For a limited time next week, you will be able to acquire Doom Eternal inspired costumes for your bean in Fall Guys

Fall Guys players will soon be able to dress up as their favorite killer when Doom Eternal costumes arrive in-game.

Announced in December, items will be available on 12 January Once again, items will be available for a limited time

If you have been away from the game for a while, the third season of the match started on 15 december In this one, you can expect seven new levels, more than 30 news skins, et l’équipe a distribué une tenue de Père Noël comme cadeau amusant J’espère que vous vous êtes connecté au jeu à temps pour le recevoir

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News – FR – Doom costumes are coming to Fall Guys next week
Associated title :
Les costumes Doom Eternal arrivent chez Fall Guys la semaine prochaine
Fall Guys va en enfer avec trois nouveaux costumes DOOM
Doom arrive chez Fall Guys le 12 January
Le croisement Fall Guys DOOM est enfin en cours
Le croisement Crossover de Doom& # 39 avec Fall Guys comprend des tenues Cyberdemon et Cacodemon
Fall Guys obtient un ensemble de costumes Doom étrangement adorables
Fall Guys to let players tear and tear Throu gh the Competition with New Doom Costumes
Fall Guys Doom costumes are real, and they arrive in january 12
Fall Guys is set to become Doom Guys when the new crossover costumes go live from the 12 January Outfits
Skins Crossover Doom pour Fall Guys Revealed


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