Enigmatic British electronic musician Richard D James, better known as Aphex Twin, hid an Easter egg for fans in his first NFT

Named «afx / weirdcore blockscanner», the digital artwork is the result of a collaboration with a collaborator / frequent digital artist Weirdcore Fans only had 24 hours to bid, but the winning bid was 72 ETH, which amounted to 136349 $ at the time.

We will spend some of the money to plant trees and either donate to permaculture projects, either install them ourselves, depending on what we receive

Digital artist Freeka Tet, who helped with some of the token technology, yesterday shared an Instagram hack video guiding viewers through the process of finding the Easter egg.

Treasure hunters must first access the token list on the NFT Auction House Foundation Next, after choosing to display the seed via the NFT IPFS site (i.e. InterPlanetary File System, a kind of decentralized web hosting system), fans are rewarded with an IPFS url which takes them to a downloadable mp4 file

Once downloaded, the file settings must be changed so that the mp4 extension visible The extension must simply be renamed to zip and then extracted, and good hop! Two files appear: one an original image and the other a text file containing a link to a Dropbox folder containing a date: 14 avril 2021

The 14 Avril is a reference to the famous piano composition of Aphex Twin Avril 14, but given that Aphex Twin and Freeka Tet also dated it this year, many fans also believe it could be a release date, indicating a possible follow-up of the Syro LP of 2014 , or maybe another NFT

It should be noted that the NFT is linked to a Dropbox folder, which means its creators control it – not the owner of the NFT – and might update the Dropbox folder on the 14 avril.

That said, Aphex Twin has received a lot of negative feedback for its NFT, as critics and fans concerned about the environment have pointed out – Well Named – that NFTs work on the gas-hungry Ethereum blockchain. In response, Aphex Twin pledged to plant trees Pinned tweet reads: «We will spend some of the money to plant trees and either donate to permaculture projects, either set them up ourselves, depending on what we receive”

Non-fungible tokens are fascinating in themselves Thanks to the distributed ledger system of the Ethereum blockchain, artists have found a way to sell their work in online marketplaces while asserting its authenticity.

Every NFT these days is minted according to the rules of the ERC-721 token standard It is a set of rules for drafting smart contracts to create a form of verifiable digital scarcity that cannot be hacked or corrupted without spoofing 51% the computing power that supports the Ethereum network, which is very unlikely.

If an artist sells his work to a client, every aspect of the transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain with exact precision From point of sale to price to winning bidder, only this client legally holds the NFT (but not necessarily the image or the rights to it) In a market where any image can be reproduced with a right click of the mouse, NFTs are a helping hand to prove digital authenticity

Aphex Twin isn't the first musician to try his hand at NFT At historic NFT auction (benchmark for the music industry and NFTs), Kings of Leon has sold a range of luxury editions of their latest record as NFT, as well as Golden Ticket packages with VIP visit privileges. They lifted 2 million dollars in sales, undoubtedly encouraging other major labels and platinum artists to follow suit

Electro pop artist Grimes also murdered Fans of the Canadian artist, real name Claire Boucher, have long known his penchant for illustrating his own record covers Grimes' first NFT drop ended up paying off 6 millions of dollars

Meanwhile, British comedian John Cleese has an offer for you You have five days to think about it

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Aphex Twin hid a mystery date in his NFT
Looks like Aphex Twin hid something in the NFT he recently sold

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