If you crush Outriders from the exit, chances are you're looking for the best ways to farm those sweet Legendary Drops needed to perfect your build Here are the best ways to farm Legendary gear in the Outriders Endgame

People Can Fly's new looter-shooter, Outriders, has taken the video game world by storm (despite some ongoing server issues) since its release on April 1. In just a few days, dedicated players have walked through the content of the game's history and are now reaching the Outriders' endgame.

Legendary equipment (greatest rarity of weapons and armor in Outriders) is the ultimate prize when it comes to minimizing your character's potential to wreak havoc on your enemies – but it's not always easy to find We've put together a list of all the best ways you can farm for these coveted Legendary Drops

The easiest way, but not the most reliable, to increase your chances of receiving legendary drops is to increase the world level while playing. In Outriders, the world level system is a way to manually increase the difficulty of the game, while also increasing your potential for powerful rewards.

World levels range from 1 (the simplest, level “History”) at 15 (the hardest difficulty level in the game, known as “wrap”) If you raise your world level, your chances of receiving Legendary Drops will also increase Here is a description of how each world level affects your Legendary drop rate:

It goes without saying that every time you increase your world level, the difficulty of the game will increase proportionally, but as your character continues to gain more power and you are ready to farm for more legendary gear, level up your world and watch the loot flood

In addition to increasing the general difficulty of the game, there are also several activities you can grind that provide guaranteed legendary drops as a reward. These include two specific types of activities: wanted missions and hunting missions

To collect your legendary equipment, you have to complete ten missions of each specific type. After each set of ten is done, you are guaranteed a legendary drop for all your problems – the ten Wanted missions earn you a legendary weapon, while the Hunt missions give you a piece of legendary armor.

These sets of activities are repeatable once completed, so that players can cultivate them endlessly Although this method takes a long time, this is a reliable way to target the farm if you are specifically looking for a legendary weapon or piece of armor instead.

In addition to the Wanted and Hunt missions, you can also replay the Outriders side quests in order to farm legendary material. This farming method has been around since the game demo and remains a viable way to farm legendary material in the full game..

As noted by content creator ‘KackisHD’ in his legendary farming video, simply select one of the in-game side quests which will reward you with legendary gear – such as Big Iron missions or The Outriders ‘Legacy – and finish them, receive your reward, then rinse and repeat as needed

The final and most difficult method of farming Legendary Loot revolves around the actual endgame content of the Outriders: the expeditions. This is a set of unique activities that you can only unlock after completing the game's main campaign., so make sure you have done it before you start

Expeditions are the Outriders version of endgame content in other loot shooter games / MMO (think Raids in World of Warcraft, Destiny, the Division 2)Expeditions are extremely difficult and the rewards depend on how quickly you are able to complete each activity. (the faster you complete the shipment, the more rewards you receive)

These activities also come with their own set of challenge levels. (1 at 15) that increase their difficulty in exchange for more rewards, including a higher chance to drop legendary gear. Challenge levels are completely separate from global levels, so expect to face some serious resistance if you increase them for a chance to gain more loot.

A useful video from YouTuber ‘ImPwnstar’ describes the best strategy for agricultural expeditions, but the general idea is to find a great spot in the challenge levels that rewards additional Legendary Drops while still being fairly easy to complete without taking too much time and losing rewards.

As expected with any loot shooter, Outriders are filled to the brim with collectible gear, and with regard to legendary weapons, People Can Fly spared no expense. Here is a list of near 30 legendary weapons players can currently obtain

Outriders are also full of legendary pieces of armor with insane mods that change your playstyle Acquiring these pieces of armor, and finally the completion of the complete set for each of the 4 game classes, should be at the top of the list for any endgame grinder. Here are all the legendary armor sets we know so far

That's all you need to know about the best ways to farm Legendary gear in Outriders., and what gear you should be on the lookout for if it hasn't already been made sure to dive into some Expeditions on Enoch and come back for any Outriders news or updates

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