Le Black Friday est enfin arrivé, ce qui signifie qu’il est temps de conclure une bonne affaire et éventuellement de mettre à niveau votre machine pour relever les défis à venir Une mise à niveau classique consiste à récupérer plus de RAM, et c’est tout aussi vrai maintenant que jamais. Plus de mémoire signifie que votre système fonctionnera plus facilement, vous permettra de faire plus de choses, et cela peut également signifier que les performances de votre jeu s’améliorent égalementbien qu’il y ait des limites et que vous ne devriez pas courir après les vitesses de RAM

Offres Black Friday 2020: l’endroit où aller pour les meilleures affaires Black Friday

The good news is that memory is already healthy in terms of value for money., with high quality sticks available for some of the lowest prices ever The best RAM for gaming really doesn't have to cost the earth Savings on top of that can only make the business even better. really a good time to be in the market for more memory, basically

If you are looking to build a new machine, potentially to use new RTX graphics cards 3080 or RX 6800 XT, then you will want to recover memory that you know will last. And here, you want RAM with fast operating frequency and as low latency as you can afford If you are using an Intel system, la DDR 3200 will serve you well, while the latest AMD chips work better with DDR4 memory 3600

We scoured the markets for Black Friday deals, focusing on Amazon, BestBuy et Newegg (because they have the best selections of components), to choose the most economical RAM kits currently. Here's what we've found so far:

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 Go | 3200MHz | CL16 | 98 $ 63 $99 at Amazon (save 34 $)
Corsair, now known for its peripherals more than anything else, started out as a well-respected name in RAM It's still absolutely true This kit does everything you would expect from a good memory kit – correct frequency, high latency, and thanks to this offer great value for money You know it will work in any system too Note there is no RGB bling here See the offer

HyperX Fury 16 Go | 3000MHz | CL15 | 95 $99 71 $99 at Amazon (save 24 $)
This pair of poles can only be rated at 3000 MHz, but this low CAS latency means it will perform better than kits running at higher frequencies. This is a quick wholesale kit. And if you care about what the inside of your case looks like, the addition of RGB lights may be welcomeView deal

GSkill TridentZ RGB 16 Go | 3200MHz | CL 16 | 84 $99 76 $99 at Newegg (save 8 $)
It might not be a huge saving, but it's still a good kit, so don't be put off by the fact that you only save 8 $ Rated at 3200 MHz with a CAS latency of 16, this is exactly the kind of spec you want for a fast Intel build It turns out to be pretty cool in any system, which makes us happy.See the offer

Adata XPG Spectrix D60 RGB | 3600MHz | CL 18 | 94 $99 89 $99 at BestBuy (save 5 $)
If you are scanning an AMD system, or as you wish, then this kit 3600 MHz is where it is CAS latency of 18 is standard at this speed, and while it would be nice to use a CL kit 16 in place, you usually have to pay a lot more for the privilege Beyond that, this is a fairly standard pair of poles, although incredibly vibrant, that will make any construction stand out.See the offer

When purchasing memory, there are a few things to watch out for, but the main thing is to stick to brands of trust: Needle, Corsair, Crucial, Competence, HyperX, PNY and T-Force In addition, it's worth looking at the specs and making sure you're buying what you think is if you have the time, you should check your motherboard memory compatibility charts (these tend to be on your motherboards website as well)

In terms of actual specifications, the most important is the capacity Nowadays, we consider 8 Go as an absolute minimum and we are moving towards 16 Go for Slots If you like to mix serious work with your game, then an argument could be advanced for 32 Go, but it is greatly exaggerated, except for a few niche cases. However, 32 Go should mean that you don't need to upgrade for a very long time., very long time whatever you choose, you want at least two keys to make sure your memory channels are being used (mainstream AMD and Intel processors have dual-channel memory interfaces)

The frequency should be easy to spot, as it tends to be in the product name and written as DDR4 3200 or 3200 MHz DDR4 It's not as easy as saying faster is better, but as a general rule, this is not a bad starting point Again, for the latest Intel chips, you are looking for DDR 3200 MHz, while for AMD, DDR4 3600 MHz is the ideal point (Zen 3 potentially increases this to 4000 MHz, but we are not quite there yet)

Latency can be a bit trickier to locate and usually requires delving into detail.There is actually a lot of latency that defines how long it takes for RAM to respond to requests., but the one that interests you the most is the CAS latency, or CL, as this gives you insight into memory speed. You want this stocking For fast DDR4 memory, a CAS latency of 16 is a good goal, ok than DDR4 3600 at CL18 is not a bad place either

Alan has spent far too much of his life in World of Warcraft and playing Magic the Gathering to become a normal human being, this is why he retreated into the warm embrace of the game equipment.

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