PS5 scalping groups are grabbing next-gen consoles by the thousands, and individual resellers have made tens of thousands of profits, but the profit-driven resale market, which takes advantage of the low supply and high demand, has now bled into established trade-in retailers UK store CEX sells used PS5s at 815 £, nearly double the standard retail price of 450 £

Eurogamer reports that”there is a decent amount of used PS5 stock available in the chain”, but states that customers and employees are not happy with the price increase.

CEX is currently paying 650 £ in cash to buy used PS5 consoles This is an instant guaranteed benefit of 200 £ for anyone who wants to get rid of theirs Of course, this redemption purchase price has a cost, the retailer in exchange further increasing the cost of the used console to 815 £ aforementioned.

Customers disagree with the price through online reviews «This price is awful», said one «You take full advantage of it and you are no better than the scalpers”

CEX staff also spoke anonymously to Eurogamer to express their own discomfort with the markup”Obviously, neither of us think it's good We were told the price was so high as eBay's, but at that time, he was from 750 £, it is now even higher », said a staff member. «CEX has the legal right to put the price whatever it wants, but morally, I find it disgusting and think they help keep the prices so high in a year where we could all use a little less shit to cope A new console can improve someone's mood and I personally know that I use games to relieve stress and distract myself”

The Eurogamer report indicates that «a lot» used PS5s are heading to CEX with the «generous» in cash way above retail, and demand helps them get off the shelves, even at exorbitant prices

“Demand is very high People will continue to pay for it (even if it means that the staff can [to expect] a salary accordingly)”An employee said «I fully understand the high price argument and of course there is a moral dilemma that goes with it Do I expect to receive abuse from customers when stores reopen? Absolutely. Am I comfortable selling a console to 450 £ for more than 800 £? Not really but if somebody's going to pay it, I will not refuse it”

Eurogamer also reported seeing an internal CEX email asking staff to explain that they were still a better and cheaper option than ebay and other similar PS5 resales., both in terms of price and guarantee of 24 months they offer. They also note that customers can use the store credit they get from redeeming other items to purchase the PS5..

CEX also sells the Xbox Series X at a markup of 690 £, although still below the exorbitant price of the PS5 The next-gen console markups (and cash offers for second-hand buybacks) are exclusive to the more expensive versions of the consoles. PS5 All Digital and Xbox Series S will not earn you a profit for selling to CEX, and the used prices of these versions are closer to standard retail prices.

While CEX arguably has an interest in being more secure than something like ebay – who has ever seen crooks trying to sell photos of the PS5 for more than 1000 $ – he always takes advantage of a limited supply and high demand to transform a profit, at the expense of frustrated customers and the retail workers they prey on It also continues to drive the scalper market / resales as new inventory arrives, which continues to make the new console difficult to obtain for legitimate customers who want one

The launch of the PS5 was the biggest console launch in history, So it's no surprise that people want a piece of the pie Sony is struggling to keep up with the demand, but promises that the emphasis is on making new stocks available as often as possible

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News – GB – UK trade-in dealer selling used PS5s to almost double the sale
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U.K. trade-in retailer selling used PS5s to almost double retail, customers and employees Aren& # 39; t Happy
UK retailer criticized for expensive Next-Gen console
CEX under fire from customers and staff for a PlayStation price 5 of 815 £


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