As the world struggles to contain the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, scientists at the CDC recently warned of another that could come from a yeast-like fungus Scientists said the next pandemic could be caused by «Candida Auris», a fungus that looks like the black plague They called CA «perfect pathogen» and stated that if the fungus got into the bloodstream, it would almost certainly become fatal They also added that if it enters the body through catheters or other tube equipment in hospitals, it would be even more deadly.

The fungus was first identified in 2009 and it is almost impermeable to antifungal drugs According to The Sun, Johanna Rhodes, epidemiologist at Imperial College London, stated that the fungus could survive on surfaces for long periods of time. She added that one of the things that makes Candida Auris so scary is the fact that it can linger on inanimate surfaces for long periods of time and withstand anything you throw at it.

Following Rhodes' remarks, the fungus was then compared to the black plague CDC doctor, Tom Chiller, found that fungal makeup looked like substances found in lagoons and the like teeming with bacteria. He said the mushroom was a creature from the black lagoon as it was bubbling and now it's everywhere

It should be noted that at the beginning of the month, the CDC had announced that the Florida Department of Health had been alerted to three bloodstream infections with Candida Auris and one urinary tract infection in four coronavirus disease patients who received care in the same COVID dedicated. 19 acute care hospital units CDC says CA is a yeast «multiresistant» which can cause invasive infection They added that its ability to colonize patients asymptomatically and persist on surfaces has contributed to previous outbreaks of AC in healthcare facilities.

Meanwhile, amid unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, scientists around the world have now warned that it is time for disease treatment centers and specialists to start developing and investing more in the prevention and treatment of infectious pathogens. They warned that many such pandemics could appear in the coming years Several researchers have also attributed it to human activity and depletion of natural resources, climate change also emerging as an important variable

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News – GB – A fungus known as Candida Auris could cause a pandemic more deadly than COVID: scientists
Associated title :
fungus known as Candida Auris could cause a more deadly pandemic than COVID: scientists
Deadly fungus could cause pandemic deadlier than COVID-19, warn scientists


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