Posted: 05h52 GMT, 5 January 2021 | Update: 07h54 GMT, 5 January 2021

Disgusting video of man cooking pasta with blue Gatorade has caused uproar online, viewers calling the video viral «absolutely nasty»

Tommy Wind, a magician from Staten Island in New York, shared a video of her weird take on a traditional Italian dish made from two bottles of a blue sports drink

In the clip, he is seen boiling an entire bottle of Gatorade in a saucepan, then pour a packet of macaroni pasta

Tommy Wind has caused an uproar online with his bizarre blue gatorade pasta cooking recipe

Blue Gatorade (photo) is the star ingredient, which is used to cook pasta and make blue pasta sauce

Pasta turns from yellow to light blue, while the New York magician pours the blue-hued macaroni onto a plate

M. Wind empties a second whole bottle of Gatorade into a saucepan and boils the blue sports drink again, but this time, he adds something different

The pasta recipe starts like any other, but takes an unexpected turn when M. White boils pasta in Gatorade Blue (left photo, right)

Flour is the magic ingredient, which is mixed into the sports drink until it turns into the same consistency as a traditional tomato pasta sauce

The disturbing video quickly sparked outrage online, viewers equally disgusted but in awe of the bizarre meal

‘I didn't think it could get any worse, but then you added the pickle?!’, said one of them

The secret ingredient in blue pasta sauce is flour, which is mixed in the Gatorade (photo)

Other viewers saw the fun side, claiming that the magician should always use the red Gatorade

“ If you serve that shit in Italy, you are arrested and sentenced to life without parole ”, another joked

Tommy Wind (photo) is a wizard from Staten Island in New York who went viral with his Gatorade blue pasta recipe

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– The recipe for Man's recipe& for blue pasta made from Gatorade instead of # 39; water leaves viewers indignant – and he completes with a


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