L’ancienne star de l’Overwatch League Jehong ‘RyujehongRyu a été suspendue de la générationUne organisation G après avoir apparemment fait des commentaires sexistes en streaming

Largement considéré comme l’un des meilleurs joueurs de support Ana et flex, Ryujehong est un nom familier pour tous les fans d’esports d’Overwatch. Il était l’un des joueurs les plus populaires de OWL avant de se retirer de la scène compétitive après que les Titans de Vancouver ont bombardé leur alignement en mai 2020.

The 11 January 2021, GenG a annoncé que RJH rejoindrait leur organisation en tant que créateur de contenu, ce qui est logique, because he was a leading figure for the organization’s Seoul Dynasty team during the League’s first two seasons.

After a very short honeymoon period, the Korea-based organization has now suspended Ryu over sexist comments he streamed that quickly gained social media attention, as you can see below:

@GenG_KR @arnoldwh Is this really the kind of behavior GenG tolerates? I'll translate what he said on his stream, perhaps not delivering what sense conveys to 100% but you can still see how misogynistic or downright sexist he is #ryujehong https: // tco / hAP716HEzh picTwittercom / ZNnmGpLuGR

The 16 January, Jehong streamed alongside a streamer named Haegi, and allegedly made a number of sexist comments about him on multiple occasions, and even called her for interrupting her, asserting that women should not interrupt men.

Since the flow took place, the VOD has been removed, but it is about the internet, and comments were quickly translated into English, setting off the social media reaction storm

The 19 January, Gen The COO of G, Arnold Hur, announced that the organization was suspending Ryujehong «indefinitely» due to his live commentary

“Personally, I am very disappointed with the language used during the stream by Jehong He was wrong, and i find this unusual from the person i knew who has always been a caring and caring teammate », wrote Hur. «Our belief is that, whether you are a gamer or a streamer, anyone who owns a platform should understand the responsibility for the higher standards that come with it. As such, we have indefinitely suspended all activities related to the Jehong team”

As Hur mentioned, Jehong apologized for his own after the firestorm started, where he apologized for what he said and promised to watch how he would speak in the future, but added that he would not censor himself either. , according to a translation provided by @hannahhycho on Twitter

«I'm trying to move my streams to streamer Ryujehong I know there are a lot of people who watched my old streams who have a hard time adjusting to chat and are confused that I will be using «memes streamer», but hope you can understand », wrote RJH, according to the translation «From now on, I will listen to the comments of my streams and discuss to develop them further … I've seen messages from people who are not my fans and I want to tell them to stop fanning the flames”

Just in case there aren't enough wrinkles in this story, Haegi, the streamer who was broadcasting with Ryujehong when the incident took place, came out and defended her according to Great-Reno's translations, reddit user, saying they were joking back and forth and what happened was not what it seemed

«Why does RJH get all the blame when I made sexist jokes with him either? It's a bit undeserved », Haegi said in a YouTube video posted after the outrage began, according to the translation «I'm cool with it Why is it important that the person involved in the case feels good? I don't see why people are offended by this Please Live Comfortably”

Now, even if they were just friendly jokes, the kind of language Ryujehong apparently used just doesn't work when you're signed up with a major esports organization like GenG, and it is also a huge disappointment to the large Overwatch community who saw him as a role model and just a real standing dude

It remains to be seen when or if RJH will return from its suspension to become an active member of Geng

Popular YouTuber and NELK Boys Star, Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis, was completely stunned after accidentally giving 10000 $ to a Twitch viewer on a recent broadcast

Man says healthiest in the world is now a little poorer after making a bad decision playing slots on Twitch

During a broadcast on 18 January, Deleonardis went to tip a bystander called KnowDaDrill of the money in his Bitcoin wallet It seemed like it was already a generous donation of 1000 $ to begin, but that all changed when the streamer got it wrong

After accidentally pressing a bunch of random numbers on his keyboard, Steve had to back down, but missed one of the zeros

The end result was a much bigger tip than he intended to send. 10 times bigger in fact

A few moments later, It wasn't until the donation was over that Deleonardis realized how much he had messed up

“Oh my God, I just sent him 10 000 $ by accident!” he gasped in fear “Oh my God”

The speechless YouTube star remained a little in disbelief, not knowing how to react to his recklessness Once he can speak, however, his answer was downright wild

Unfortunately, the streamer deleted the rest of the vod, so we don't know what happened with the funds and if the viewer was kind enough to return the extra money

That said, judging by the amount in SteveWillDoIt's Bitcoin wallet, it's not the end of the world for him Once the donation is made, he had more than 95000 $

The last few months have been a bit of a setback for the YouTuber and the player He notably bet and lost 30000 $ on the results of the American election, among other bets

However, with nearly three million YouTube subscribers and an extremely popular series, he should be able to recoup his losses in no time, however, let's hope he checks for unwanted zeros before donating next time

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News – GB – Ryuhejong, ex-Overwatch pro suspended from Generation G after Twitch drama – Right
Associated title :
Ryuhejong, formerly for Overwatch, suspended from GenG following Twitch drama
TikTok& # 39; s Owa Owa dog: All you need to know about Pudgywoke
GenG suspends Ryujehong team-related activities & in response to sexist comments
GenG indefinitely suspends content creator Ryujehong after sexist streaming comments

Source: https://www.dexerto.com/overwatch/former-overwatch-pro-ryuhejong-suspended-from-gen-g-following-twitch-drama-1497604/

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