The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and there is no better time than to sit down and really think about everything - important question – what does your favorite Christmas movie say about you?

Whether you like The Grinch or The Holiday more, there is an option for everyone, and believe it or not, it says more about you than you might think!

You are the kind of person who constantly pretends that you are going to walk in town or take a walk to the library, but who secretly runs to take the metro every time I mean who can blame you?

When you're ten minutes late on your library reservation (the joys of Covid) or you don't feel like walking around in Newcastle's Baltic weather, you immediately turn away and waste more of your student loan on the subway It's hard to know if you are making this decision because you are just lazy or if you find the train to college incredibly exciting

It’s probably the last one and that’s why the Polar Express is your choice Unfortunately for you, the subway does not come with Tom Hanks, free hot chocolate or the North Pole as a destination I think it's fair to say Newcastle City Council needs to step up and make this an option

If you can't wait to watch The Holiday this Christmas, I guess the only logical explanation is that you have become more familiar with grief

You're the kind of person who would spend your weekends at Market Shaker, drowning your sorrows with your girlfriends, iconic classics of the years 80 and an abundance of treasures It's no surprise that The Holiday is your destination

Two words Jude Law I could end it here, but I will carry on I would say the closest alternative you will get to watching The Holiday would be a huge hug So dry your eyes and indulge in two hours of Jack Black's win over Kate Winslet I know, I know … miracles can really happen on Christmas

We have it, we have it You are that person who constantly denies going out for a cheeky pint or two never fancies an unorganized swingers Thursday, and does not tend to vibrate well with spontaneity

Why? The simple explanation is that you prefer to spend your free time getting mental breakdowns in the Robbo over tasks that you should have done weeks ago.. I'm sorry to say, but you share several major personality traits with The Grinch

Who refuses to go out or declares not to go because he cannot find anything to wear? I want to say, most of us say we have too much, but the minute we receive the iconic text “ pub? ”, You can guarantee we'll go down Osborne Road before we can say “ Th- Th- Th- The Grinch ! ‘

If you can't wait to watch Love Actually, you love nothing more than spending your weekends at Market Shaker or Soho, to spot the rugby players and hope to find your one true love

You are a hopeless romantic and will do anything to find your own Hugh Grant or Colin Firth I hate to tell you, but the person of your dreams will definitely not be on the third floor of Soho

However, nothing says Christmas more than an overly exposed Bill Nighy singing “Christmas Is All Around” on national television, Hugh Grant dancing at 10 Downing Street or Severus Snape cheating on Nanny McPhee This is the kind of movie that will make anyone believe that love is everywhere – but maybe not in Soho

You're the one friend everyone has to take care of every night Whether it's getting you out of Soho after too many Jägerbombs or getting kicked out of Grays for stealing the decorations, you are the one who wreaks havoc when you're on your own.

It wouldn't be hard to tell that you are the mental age of a five year old under the influence, and you're probably studying geography because you love nothing more than coloring It's guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit

Oh, and if you don't already know all the lyrics to «Sparkle and Shine», you have to seriously grow up

If your favorite movie is Elf, then you are the life and soul of every Christmas gathering

You'll always be ready for a Christmas pub crawl, whether it's on Osborne Road or in a Covid-secured room until nightfall It's an obvious choice and I can confidently say it's not officially Christmas until you decorate your home with decorations, you sit in front of the fire and you put Elf on TV

Nothing beats Will Ferrell running around New York City in an elf costume I can't lie, I think I even believed in Santa Claus at the end So, if your favorite movie is Elf … all we can say, is that we love you

Whether you snuggle up by the fire watching Elf, or watching Nativity for the millionth time just to nail the lyrics to every song, there really is something for everyone to watch during what is the most wonderful time of the year.

After an undoubtedly pleasant semester, but somewhat different this year, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that some normalcy in the simplest form of Christmas movies will be very welcome

We may not be able to enjoy the Christmas markets, rejoice in the pub with our friends or participate in all our usual Christmas festivities, but at least we can always count on Buddy the Elf to cheer us up

Newcastle Council denies harassment allegations, but pledged to examine anything brought to his attention

Luca Lucas the offert “Pussy lips on Live pour 1 000 $” and tried to bribe a girl to pour herself milk

Love Actually

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