Outriders lets you choose between four powerful classes for your character after completing the prologue; and among these, the Trickster is one of the most popular Excellent in close range skirmishes and extreme damage spikes, there are many great tools to create a Powerful Trickster

Our Best Outriders Trickster Building Guide will take you through two top Trickster versions: one for solo play and one for cooperative play & dedicated end-of-game. Both offer quite different playing styles, but each will make you an almost unstoppable force of nature

This shotgun damage build is absolutely the best single player Trickster build we've found in Outriders Closely based on the YouTuber Moxsy build featured in the video above., this version allows you to deliver constant critical hits for staggering amounts of damage, whatever your world level or your level of challenge.

For this version, you will be using Hunt The Prey, Venator’s Knife et Twisted Rounds. The last two are needed to achieve divine damage levels with each shot, while Hunt The Prey is needed to keep you mobile, take you in and out of danger and give you some really big buffs along the way.

This build relies heavily on the Assassin branch of the Trickster skill tree., helping you deal maximum damage at close range with shotguns. Take a look at the diagram below to see where to invest your course points:

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After that, I would pump about half of my other mod slots for my weapons and armor with extreme damage boosting mods like Killing Spree, Sharp Eye, etc. and the other half with survival mods such as death mitigation and emergency stance

This is a fantastic build for solo players even at the end of the game., but since it relies so much on deadly gunfire, you must be able to get these eliminations in one hit. For this reason, it's not the best for cooperation, because the difficulty of scaling means that you will no longer be able to get the eliminations in one hit. If you want a solid multiplayer version, take a look at the next section of this guide.

For a more complete end-game version of Trickster, we have concocted the following configuration, based on the version of YouTuber NorZZa featured in the video above. This construction revolves around the use of assault weapons (WITH, SMG, LMG, Double Guns) rather than shotguns, and uses similar skills and mods, but a very different path in the Trickster skill tree than the previous version.

The three skills you will need for this build are Twist Balls, Venator's knife and borrowed time. Again Twisted Rounds and Venator’s Knife are for pure damage boosts, while Borrowed Time makes you much more tanker, allowing you to get closer and closer without fear of retaliation from powerful enemies.

This trickster build forgoes the Assassin lane which increases damage in favor of the Reaver lane, which greatly increases the benefits of your three abilities. This path still maintains your surprisingly high damage thanks to your almost constant use of Twist Bullets and Venator's Knife.The diagram below shows the nodes you should choose for this final version.:

Here are the best gear and mods to use with this version of Endgame Trickster:

It's also extremely viable to don the entire Chronosuit armor and earn the set bonus of replenishing your ammo when you step back in time with Borrowed Time.. But it's not quite necessary, and I like using Face of Anomaly for the potential for extra damage.

On top of that, some very powerful mods for your other locations include Blue Blood for the added weapon leech, Captain Hunter to help you face the elites, and Additional Mag, which acts as insurance in case you find yourself running out of ammo. your magazine

That's it for our Outriders Trickster Building Guide. Hope you found some helpful direction for your latest version of Trickster While you're here, why not check out our guide to the Outriders level cap, or our guide to world-class rapid farming?

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