometry: 96th anniversary of French and American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot
Benoit Mandelbrot: Google celebrates the 96th birthday of the French-American-Polish mathematician known as the father & # 39;
Benoit Mandelbrot: Google Doodle celebrates the French and American mathematician& # 39; s 96th Birthday

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/benoit-mandelbrot-who-was-the-mathematician-and-why-is-google-celebrating-him/ar-BB1bbuMU

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