As we reported in our PS5 review, la PlayStation 5 is a silent console We hesitated to use the world «quiet» car, like most consumer electronics, there is always an element of operating noise which is audible if you really listen to it. Apart from rotating discs, we have noticed some ambient volume in our system during demanding games like Demon’s Souls, but you basically have to turn off all your audio equipment and lean your head against the system to hear it.

Of course, some units have a little more volume Reports on Reddit and ResetEra complain of voice coil sound, which adds a hum to the whirring of the fan when it is powered on Below is a video that illustrates the problem, although it's worth keeping in mind that the camera's microphone is pretty much pressed against the system itself to maximize sound:

Personally, we just tested our console in Marvel's Spider-Man once again: Miles Morales, and we stick to our initial assessment: she is barely audible unless we mute everything and bow our necks towards her. Your mileage may vary, however.The good news is that the coil whine can sometimes resolve itself., and even if this is not the case, this type of sound is a far cry from the pronounced puff the PS4 Pro would make under pressure.

True PlayStation Veteran, Sammy has covered the PS gaming world for years, with a huge number of trophies to prove it He also loves tennis games much more than you

It looks like a vibration Maybe there is a problem with the bracket that does not fit or the surface is not straight?

Doesn't that sound mean something is rubbing against something it shouldn't be, or something starts to come off? Guy, I'm happier and happier the day I skipped this thing

@ TG16_IS_BAE Sony has sold millions of these systems, there will always be a handful of reports of faulty consoles

Personally, I don't even think the one in the video sounds so bad It's louder than mine, but it basically has the camera a few inches away, of course, he can hear something

I will not lie, I'm a little worried Yes I know all electronics have a small rate of failure but crashes happen to everyone I know They need a solution ASAP There are YouTubers who have consoles in brick and even you had problems People say not to use rest mode or external hard drive, but all i hear, this is “our ps5 is a little poor quality, so do not use the features that are supposed to be used as this could F # $% increase your console”

@ get2sammyb You are right, I always feel good to wait for hardware revisions, the red ring / yellow of death taught me well

Looks like Sony needs a software patch right away They already have a rough launch with bots and preorders, mainly due to Covid, and that's just an extra layer of acidity on top of all the other things.

I had this on my second PS4 Pro (Death Stranding Edition) Occurs mainly on games at 60 ips like Nioh, Tekken but especially MGSV After a while, he left on his own I hope it's not too many people going through this

If the person in this video has installed the stand correctly and it doesn't vibrate over something weird it's sitting on, I would be a little worried about the noise of a brand new console

Something everyone should keep in mind – Flaw reports of how social media is today will always float straight up and due to the way things are magnified (heh)

Moreover, the sound gives the impression that its system is not on a flat surface or that the base is not properly fixed

I must find something to complain about when you are lucky enough to own the first day This is far from a console brick Next

People's hearts are terribly loud when using a stupid FUD stethoscope Not the author but I'm sure the Xboys will jump on it Also why I wasn't stupid enough to buy a console of the day 1

If you play the video backwards, the sound is actually Boom Boom Boom Boom by the Vengaboys

I have such a huge backlog of games that I can't even justify buying a new console anytime soon., I still use my original SNES without a single hiccup since I opened it on Christmas day 1991 I miss the simplest days

I remember a few Xbox One Xs with this issue Hope it's just a few I have no idea how strong this is, and if welding can fix it although a warranty claim is safer

@NEStalgia Come one! The moan coil was excruciating on 90% PS4 And now this

Cheap parts are cheap Just ground those damn coils to keep them from vibrating and be done! Some people even dip them in silicone to dampen vibrations.

