Subverse developers, one of the most anticipated adult games of all time, thought it would be a great idea to market their game via a video with Arch, formerly known as Arch Warhammer, a man we last saw called Creative Assembly a “cuck beta lefties”

In his last public act as Community Manager for Creative Assembly, the creators of Total War…

As the Daily Dot report, Studio FOW developers gave Arch a «exclusive preview» by Subverse, apparently oblivious to the fact that her brand is the kind of person who makes videos of 22 minutes on what he's definitely not racist when a website just asks him for a comment

After a quick and understandable reaction from the Subverse community to the deal, the game's community manager released a statement:

I'll make it short, because we have taken enough of your time with what happened recently with Arch

To begin, let's keep Subverse as a sex game and not politics, it's best for everyone

Regarding the previous statement regarding Arch, we were suddenly bombarded with messages from different political groups, and therefore we acted in haste After all, we are only titty software developers but suddenly we found ourselves in a political debate

We want this to be absolutely clear, we have no problem with Arch personally We just wanted him to present some of our gameplay together, what Arch did professionally and he was very gracious with his time.

We value his time and want to say that we are sorry we got into a politically charged situation so quickly Subverse has no political affiliation, this is a game that everyone will enjoy

We didn't mean to offend any Arch fan, it provides a platform for indie game makers like us to showcase our games

We all love our fans, regardless of their political affiliation and we hope you can forgive us in due course for this unfortunate misunderstanding

Huh, a statement that tries to clean the air but actually makes anything it talks about Interesting

“The Studio was not aware of Arch's polarizing context in this collaboration”, concludes the note, which suggests that they are either terrible liars, be even more terrible at reserving their PR if they don't know the most obvious things about the people they work with Anyway, terrible!

A game like Subverse, given its origins and its bootstrap subject, should be one of the most inclusive places in video games And yet, here they are, signing deals with a guy making videos like this:

It is all very depressing, especially if we consider that Studio FOW is the second developer to be called upon for this in 2020:

Luke Plunkett is a Canberra-based editor, Australia He wrote a book about cosplay, designed a game about airplanes and also directs the cosplaykotakucom

So their strategy was to kill all the potential boners before people played their sex game.


News – GB – Sex Game Uses Far Right YouTuber For Promotion, pretends not to be aware of his “polarizing background”


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