Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins called on parents to take an active role in the fight against online toxicity and explained why this is so important – especially in a world that uses the internet more and more every day

Ninja knows the ups and downs of online fame better than anyone Having risen to prominence as one of Twitch's most viewed personalities, Broadcaster-turned-Fortnite aficionado switched to Mixer in shocking turn of events, leaving his huge Twitch legacy behind in the process.

However, it unsurprisingly sparked a wave of criticism against the video game star, who was already well aware of the behavior of young players during online matches.

The online troll has even become a common stereotype. – but Ninja thinks parents can help alleviate the oft-lamented state of toxicity online

In an interview on 24 January with David Marchese of the New York Times, Ninja said parents of young gamers can play an important role in changing the internet culture environment for the positive

“The people are behind the screen”, Ninja explained «They say what they want and can get away with it You have complete anonymity … it sucks that there are kids who can say racist things and be incredibly aggressive and threatening to women online and have no repercussions”

«It all depends on parenthood», he continued «You want to know who your child is? Listen to him when he plays video games when he thinks you are not”

Ninja continued by discussing racism, noting that racial slurs were too common in online gaming matches – which can even ban Twitch streamers, if that is said during their broadcasts.

«Is it my job to have this conversation with this child? Non, because the first thing that happens in my head is: «This kid does this on purpose to troll me”If someone says a racial insult on someone else's flow, he can potentially ban this streamer It's awful, but that's the first thing I think of”

Ninja's conversation about toxicity is no accident; studies report that online harassment and cyberbullying has increased 70% in the context of an ongoing health crisis

Although it is impossible to monitor everything your child does online, Ninja's interview raises an interesting topic of conversation as the world turns to the internet on the move and gatherings are out of the question

Another Twitch streamer fell victim to «swatting» after trolls sent a squad of armed law enforcement officers to his mother's home on a broadcast on 24 January

The «swatting» is a crime that has grown in importance in recent years Defined as a type of joke, the «swatting» aims to send large numbers of armed law enforcement officers to a person's home or elsewhere, usually by claiming that the target endangers others.

During the last years, a number of high profile Twitch streamers and influencers have been swatted – and despite a growing awareness of the subject, this continues to be a significant problem

Le streamer Twitch «Kwitty23» is an example of this discouraging development The 24 January, the broadcaster revealed that he saw a number of messages in his chat from two accounts saying phrases like «swat», «look outside» and «go see your window before you are the next reported dead. corps”

This naturally concerned the streamer, who later discovered that the commenters in question had overwritten his old address – her mother's house, who, instead of Kwitty, had become the target of the crash

That's not all; the swatters reportedly told the police that «someone from this address said he was going to murder a toddler”

«I thought they were trolls», Kwitty tweeted about the incident «Turns out they got hold of my old address where my mom lives and sent the SWAT team My mom had guns on her My stomach hurts”

There were a few people who came to my channel today during the broadcast shouting «SWAT» and «look outside», I thought they were trolls, Turns out they grabbed my old address where my mom lives and sent the swat team and my mom raised guns on her My stomach hurts

Kwitty then posted the names of the accounts that sounded in her chat, asking their viewers to report them if possible

Fortunately, Kwitty and her mom are doing fine, as the broadcaster explained in a Twitlonger published on 25 January.

“My mother is fine, she is rather upset of course, but we have been in contact with the local authorities and they are actively trying to find these people”, he wrote «We have also taken the appropriate measures, so we hope it won't happen again”

The broadcaster advised the caller to seek therapy and urged broadcasters to take all necessary measures to protect themselves.

Kwitty's situation follows another high-profile swatting situation linked to YouTuber JoJo Siwa, which was also squashed following its weekend release announcement 22 January.

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