Damn it, talk about overreaction I just put on headphones and didn't hear anything that would worry me But then I wouldn't be sitting with my ear next to the console

I'll be annoyed if there are any issues with my PS5 when it comes along but damn it, buy the first batch of everything you should expect problems if you expect perfection on release, you really don't have a lot of life experience

Seems like people have never had high end video cards before Coi whine is always brought up by a small group of people all the time It happens but? or more units with whine coil end up having no problem other than the sound Drama for Drama

I don't understand why you are posting this on a Playstation fan site It makes the PS5 a bit awkward, in this article I understand that you put Xbox faults or whatever But come on, guys as a playstation site, dig this deep and stop posting it in public cause only a small minority of people try to make it big it leaves a bad taste for nothing

@LemonHaze They shouldn't post about potential PS5 tech issues? With this article, they can see if anyone in the community has or is having these problems and find a solution or work around the problem. I don't have a problem unless you are really into the console war

What worries me at the moment, it is the use of online orders and couriers to take care of the package. I know that these are only the 5 last% of consoles travel, but we have all seen videos of absolute silly couriers mistreating merchandise I would feel much happier to pick it up myself in store

Day One Adoption Problems Always Happening Will Always Be These things are always exaggerated at first, especially as the overheating problems of the past

My PC's graphics card (msi gtx970) has a whine coil and if you listen very carefully, you can hear it around 5 inches away I sit about 3 feet of my desk which houses my television, my PC, my ps4 and sound bar and i cant hear it so no problem all high end hardware will generate noise my ps4 pro brothers however are a disgusting loud monster and i dont know how this was ever allowed i am pretty sure that people are deliberately looking for a reason to complain about the ps5 seriously some coil whine? I will take it and I will kiss it

@zimbogamer From what I understand, some people have problems with “brick” by putting the system into rest mode while Spider-man Miles Morales Remastered is on The temporary fix is ​​if you are playing this game, stop this game completely before putting it into rest mode and even run a different game after stopping Spider-man. All other games should work fine

I just canceled my pre-order Too many small issues with plugin slot disabled, problems with external drives, hangs in idle mode, now

Add that to the fact that there is nothing on it initially that I really want to play, and (for me) it's not worth it I'll wait until next year when they solve the problems

This is a first for me I have pre-ordered all systems from the PS2, and this is the first time that I cancel 😮

I still have some PS4 games that I haven't even started, and by next year, a suitable television will also be more affordable

I'm really starting to think they rushed a bit I suspect they were planning to launch early next year, but the MS announcement surprised them and they don't want to be too far behind, as they were with PS3 So I'll wait until about March, or until a match I want is scheduled maybe Horizon 2

And what & a game crash is all you got, i would say you put your big boy pants on guys! it can happen in years PS4 software still crashes sometimes until a fix arrives to make sure it is no stranger for this to happen !!

@Paranoimia I agree with everything you do, Monsieur / Madame give this man / beer woman / you wine
expansion slot disabled jesus christ sony catches @ #! sakĂ© 550 £ we deserve a fully functional and trouble-free next-gen console

I can't hear my PS5 at 2 feet away, but yes if I put my ear so close, i can hear it

I guess a lot of brick issues are people not allowing the database rebuild to not finish thinking it's taking too long or whatever human mistake they make This stuff appears on the Internet each time you launch a console

Some people will have really faulty consoles, unfortunately this will always happen whether it's the first day or the 100th day but it will be a small minority Treat the console well and do not abuse it (hardware or software) and there shouldn't be any problem Soon there will be a software fix to sort out the storage problem / reconstruction without a doubt

This also happened to my work computer.It could be a misaligned fan or there is an obstruction on the motor In my case, I ignored the noise until it got unbearable and had to fix the fan

People forget that CV problems existed when the PS4 was launched The solution back then was the same: turn off the feature and close games at the end of the game This same console is still working today 👍 You can't be as loud as the Pro playing God of War 😁

This is not a problem, unless the person prefers to play with a PS5 strapped to their head (nothing would surprise me these days)

I haven't heard of any coil whine issues from people who use them so far, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but if people think it's a coil whine, I have an old R9 290 from AMD I wish they could hear Who moaned more than my ex

If you are not satisfied with the sound of your PS5, take it back, but let's solve the software problems first and stop behaving like any other miraculously made product with a failure rate of 0%

The reason you don't often hear about a TV, a washing machine or a camera, it's not selling and delivering millions of these products to customers in one day of launch.

