If you are looking to update your space, but you don't want to make any permanent or drastic changes, all you need is greenery

In terms of interior decoration, there is no easier or more affordable way to upgrade your space than a few good houseplants

In fact, the best houseplants not only bring a little bit of fresh air indoors, but clean the air around us, creating a kind of beautiful art installation purifying the air. Many people even find taking care of plants to be their preferred type of personal care.

For beginners with green fingers, it can be hard to know where to start here, we've done the work for you and compiled the best houseplants for any space.But first, let's start with the basics

According to NASA research that popularized the trend, air-purifying plants come in all shapes and sizes The study found that the leaves, roots, soil and associated microorganisms in a plant all have the potential to reduce indoor air pollutants and eliminate other concentrations such as cigarette smoke, organic solvents and possibly radon.

The «best» plants, however, is largely subjective Some plants, like those of the Dracaena family, would eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but pose a risk of toxicity to cats and dogs that nibble on plants, making it a less than best option for families. with animals

Fortunately, tons of water-loving leafy plants do a great job of cleaning the air, and we've picked a few of our favorites below

For those of us who haven't had a great history with houseplants in the past, not only will you be looking for the easiest houseplants to grow, but also the most difficult houseplants to kill

Although all the plants in our list below belong to the easy peas category, aloe plants and Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) are widely regarded as the most indestructible plants and readily available on the market. Both species require very little water and thrive in low light conditions, making them great options for most environments Spider plants and ponytail palms are also hard to kill, but prefer bright light

Although most houseplants do well in indirect sunlight, the best place for plant health and growth will depend on the specific requirements of each species

Plants that don't require a lot of sunlight, like the peace lilies that purify the air, will be burnt if left on a warm window sill, where low-maintenance succulents might thrive Familiarize yourself with each plant's recommendations and adjust placement plans accordingly

Here's our guide to the best houseplants you can order today. – and where to buy them:

This houseplant «monkey leaf» was actually new to the market last year, exciting plant lovers everywhere as a smaller, less demanding version of the Swiss cheese factory Being relatively easy to «dresser», its dark green and shiny leaves make it a beautiful climbing plant when attached to supports, or a cascading potted plant if left on its own

Like his big cousin, Monstera is super easy to grow and keep healthy.It is best grown in full sun to retain leaf color and hole patterns It requires very little care or attention beyond watering weekly Regular misting will provide moisture to keep leaves shiny, but she practically takes care of herself otherwise

This gorgeous heat-loving succulent is as easy to grow as it is to enjoy, with attractive, trailing vines that reach up to 90 centimeters in length The pea-sized leaves of Senecio herreianus hold water extraordinarily well, making it a great candidate for hanging baskets or large shelves, and produce clusters of small white flowers – that smell of sweet spices and cinnamon – throughout the summer

To maintain, it really only needs a few hours of sunlight a day and can tolerate infrequent watering as long as its soil drains well As its long stems become irregular, you can cut them and put the cuttings back into the ground to create a fuller plant. It can also be grown outdoors during the summer months, provided it is sheltered from the hot midday sun

A coconut tree not only makes a beautiful houseplant, but also a conversation starter that can be moved around your garden in summer This exotic specimen comes in the form of a rooted coconut, ready to go straight into the room of your choice, and has a large trunk topped with large tropical palm leaves

Of course, the palm tree is tropical in nature, therefore benefit from humidity (which can be provided by digging your coconut in a tray of wet pebbles) and sun all year round As long as you keep the soil moist with warm water, you won't have to worry about a thing

Le Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or plant ZZ, just might be the most forgiving houseplant on the planet As an evergreen houseplant, deliciously hard to kill ZZs don't need a lot of water, thrive in low light conditions and escape pests and diseases better than most houseplants

It is also perfectly suited to hallways, at window sills and everywhere in between (provided it is protected from direct sunlight) If you tend to kill your houseplants, the drought tolerant ZZ plant should definitely be your first point of contact

Succulents are a safe option for people who don't always remember to care for their plants, because most can survive on fortnightly watering, And this «small group of large botanical succulents» is no exception The succulent plant set includes an Echeveria Miranda, a Succulent Aloe, a Sansevieria Punk, a Lilacina and a Mini Haworthia, all resistant to light and purifying the air.

With concrete gray and copper ceramic pots included, a complete houseplant installation is really just a few clicks away

This superb family of plants is one of the most effective at removing pollutants and its trees can reach 8 feet high, making it a wonderful addition to large spaces and rooms with high ceilings

With long shiny leaves, the dragon Dracaena easily absorbs light, it must therefore be stored away from direct sunlight For the same reason, leaves benefit from occasional dusting and misting, but the tree is largely self-sufficient if not And if that is not enough, at Bunches, it even comes in a natural woven straw pot

You picked your plants? Read our tips and tricks for keeping houseplants healthy and how to prevent plant death in cold weather

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