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Amazon is set to launch a third-generation version of its Alexa voice remote, which comes with a number of its most popular Fire TV streaming gadgets while Amazon previously kept it very simple with the Alexa voice remote, which places the microphone button in the front and center as well as the universal controls for your audio system or your TV … things get a little more complicated with the latest design refresh

The US retail company has added a number of one-click shortcuts to popular streaming services, such as its own Prime Video, Netflix, Disney and Hulu (a streaming service only in the United States, because most of the original content of this app is now included in Disney under the new sub-brand “ Star ” in the UK and Europe) These brightly colored buttons are designed to allow viewers to quickly return to their favorite streaming service with just one click, thus avoiding browsing the menus with the directional pad.

OK, maybe we are a little unfair For example, whether Netflix is ​​the only video-on-demand service you subscribe to – and that's all you watch on your Fire TV, this could be a legitimate upgrade for you Being able to instantly get back into the app with just one click is handy

However, Amazon recently revised its Fire TV software from scratch focusing on better recommendations for viewers Amazon tracks the shows you watch and will offer you similar box sets or movies based on your taste And these suggestions are tailored to the services streaming that you already use – you won't find constant suggestions only available in expensive new subscription services you don't intend to pay for

The Fire TV software redesign also brought individual user profiles to viewers as well., households that rely on a Fire TV Stick in the living room will still be able to get personalized suggestions from Amazon's artificial intelligence based on their viewing habits … and not those of young viewers who sneak in to watch Peppa Pig consecutively and Paw Patrol before dawn It also allows each viewer to follow their progress through a box set, so you can watch shows at different speeds and jump right back to the last episode from the main menu with just one click.

All these innovations are exceptional… but if Amazon has put so much effort into making sure it can recommend your new favorite movie to you, why the new remote pushes you to bypass the menu entirely and switch to Disney?

If the third generation Alexa voice remote had customizable shortcut buttons that might be different, because you can pre-program them according to your viewing habits and the streaming service that you pay and that you can watch In the current state of affairs, this new design makes the Fire TV remote control, previously minimalist and elegant, looks a bit like an advertisement for all direct movie streaming charges you haven't committed to yet.

New remote control design is coming to the US soon, without knowing when (or if!) she will make the trip across the pond

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News – GB – Oh-oh, this redesign of the Amazon Fire TV remote is not a good sign
Associated title :
Uh -oh, this redesign of the Amazon Fire TV remote is not a good sign
Amazon Launches New Fire TV Stick Remote With Dedicated Buttons For Netflix And Prime Video

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1415435/This-Amazon-Fire-TV-Remote-Redesign-Isnt-A-Good-Sign

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