Send millions of mass-produced products to customers, from a t-shirt to a digital SLR, you are going to have a measurable failure rate

I can literally find a bad experience online with every item I own, well known and mass produced As long as the negative reports that come in do not outweigh the positives, I am happy

The software side of things is something to watch out for, the whine of a person's console, not so much The prospect

Let me stick my phone right next to it, then tell you how strong it is I don't mind that I lightly shuffle the phone either 10 times louder than real noise

Ok yeah huge problems with the console, feel free to send it back to Sony at any time 👌👌

@God_of_Nowt yup, people acting like that didn't happen every console launch I even remember my og Xbox plugged me in as soon as I plugged it in, the same happened with my vita, PS4 ***** arrive, contact them and hope to get a new one This sucks launch due to high demand, but it's part of the risk of getting it on the day 1

Non, I'm not deep inside, I love PC and Playstation This is your strange childish opinion
Here, we saw smoke coming out of the X
Now, the PS5 has problems
Same shit as the fake news a few years ago with Apple's explosive batteries

but you basically have to mute all your audio equipment and lean your head against the system to hear it

With this message, they can see if a community member has or is encountering these issues and can possibly find a solution or work around the issue

Below is a video that illustrates the problem, although it should be borne in mind that the camera microphone is roughly pressed against the system itself to maximize sound:

We've been living in a strange world for the past few years From the internet, everyone is trying to burn different products
Even the games, they burn to the ground for nothing i only hate

Civilization has changed radically since social media and since 9 people on 10 have a mobile These are mostly people who cannot express themselves in the real world And try to reflect anything negative through the internet
At the time, you used to call them keyboard warriors They have issues with their own identities

@LemonHaze I had the wonderful limited edition PS4 Pro Spider-Man and had to give up He had a whine coil and even then I decided to keep it

After 2 weeks, the spool squeak became a squeak that can be heard even with headphones I sent it in for repair and they told me it could not be fixed and they had to refund me

After that, I got the regular black PS4 Pro (last revision) no problem But I still want that red beauty from Spider-Man

This is NOT a PC configuration Manufacturers are cutting costs with cheap parts and we can actually HEAR that

@ David187 This is not paranoia at all This is not a decision I took lightly I even have a DualSense that I ordered, although I did not have a confirmed system on day one If there was a game I really wanted to play, I would have left the order, regardless There were similar reports when the PS4 was released, but I was there the first day because I wanted games

Yes, these are minor issues that will be fixed But with nothing I really want to play on day one, I might as well wait for them to solve them and there is something I want to play for me, it is common sense

Mine will be as far as my EVGA 1080Ti FTW was Which had a crazy coil

I also have the Pulse helmet (The Mrs doesn't like the audio effects of the game 😅) I'm fine

It certainly doesn't sound like what I experienced as a PC gamer My 1080ti, etc. had a high-pitched moan, and it's nothing like that

Even if it is, Sony will not let you replace under warranty, I suppose, not for this noise level

you can clearly tell that the microphone volume is increased here, the sounds of the person fumbling before recording the noise can be clearly heard even louder than the rattle

I don't know if anyone has ever suggested this, but it looks like something that could have happened during transport The delivery guy maybe dropped it and pushed something loose

@God_of_Nowt Maybe? I think the real concern is that someone bought a dud and it either dies prematurely or starts to malfunction right after the warranty expires It's expensive My Ps5 is much louder than I expected. 'expected from the comments I can easily hear mine at 1,50 meter even while playing It's okay Speaking for me, i just want it to last because it's gonna be very useful

Hope mine will be fine when I get it next week I seem to be unlucky most of the time with Tech, I even treat my business with respect but things always let me down, too bad

@nessisonett I'm opening all posts in hopes of a reference Vengaboys Thanks for making my day

@nessisonett “If you play the video backwards, the sound is actually Boom Boom Boom Boom by the Vengaboys”

He has, I should make a recording some time after starting my PC: the power supply has a very loud coil whine as all the capacitors are charging, but i like it, it reminds me of a sci-fi ray gun load

@Paranoimia makes as much sense as buying a controller for a console you may not buy before 6 months approximately?

@koffing Hope you have many years of awesome experiences with your PS5 launch, mine is calm, but my friends are more audible I think a big part of it is just the installation of the bearings, plastic, etc. Therefore, heat flexible parts slightly for the first time, etc.

My NZXT case and fans went from silent to awful, then silent again the following week and now still silent after a year Same with my graphics cards

My workstation seems to want to move into another dimension of grass I'm not kidding, I just kicked it and it closes Something is losing, perhaps, do i care until i have a ball bearing in the nuts? Not really

I've always found that the more I use devices like this, the more they settle in All of this is worrying for some I know, but now Just if it gets noticeably strong, withdraw your warranty

Just remember, as for the latest generation launch, everyone is super sensitive to console sounds and behavior to start with, because everyone expects starting problems, and I still don't think the internet has recovered from RRoD on 360

But please, try to play the sh1t and avoid the forums a bit Haha

@ get2sammyb I totally agree Even though this particular PS5 makes this noise, there are guarantees, etc. for a reason Mass-produced products always have a percentage of breakdowns and defects As production continues, consoles will become as perfect as possible But you will never avoid these problems, whether you buy one now or in 5 years Saying that, i won't jump for at least a year Mainly because of my overwhelming backlog of PS4 games, Xbox, Switch, Wii U and even Wii 😟

These things are always disproportionate No one cares about consoles that run smoothly Units with a fault are inevitable, but they are also rare in the grand scheme of it all

Therefore, he cuts everything, almost push the phone on it and moan, he can hear it, I mean you might even hear him breathe what a sting is it okay 2 make sound there is a fan running 2 keep the beast cool if he doesn't I don't want to hear anything, get a stupid u n64 or sega master system *****

@ get2sammyb He may turn off the camera so the mic can pick it up clearly But that doesn't mean it's not audible to human ears from further away

That said, I'm not here to say that all early adopters have a Loin brick, far from it I'm sure but there is always a possibility that this one is

Launch systems still have a percentage of issues that need to be adjusted for future manufacturing The PS4 had a percentage of HDMI port issues, but it was not a large amount (mine was fine) this will also be settled

Seems like a day without news today Oh no my watch is ticking, I can hear it if I press it against my ear The sky is falling Aghhhh!

What is it with some players, it seems like comments on just about any article about the game end with at least a few arguments !! I thought gambling was a relaxing pastime, but that just seems to reassure people !! 😔

Wait is that all? Revealing, if they don't like it, I am ready to exchange them my PS4 Pro CUH-71xx for that
It will help them a lot, I'm sure, because they will not have to tire so much to record its sounds
They can do this comfortably sitting on the sofa a few feet away In the next room with the door closed and the TV on

I had a Dreamcast launch that I had on day one Throughout its life cycle, the disk drive was unholy It was louder than the exhaust jet from my old PS4

I'll take the risk I have one on the way after braving the nonsense that was online yesterday at Wal Mart It has a one-year warranty from registration, so please, I will send it for a new one

@God_of_Nowt My computer power fan made a horrible noise for a while, so I took the fan out of the unit and took off the cap and ran some machine oil down the spindle and that solved this problem

@Gravity_Bear See, ingenious and common sense Also good advice, I will have to start doing it myself Like your username elsewhere!

Yes, often people throw away things that can be easily fixed or pay a technician for things easier than they think

The oil I use is just a simple sewing machine oil, so i think it should be quite thin

I had to turn up my PC volume just to hear it, nowhere near the sound of the jet plane from my PS4 playing Avengers

I have a ps5 Pro and use headphones, but I can hear the fan looking at the map in Red Dead Redemption Even some main screens can make it spin Do we complain when the fridge kicks in? I was going to look for a ps5 at launch but this covid19 left me unemployed so my noisy ps4 will just have to stay

News Call of Duty loads in seconds on PS5, but you have to wait everyone

Electromagnetically induced acoustic noise, Sony PlayStation, noise, son, video games console, PlayStation 4

News – FR – PS5 Coil Whine is becoming a concern for some early adopters


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